SP - Mortgage Lenders  

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When I was younger, I used to play Monopoly without knowing what "Mortgage" meant and how to use it in the game. But it's not like the rest of us knew what it was either. So we'd go round after round and hours after hours of Monopoly without mortgaging any properties. And when you think about it, mortgage lenders are actually banks; those legalized finance institutions that have the power to ruin your lives but also at the same time, it can make you rich. But that's just one part of it. The other part is your brains; it's another story I'll leave for another rainy day.

This was brought to you by Somerset Mortgage Lenders.

4 tips to taking better pictures  

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I dedicate this post to my loser of a brother who didn't write back after so many months... I mailed him a letter to celebrate Conventionalism, see.

I may not be very good at photography but that doesn't mean I can't insult others, particularly him, because I'm so full of myself; just like him :)
My god, we ARE siblings!

You should be able to take some decent photos after this.

Rule of Thirds - Your subject doesn't have to be in the middle of every photo. It may look best when it's 1/3 to the left/right of your photo.

Bandar Tun Razak Park 2

Eye movement - Create movement by directing the viewer's eyes to your subject.

Mahjong Granny

Perspective - Gives your photo some depth so it doesn't look flat.

Bandar Tun Razak Park 4

- Use it. Love it :)

ala here

Ps. I might have categorized the pics wrongly, I don't know (read: second paragraph).

No work makes me a bum  

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My right eye hurts. It's like a little pimple grew on my eyelid and I'm constantly blinking on it. Now it's slightly swollen. But you can't tell because my eyes are narrow.
I wonder how I got it. Maybe I watched Deng bathe one too many times :)

I turned down a job offer and possibly killed my many other job opportunities that would've came from that company. I feel stupid. I'm moving on.

Anyway, June is a great month for me. Movies galore! Romantic Comedies are coming! Forgetting Sarah Marshall would be a good one. Made of Honour on the other hand is your typical romantic comedy where guy and girl finally picks up on that love, dangled right in front of them all these while. It's going to be so predictable that you might just go, "Aw hell, not again".

I'm going to play Mahjong now.

Strawberry Spasticity  

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Gramma's BP has dropped but still not low enough. If she reaches 120 then she can come home :)

When we were visiting her, my Mum mentioned to Gramma the consequences of not taking meds:
One day, Mum's Uncle was playing Mahjong with Mum's Siblings. Suddenly, Mum's Uncle fell face first onto the Mahjong table. Mum's Sibling said, "Wei, don't fool around lah..." See see, Mum's Uncle passed out because his BP was freakishly high. A (conventional) Blood Pressure Metre's (aka Sphygmomanometer) limit is 260. At the hospital, the Doctor took Mum's Uncle's BP and the mercury inside reach its peak. Yes, people. His BP exceeded 260. Amazing.

Anyway, I came home to yummy STRAWBERRIES from TTDI pasar malam!!1!!one!
(First stall opens as early as 3pm on Sundays!)

Semi Strawberry Bonanza

Strawberry Perspective 2

I can't believe my Dad stopped my Mum from buying a second box.
*shakes fist*

Gramma had a spasm when she ate the Strawberry. So cute!

SP - Life Insurance still boggles me  

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Since the last time I wrote about life insurance, I have yet to understand this subject in detail, what more life insurance for kids. Of course, parents look for the cheaper rates yet yields a high, if not good-enough return. For example, $1 can buy up to $20,000 in life insurance for kids. But of course, there are terms and conditions for these kinds of rates. Maybe, you pay $1 for the first 6 months and yada yada yada, you get the deal.

This was brought to you by One Dollar Globe Insurance.

SP - Allergy free vacuuming  

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Electrolux vacuums is the kind of vacuum cleaner I would like... at times. Every time I vacuum I tend to never fail to sneeze which totally sucks because I can't effing vacuum with a running nose. Plus the heat and noise, it gets annoying. But then the thought and feeling of clean floors kind of balances the whole thing out :) Anyway, the vacuum's built so that it prevents dust and whatever minute, micro particles in the inside, from flying back out. Thus, preventing allergies and whatnot. Besides, they have all types of vacuums.

This allergen free post was brought to you by Allergy Buyers Club.

Walk away or I'll bite your head off  

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I'm going to accompany my gramma to and in the hospital later for
I-don't-know-how-long. Her blood pressure is through the roof: 230 leh.
There's also an unexplained bruise and swelling of her right wrist which according to Minah is probably from a fall she heard the other night in the kitchen but gramma says nothing happened.

I hate this.

Gramma needs to be admitted into the hospital, grampa's all pissed off with gramma for not taking her meds, Mum's become all naggy with gramma, I'm annoyed and I'm PMS-ing.

Fuck this.

Of movies and dramas that I give a shit about  

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I watched Iron Man for the second time today. I still very much in love with Gwyneth Paltrow. Anyhow, on the way to the theatre hall, I realized I could've bought tickets to Indiana Jones right there and then. All crap aside, I have 4 tickets to Indiana Jones tomorrow! First show baby! Generally, I'd like to think I will be one of the few people in Malaysia to see Indiana Jones in theatres first but given the rate of piracy and other unknown factors, I'd keep my mouth shut :)

In west side dramas, it's the season finale of all, if not most, tv series. At least 3 months of waiting until we get our dose of superheroes, sex crazed doctors and forensic scientists.

On the east side of things, Episode 28 of Age of Glory just aired. 2 more eps until James Lee's last 10 eps comes out! So excited to see what's become of it... Other than moi appearing in a few of them scenes. Teehee.

I carved a guitar out of pixels!  

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I'm back again with a new 3D model...

Yesterday's was a checkered piano and today, it's a guitar!

Guitar Models Revised

Now, what am I going to do next, I have no idea.

It could be you... in 3D  

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I've just downloaded Sketch Up from Google and as excited as I was, I couldn't get it to unfreeze during start-up. And then I found a solution which was to update the video driver software. 133Mb in size. I thought, "that's not too bad"... thinking it would be downloaded in an hour or less. Little did I know that the connection speed would be SO slow. 0-9kbps. For the first 8 hours. I waited 12 over hours for this shit.

Thankfully, it worked and this was made:

Piano ala Sketch Up
I didn't draw the guy.

I need a little getting used to with this program. Found it kind of hard to control the lines and all.
Google has the best toys lah.

I'm on a DSLR hunt... help  

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I went to Ebay Malaysia to research prices and found it to be cheaper than shashinki.
This ebayer called miyamondo looks like a dependable seller. Anyone of you bought stuff from this dude before? Feedback appreciated. I know I can check from ebay, but there's nothing like asking for yourself. It is, after all, a 2000 MYR purchase. I don't have a substantial amount for a budget right now though. But it's a different story if I can get my parents to sponsor an amount :)

I figure I'd stick with a less advanced, entry level camera. Like Nikon D50 or D60... But I prefer D40. Then for Canon, I'm looking at 350D or 400D. 450D is quite tempting though.

I have lots of questions... Nikon or Canon? What should I look out for when buying a DSLR for the first time? Where can I get them for a cheaper price? Which would you recommend (*I don't need it professionally)? More importantly, do you know anyone who knows someone who can get it from Canon with dealer's price for me? Teehee.

The Chick Clip  

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I've just came back from Ryan's 1st birthday party... That kid has lots of toys.

And this is a little something I made about a chick, from 18 seconds worth of footage. Enjoy the end product of randomness.

Damn wolves...  

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Miraculously by 11pm, after 30 hours awake, I was finally asleep in bed... Then for some God forsaken reason at 12am, I started hearing one idiot yelling right beside me. The yelling just kept on coming, wave by wave. I'm surprised I didn't yell back at that idiot and bonk 'em in the head with a club*. After all, I WAS sleeping right there. Just 2 feet away from said idiot.

Turns out it was about grabbing seats for AirAsia's KL to Perth flight. The operative word being "grabbing". Bunch o' vultures.

Now I'm wide awake, on the computer, looking for things to do. What does that spell? It says I'M LOSING SLEEP... and that's bad, why? I'm having my picture taken to update my IC at 9am tomorrow. Why can't those fools retain the picture and update the damn address?! That is my BEST picture ever on an official document! Scumbags.

*I think I know where my pent up anger went. Read: losing sleep.

The world is a big big place  

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1. So we just bought 180 MYR worth of cross stitch crap for Deng to play with and saw James Lee in Atria. He's still wearing that same old army coat. Ahh, old times. And by old, I mean 2 months ago. It feels like forever.

2. I've finally stepped out of the house after a few days of hermitry... The air is filled with CO and the clouds ever so grey. Just like always.

I found out that SS2's old PBB lot was painted orange. I think it's going to be a restaurant.

3. I'm going to a nephew's birthday party this Saturday and spending the whole day there. It's times like these that I need a WiFi enabled phone.

4. An update on my uni application:
It seems that Curtin would come before ECU in choice. Don't know why. I guess I probably know why but can't identify it since there must be an explanation for everything.

Vel, you better send in your application now to secure a place.

I feel like a crazy person  

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Hallelujah! My late night TV shows are over!

I haven't been sleeping at normal (to some of you) sleeping hours lately.
I've been watching Bones. All that because I didn't get to watch Bones on TV when it aired. It's at it's 3rd season now and holy crap those people left it at a super duper cliffhanger. It's just crazy! Sort of scared me when I had to watch it in the dark. Plus this particular unsolved case about the Gormogon... Wow. The murderer is going to cause a small mayhem in the Jeffersonian. I can totally imagine blank faces right now.. Yes, I am watching you. But no, technically speaking, it's not possible unless I had a code installed on your computer to send images of you through your webcam in which I didn't because I don't have those technical capabilities. There's one more episode for season 3!!

Excuse that. I think cramming 3 Seasons of Bones in about a week can make one go all technical on you. The lack of sleep doesn't help either.

I think I'll go fall asleep doing my word search book now.

Out of touch from civilization  

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1. Hey people, it's Jonathan's birthday today and I think he's downstairs playing Chinese Chess with my Grampa and I woke up at 5pm. My god, I'm good. I'd like some Mocha Praline right now. The weather's just so hot and humid. Bah.

2. I've been watching Bones for a few days (and nights) now... That show is so GEEKY! Just what the doctor ordered!

3. I'm hungry. I think I hear my dinner climbing onto the dining table waiting to be consumed.

4. I found good music through Mui Yit on Facebook and am currently hooked with Joanna Wang's The Best Mistake I've Ever Made.

5. I am going to have breakfast/dinner now.


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I fell asleep while watching Fiddler on a Roof with Jonathan... Teehee
We continue... tomorrow! ~1.45am

IELTS is dunzo!  

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Imagine my giddiness when I found out I didn't have to sit for an IELTS exam just to prove how awesome my English is because I sat for English 1119 in my SPM. Then imagine me being very comfortable with the new found information. Lastly, imagine me all freaked out because I couldn't find my SPM slip.

Apparently, all I needed to do was photocopy the slip and my college transcripts, fill in the application and hand it to a university representative. Who knew it'd be that simple... and here I thought I couldn't apply yet because I haven't taken the IELTS BECAUSE some idiot told me that the results for English 1119 is only valid for 2 years.

*I'm selling off this IELTS text. It's brand new and still in its original packaging which I think is hideous. MINT! Drop me a message if you're interested. We'll talk.


Anyway, after I got home, I went looking through everything for my slip. File after file after file... The only reason it was misplaced in the first place was because we moved. Really. Scared me shitless for a second there... Then lo and behold, I found it in a beat up Fedex envelope.

Yesterday night, I Mahjong-ed with my granny and Jonathan. I lost RM1.80 to Gramma but she returned it to me. Awwww :)
We played 3 kaki... which totally sucks because you lose money faster. Although, it's all compensated with the kongs and how simple it is compared to 4 kaki Mahjong.

*Nicole, GZ, Cathy, Vel... you guys want to play ah? It'll be fun!

Update: I have sent in my application and managed to get GZ into considering Curtin!! WEeeEeEee... we can all be flatmates!

SP - Botox for migraines... Amazing!  

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Can I just say, "USA has everything"!
Some place in the US has a "silent club" while New York has Botox for migraines! Botox?!

Apparently Botox was originally intended for eye disorders and then some dude realized that the wrinkles around the eyes disappeared with Botox and then the patients commented that their headaches were relieved after being injected with Botox. Botox can also be used for neurological procedures too. To name one in particular, excessive sweating *coughnicolebirdcough*.

This was brought to you by NY Headache.

SP - Down Comforters  

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Did you know that down comforters are comforters stuffed with the softer feathers, beneath the exterior layer of feathers, of our feathered friends? Those feathers are called down. Puzzled me at first since "down", to me, has always been a verb, adjective, preposition and not something that described the little birdie's plumage. In fact, down looks like the stuff they use for feather boas. Except of course, we all know those feathers are synthetic.

This was brought to you by My Luxury Mattress.

It's proven, my dainty little hands can kill  

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So a few days ago I was going on about being an explorer; taking the Garfield USB Fan apart and fixing it... if possible, don't.destroy.it.

This was the Before:
Garfield USB Fan (Before)

And this, the After:
Garfield USB Fan (After)

I know what you're thinking... "Not much difference" eh?

That's EXACTLY it.


I couldn't get the damn thing to open...


I did however manage to dislodge the rotor from the neck in an attempt to take it apart when I couldn't find an opening. That's actually the first thing I did after I gave Garfield a once-over.

So technically speaking, I damaged the fan in ONE step.

Garfield USB Fan Dead

Pretty damn awesome eh?

I may have killer hands (and I mean that literally and metaphorically...) but I still have compassion: the fan still works.
Kind of like... breaking Garfield's neck but didn't break no jugulars... so Garfield's still alive but he can't move his head. Cruel... yes, I know.

SP - Exercise Equipment  

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Right now, as I am sitting here typing this, I can feel a tummy. It doesn't help that I've had a can of San Miguel... *let me check the time*... at 11.40pm nonetheless. I think this calls for an exercise equipment! If only this room had space.

All those years I've been bugging my Mum to get some form of exercise equipment in the house because of all the criminal activities she scared me about.. plus the news, of course... and now I think treadmills are ugly. Sheesh.

This was brought to you by Workout Warehouse.

SP - Treadmills are kinda ugly, no?  

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I walked to Atria for lunch today... AaaaAAaaAhHhHhHhhHh!
A hard earned lunch, I'd say.
On the way to Atria, under the hot afternoon heat, I thought to myself, "Boy, treadmills are ugly". In fact, the ugliest part of the whole machine is the two vertical bars up front. It kind of distorts my whole image of "health" because the two bars give me the impression of dead metal.
Now, now, don't get me wrong. I still think these ugly machines are a yuppie's best friend.

This was brought to you by Nordic Track.

I was framed  

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Not in the criminal sense... But look! It's all nice and framed... with a non-reflective surface nonetheless.

All I've got to do now is find some place to let it bask in it's age of glory.
*Ceh wah, so lame..

AoG Poster Framed

An explorer cum destroyer is me!  

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I came upstairs and happened upon my Mum fiddling with the 10MYR Garfield USB fan. After so long, my itch to take things apart and explore became active (after getting fired up by "dismantling" a lock.. that oily piece of crap).

This is the "before" picture:
Garfield USB Fan
All nice and intact... the operative word here being "intact"

Check back for the "during" and "after" pictures...

In the meantime, don't you just love this picture?
flower in soy sauce

SP - Patch Panels  

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I have a liking for anything cool. Which makes me no different than the typical materialistic teenager. BUT I don't act on them materialistic impulses. So I'm safe :)
Now patch panels are cool. So many cables! So much fun! It's a freaking control panel where I can pretend I know what I'm doing... if I had one. One such patch panel is the one in Air Force One (Harrison Ford)... it's cool because it has lights. LEDs! Now I sound like a bimbo.

This was brought to you by Show Me Cables.

SP - Thermal labels are better. In most cases.  

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Okay, I had a bit of difficulty finding exactly what Thermal labels were but I got it anyway and I'm like.. "Oh...". Think: direct heat transfer for printed tees but only for stickers. In case you didn't know by now, I have a thing for stationery... That's stickers, post its, pencils... oh I love pencils, highlighters, erasers, rulers, paper/notepads and etc. No colour pens like how we used to have them in Standard 6 though. Don't like them.

So I was thinking what's the point of having Thermal labels when you can just use stickers that are cheaper. And *BAM*, my genius just never fails me, Thermal labels are harder to drop off. In other words, it's more permanent than stickers.

This was brought to you by Label Liquidators.

SP - Repetitive but true  

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Okay... I know it's annoying to tell the whole world that I'm yearning for some Mocha Praline (from Starbucks... Yum!) for the 3rd time but really, what do you want me to do when I'm not willing to spend 10 over Ringgit for a cup of delicious ice blended mocha with hazelnut syrup. I'm not yet at the point of no return though. Wait for about 2 months, I can guarantee I won't need drug rehabilitation or any sort of this fancy-shmancy rehabilitation programs :)

This was brought to you by Cliffside Malibu.

Le sigh. He's such a beautiful man  

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I can't believe I did not take even ONE picture today. But it was great seeing them again. All the leng chais and leng luis were particularly leng chai and leng lui.

Highlight of the day (that I remember of) was when Debbie aka Rose Chan pinched our used-to-be-Propsman-then-became-Production-Coordinator's cheek when she was saying goodbye. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the stairs.

Yum cha and talked about shit... then had dinner and talked about shit. But it's all useful tips lah of course. We work so hard takkan when we senang want to talk crap right...

Debbie's HANDSOME PA was here too..
It dawned on me how sad it is that I'll probably get to see him with my own eyes for the last time in the many years to come.

I don't think that's really his best angle lah but leng chai all the same.

SP - Futures Broker  

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I'm so finance/economics-stupid I don't know what futures broker is. It's probably an agreement between two parties where the seller specifies a price and then transfers the stock or something to the buyer at a future date. Yes, all paraphrased. Can't believe I managed to do it.

So, this futures thing is more like a futures contract. A contract where you decide the terms and stuff.

This was brought to you by Transworld Futures.