SP - And I said I wanted to start reading again  

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After I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's I wanted to read the book. The bookstore where Deng is working doesn't have it. I searched on torrent sites for it but skipped online stores like Amazon books. I didn't want to pay for a book that I couldn't pay for. Yes, I'm stingy. Yes, I know I could try the library. But I can't think of a library near me. Yes, I'm lazy.

This was brought to you by Buy.

SP - Peter Pan cooked with a Pan  

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Peter Pan fried a pancake with a pella pan and it was overdone. After that, he polished his pans and parched them by the window sill. The pans made him ponder about Portugal and the Peninsula of Spain. Pretty pleased, he was. Peter also thought about how popular he WAS in children's books and subsequently pushed the pancakes away. Now that puberty has passed and he can actually produce erections, he wasn't pertinent to play the prepubescent prepster of Captain Hook. Poor Peter.

This BS was brought to you by Myson Products.

SP - Detox. NOW. Please?  

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I feel like I need some sort of weight loss something to shed the extra pounds I've gained since I quit being an intern and all those muffins I ate just now . I read that Orovo detox gives you extra energy, helps you lose weight while clearing your skin. But wait, doesn't Herbalife do that too? And to be honest, I think we still have a ton of Herbalife in one of the drawers that expired yesterday.

This was brought to you by Orovo.

SP - Cheap thrills in cheap hotels  

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You know what I was thinking when I saw the words, "cheap hotels"? I remembered this:
Terengganu Hotel
It looked like some dodgy place where one night stands happen. A lot.

Anyhoo, if we're going to keep everything PG-13 and local, "cheap hotels" are like Tune and maybe First World. Internationally, I'm not sure. Click "cheap hotels" to find out more.

Might be handy when you come visit me in Australia!

This was brought to you by Shermans Travel.

Aah, rejuvenated I am.  

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So potong ah; I messed with the video quality setting on my cell and forgot to change it back! Now all my videos are crap and I was thinking of editing a video with all that footage.

Age of Glory Actors

Well, I sudah balik from the Age of Glory dinner in Cheow Yang dan saya sangat happy. I even became a cam whore. Triple GASPS. Like who knew right?! I can hear Vel scolding me all the way from Kajang.


Anyhoo, I probably haven't officially announced this but I've decided to go for a Nikon D40 (YL Cameras currently has the best price; Rm1600)! Tiny, not too canggih, within budget and just right for my applications. I'm even more motivated to get it now that taking pictures with my cell takes about 8 seconds from autofocus to snapping to preview. Who would wait for you? And also all the boys had really cool cameras and god damn, I want one of my own.

Steve Yap
Le sigh...

More great news to share; Sammi Cheng will have another concert in Genting on the 26th & 27th of September, Avril Lavigne might come/(Mum claims) is coming for a concert in late August or early September.

I'm going broke in 2 months. So, my beloved debtors, please, return my moolah soon, I'm going to need it.

Now, I need to go to KDU to deal with some Diploma crap. Tomorrow.

Ps. Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow.
Pps. I don't think I can write with alcohol in my system.


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AVRIL'S (probably) COMING!!

Quick, RUN!  

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Ps. It's okay if none of you got the joke because it is, after all, directed to someone in specific :)

I'm starting to like people... GASPS!  

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If you think you need a good laugh, please read 18SX or PG13?.
I laughed so hard till I got light headed and my cheeks are a bit stiff. I'm so happy and content now...

I woke up at 9.30am today and am proud of myself! But really, what would I be doing up at that hour anyway?
Truth is, Minah woke me up because Deng needed a ride to work and to be really really honest, I'm amazed that I could muster the will to get off my back *cougharsecough*.

Anyhow, I received a call from an IDP Rep this morning and BOY! was she bubbly. There was this confusion though; she called looking for Deng on my cell, while she called Deng looking for me on Deng's cell. But back to the topic at hand, she was so bubbly and so eloquent that she left me in a bit of a daze after our call ended; I couldn't even remember her name and I had to, just had to, ask Deng for it (after she finished her call with the Rep). And no, I'm not going to stalk her.

It's things like these that make me appreciate people a little more each time. But really, who am I kidding? Most people are schtupid and y'know, I have issues. StaY AwaY fRom mE... AaaAahHhh! I hatE ChoO! gO aWAy!

All these doesn't really gel with what I will be doing on Friday; there's going to be a Mini Celebratory cum Thank You dinner at Cheow Yang aka Kelab Pelangi (along Jalan 19/1) for Age of Glory. I have a tendency to be anti-social, so what makes this dinner an exception? It's because those are the bunch of people I saw everyday for 3 months and together, a drama was created! It carries more significance. And because I'm eclectic.

Work Buddies

Funny shit  

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From xkcd

You'd get the whole joke in its entirety if you've seen/heard of Groundhog Day.

Plain text just doesn't cut it anymore  

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The gang was in Mid Valley today for a lunch and movie date. We settled for Italiannies (The Gardens) because we had such a great meal the last time in 1U.

Bread @ Italiannies

We had the Calamari Salad, Salmon Fettucine and a Classic Pizza.
I was so busy snapping pictures of my Hot Chocolate and the bread that I'd totally forgotten about the entrées. But to think of it, it was all caused by the fact that Italiannies charges RM2 for a glass of water! I mean, if I had gotten my water, I wouldn't be snapping pictures of it. But I got the Hot Chocolate with a very pretty layer of whipped cream decorated with chocolate syrup on top.

Hot Chocolate @ Italiannies

The meal wasn't THAT satisfying this time around. I would've enjoyed the salad a little more if my eagle eyes (Oh, love the irony; seeing as I'm blind as a bat) hadn't caught sight of granules of what I think could be food seasoning.

All the while I was snapping away, I kept bugging Vel to move unwanted items out of my frame; like her glass, plate, elbow and her entire body. But of course, the following photo wasn't fixed.

Hot Chocolate-Couple @ Italiannies

This one is though. I gave him ample time to pose.

Hot Chocolate-Edwin @ Italiannies

The only entrée I managed to snap (after being reminded by Vel) is this. Classic Pizza. Didn't taste very good and quite frankly, so not worth it. Now we know not to order this lah. The pastry is even thinner than Jusco Selection's Frozen Pizza and topped with minced meat, pizza sauce, scarce amounts of assorted toppings and a thin layer of cheese SOMEWHERE. Simply, it looked like they slapped a layer of minced meat with tomato sauce on the pastry :)

Classic Pizza @ Italiannies

We talked about a bunch of stuff; from most things Manchester to blogs.
Guo Zhang said he wouldn't really want to read something longer than 3 paragraphs so he scans through the text for anything interesting. Boobies. So naturally, I was concerned. I do have entries that are long and winding and to top it off, some or most of them don't have pictures.

Well, most of the time, I try to make the read as enjoyable as possible with the occasional rants and emo posts. I try to insert pictures in posts that are 100% text but if I can't find anything relevant in the stash, I try to draw it. Butt crack. This explains the one, two ugly stickmen drawing you've seen this month. I'm not so keen on using clip-arts or pictures that aren't mine (I used to but I'm more reluctant now) because I think it loses the "touch".

I colourize certain text in 100%-text posts because I thought the lack of pictures might've been boring and the text might've blinded you with its big shiny words. Ass cheek. Then I asked him if me doing that helped with his reading at all and he said that it was so Lala... or was it something to the meaning of bimbotic? I forget.

I totally agree with Zhang. It is somewhat bimbotic and long paragraphs can turn someone off.
I'll try to cut down on rainbow colours okay *chuckle chuckle*
Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants. More pictures for you guys (if I can help it)! But it'll take a few extra seconds to load lor.

Also, Zhang will be leaving for UTM (Johor) on the 28th of June... Goo-bye Mr. Zhang. I will miss you. Don't get robbed.

I am a woman and I do not cook  

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I used to say "I hate cooking" mainly because I adopted the idea that I didn't have to belong in the kitchen; because my father seemed to be hard selling the idea of cooking and not to mention, household chores, to me when my brother didn't even lift a finger. I thought it wasn't fair.

But now, I find myself looking at recipes and looking for stuff to make. I find myself indulging in more girly activities. One thing still hasn't changed though: I don't like "cooking". As in, woks with a combination of oil and heat. I prefer pots and pans, boiling and simmering. I don't even fry my bacon. I don't like to fry my veggies either... They go well enough with dressing instead of being all limp and dead.

I like making stuff instead of cooking, if you get what I mean.
Making = Popiah, Sandwiches, Pita Bread Pockets and etc.
Cooking = Fried Veggies, Fried Chicken, Crabs with Marmite and etc.

Just last week, Mum and I went to a garage sale and bought an electric grill. I may have some sort of BBQ thing or an activity with friends some day. Like the one Vel and I did on Valentine's Day.

I was thinking of making something similar to *coughpracticallyiscough* Monterey Chicken.
Chicken fillet, Parmesan cheese, bacon, canned tomatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, dash of chopped basil, mashed potato and an unidentified gravy for them.

Monterey chikin
Looking back, I think this is a horrible picture.

While looking for this horrendous picture, I read some of my older posts and boy, was it funny.
Check out this post where I blog about fasting with Nicole for her first-Saturday-of-every-month fasting ritual, also featuring Sean and his balls.
This other one's not as funny but got a tad more funnier towards the middle. It's about my dinner at Chilli's with Nicole, Cathy and Deng.

Have a good read..

What were you doing when you were 12?  

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I learned to speak Cantonese. That, and getting 6As and a fraking C in the UPSRs. But the single most defining moment of my life when I was 12 is getting my first period :)

Back to the whole point of this...

Have you heard of Sungha Jung? He puts us all to shame.

If getting blown away to smithereens feels like this, I want to get blown away every single minute.

Sungha's Youtube

I smell like old people  

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I accompanied Gramma to the clinic yesterday (and today) for the first time. Lots of people... old people.
The Old tend to smell "funny", I have no idea why. I just hope I don't smell like that when I'm old.

I feel like the life has been drained out of me. I'm starting to feel old.

I mean, what is this thing about young adults nowadays; that at 21, they feel old?
I wonder if this is being studied...

Also, if you ever need some form of motivation to succeed in life, go ahead and drive along Jalan Bukit Tinggi.
I was motivated to do something in the near future that will help me grow my money and help create a better future.

Just the other day I was looking at tee shirt designs and I thought, "I could do this."
Even if I'm lazy most of the time. It might work. Then I thought, I should probably get a tablet if I want to do this. It's not like a tablet's a bad investment anyway.

And something random:
Did you know an anchovy without a head has less cholesterol than an anchovy with a head?

For the greater good!  

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Come lah, click click only then gao tim.

Community Project #1: The Baby  

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This community project is part of my new found initiative for this blog to be community-driven *ceh wah*; to include my readers' (herein known as the "Community") *chun anot? I typed one whole Sales & Purchase Agreement for my Mum and learnt a sentence or two about the Language of Law* opinions in the outcome of certain topics and decisions, if they're actually two different things.

With the aid of Nuffnang's Smart Poll (which won't be used this time around) and the commenting system on this blog, the Community's opinions on these topics (important or otherwise) will be collected for research purposes and/or reflected in a discussion.

All right, boys and girls! The baby project is relatively simple; nothing too heavy like "Rising Expenses and Stagnant Wages".

After discovering that shipping junk from the US of A to the Malaysia-Boleh wouldn't cost THAT much after all (varies according to weight), I've finally roped in the brother in US to help me buy stuff and send them home!

It feels as though a life long dream has just been fulfilled; almost to the point of semi-euphoria most likely caused by the dormancy of not buying myself something. Le sigh.

I've been hunting for a pair of sneakers this whole afternoon and probably the many months before and finally found something that I like. Of course, the one that I really like is gosh darn expensive when you total all expenses. I found a cheaper bunch from Amazon though. Another option is to have the Bro buy one from a store but he'll have to survey first so that'll take some time.

Your role here is pivotal. What I'm going to do is lay them footware out for you and you pick which one you like best. Simple? Ready? Okay! *ala cheerleader* *jumps around waving poms poms*

Black Neon Blue Red Zappos

Black Neon Blue Red CCS

Black Yellow Zappos

Black Yellow CCS

Gray Black Argyle

Light Blue Black

Lemon Black

Black Flame Blue

Go on and leave a comment and tell me which you like most!

[Help] Techies, attention please  

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  • My wireless connection disconnects every now and then hours and hours later (I don't know if my use of words was accurate enough to describe this time frame), ever since I updated my BIOS. The update was downloaded from HP's webbie to fix a battery problem.
  • Turning the Wireless switch (physical switch ah... not GUI switch) on and off doesn't fix it. Diagnostics say that the Wireless switch isn't turned on when it already is. Restarting the computer works but I really don't want to do that all the time since I might lose my sessions in FF.
  • I can't rollback the driver. It's an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Adapter. Already up-to-date.
How can I fix it? Press me if you need more details.
Boy, I can't wait for FF3.

Dumbed Down  

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To tell you the truth, I've been feeling really stupid for the past 2 years ever since I stopped doing Mathematics. I'm so dependent on my handy dandy phone calculator it's scary; I-can't-multiply-quick-enough-anymore scary.

I've actually thought of buying a little Math-xercise book to help me get a grip but then backed off at the thought of doing advanced level Maths. Like OMG lah. So Drama Queen lor.

Well, the unfortunate truth is that I've been dumbed down and what the frak am I going to do about it?

I'll read books again! And do Maths on Neopets! *giggle giggle*
They have a game called Maths Nightmare mah...

And don't anyone dare call me DUMB. I have a fraking high CGPA okay!
And yes, I need to do something about having more pictures. But don't you just love that it loads faster?

So, anyone find me likeable? :)

Being sickly rocks. Or not.  

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Sleep, sleep, sleep all day.

The medication Doc prescribed (for me allergy) has made me do nothing productive but sleep all day. It's this drug called "Starts-with-P-ends-with-oid" and Antihistamines. An hour after consuming the antihistamines, I'll start to fall asleep. And then I wake up and it's time for a meal and then take my medication. Then an hour later, I fall asleep again. If not, I'll be real still and stone. Oh, and grumpy.

In fact, no guarantees that I won't just fall asleep now and leave you hanging. Popped a pill about 30 minutes ago.


So, while you guys are slaving away at work or bored out of your minds at home, I'll be sleeping and thinking of you :)

I am healed! Almost  

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Can I just say: DRUGS *coughsteroidscough* ARE WONDERFUL.

Doctor said I have hypersensitive allergy.. Cause: unknown. Could be anything.

Don't worry, I'm not high or anything.

SP - Power tools to amputate?  

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At first I thought, "What's this DeWalt tools about" and then I saw the picture... DANG DANG DANG.


Just the thing to amputate my hands :)

No seriously, that was the first "idea". It's not that I really wanted to remove them okay. Although, I've had some difficulty holding my spoon yesterday. I can't twist dry a piece of cloth without torturing myself *chuckle*.

This was brought to you by Burns Tools.

SP - Hidden Spy Cams  

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I have this paranoia about hidden spy cameras in fitting rooms in malls. Like, anybody can install that damn thing and you wouldn't even have a clue that you're being peeped at. High-tech, nonetheless.
But obviously, you can use it FOR THE GREATER GOOD. *cue glorious SFX*
Like installing it around the house and telling your kid you're going overseas for a few days and see what he does.

This was brought to you by Secure-at.

And I go on and on about my hand  

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The rash has elevated into hand rash and maybe feet too... I can't tell. I just know my feet itches.

UPDATE: It's definitely a rash on my feet. Fo' shizzle. They look like boils... or grilled cheese.

Hand Rash

Observation shows that topical medication isn't suitable for rashes and me because it serves as an excuse for me to start scratching... or in this case, rubbing... which felt SO GOOD.

Beh tahan lah, damn itchy...  

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I couldn't sleep because of that stupid rash so I fiddled around with Notepad. Wrote 2 "programmes", if you can call it that.
I've always had this affinity for MS-DOS commands, so this was fun.

I wrote a Faux Virus *non-lethal! Don't worry* which is screwball comedy-ish (at its lowest level) and another much lamer experimental.
Download them here, unzip and RUN

I suppose it would've been more fun to not tell you what it is...

My rash spread to cover my hands this morning and after sleeping throughout the afternoon, it's gotten better... except my ring finger is still slightly swollen. It'd have been even cooler if it was my middle :)

This Week's Revelation: June 8  

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Rashes suck.

Oi with the poodles already.. I can't take it no more.
My hands are itching like a bitch. All those hours; the abstinence; gone with just a scratch. It took just ONE scratch to cause a flare up. It doesn't help that I have a teeny tiny masochistic tendency... and my palms hurt like shit. Ahhh... it burns!

Someone chop my hands off.

That was a bit weird since Lesbo dislocated and fractured his hand :)

Another first.. Weeee  

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I have a rash! It's my first, if not, second, rash, ever!
No wonder I kept scratching and 2 minutes later, started looking for mosquito bites and couldn't find any.

They're on my palms.

Palm Rash
I would've used red but it couldn't be used *shrugs*

And if I scratch hard enough, it would've spread to the back of my thumb.


SP - Passports  

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I had a dream recently about leaving for University. I'm at the gate and they're checking my passport and I realized, it was America and I'm supposed to go to Australia... and I wake up. Not much of a dream, I know. It's sad that when you look at my passport, there are no stamps except for one to Hong Kong 2 years ago. It's even sadder that I've never crossed continents.

This was brought to you by American Passport.

12 parts, 1 subject.  

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Ahh, I've outdone myself.
I've been told I've done this before but this is funny.

Part 1 : On the outside

Name :
Like whatever lah, I'm not that stupid.
To think people would reveal their names so easily to predators hor?

Date of Birth :
A Merdeka Eve baby is me!
And when you think about it, this is also a security liability. You know how many people use birthdates as passwords? One of the common passwords I know is "iloveyou". Mostly used by girls *wink wink*.

Current Status :
Who's asking? Because if you look like Hulk, go away.

Eye Colour :

Hair Colour :
I have chameleon-like hair! Under a roof, I'm black; under the Sun, I'm brown!

Righty or Lefty :
Lefty's are INTELLIGENT.

Zodiac Sign :
Ver-go. Is this even of any significance??

Part 2 : On the Inside

Your Heritage :
Chinese... Teochew nang!

Your Fear :
I'm scared of everything. Happy?!

Your Weakness :
You'll have to beat it outta me!

Part 3 : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up :
I have no thoughts. I shit you not. I automatically, like a machine, move toward the laptop and go to the 3 sites I visit everyday.

Your bedtime :
Around 6.... AM.
Hey! You can't say "NO" to American TV.

Your most missed memory :
Well, I know I don't miss my childhood school experiences cause they sucked.
High school was quite good though.

Part 4 : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke :
Neither. It stains teeth lah.
Oh, the irony.

McD's or Burger King :
Neither. It's expensive and tiny. Not to mention, tiny.

Single or Group Dates :
Uhh, wha'?

Adidas or Nike:
Neither. I don't do sports.
I once asked a guy why boys had to buy soccer shoes when they can just play in normal shoes and he proceeded to lecture me about the differences in soccer shoes and normal shoes.

Lipton Tea or Nestea :
Nestea is sweet. Lipton, not so.
Seeing as I now don't really like to consume anything sweet, I'd pick Lipton.

Chocolate or Vanilla :
McD has totally ruined my thing for Vanilla. Now, when I think of Vanilla, I think of "fat".

Cappuccino or Coffee :
Mocha Praline!

Part 5 : Do You..

Smoke :
No but I dreamt that I was, some nights ago.

Curse :
Always :)

Drink :
Wines and Vodka, please.

Part 6 : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol :
Pelican... the only thing I would drink and afford.

To the mall :
This question is really stupid.

Been on stage :
No stage. Hence, no "been on stage".

Eaten sushi :
Uhh, I forgot.

Dyed your hair :
I'm all au naturel baby!

Part 7 : Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game :
Expose myself that easily? I think not!

Changed who you were to fit in :
No, not really.

Part 8 : Age

You're hoping to be married :
Go die lah... such an archaic question.

Part 9 : In A Guy/Girl

Best Eye colour :
This doesn't matter lah.

Hair colour :
If we're going to learn something from today's materialistic and narcissistic society, what's that going to be? Is that hair colour can change.

Short or long hair :
I'm sorry but F4 totally killed the long hair thing.

Part 10 : What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek.

1 hour ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while entering data.

1 month ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while bumming.

1 year ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while thinking "I hate college".

Part 11 : Finish The Sentences

I love :
myself and everything else.

I feel :
hor-nee and eclectic.

I miss :
myself and my hammies.

I need :
myself and some life.

Part 12 : Tag 6 People :

I tag that guy across the street.

List out 5 presents you wish for :

Moolah will do. Save the thinking for another day.

What does all this hoohaa mean to me  

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Will I have to alter my lifestyle for this shit? Yes, I think I have to.

  • Roadtrip later this month is DUNZO.
  • No more McD meals, ever. In fact, no more eating out. Aww, no more Chilli's...
  • The possibility of living a life of hermitry. "Work from home" is now more appealing than ever.
  • Use candles for light at night.
  • Forget about my DSLR.
  • No more yummy foodstuff. Gotta hold back on Post cereals, cheese and other non-essential items. Eat more veggies!
  • Dress as cheap as possible.
  • Be absolutely cheapo. Those who owe me money, kindly pay your debts or I'll come knocking.
  • Oh man, do I have to take public transportation from now onwards? Will public transportation still be considered cheap?
  • Nobody wants the Peugeot anymore :(
  • I look forward to the possibility of less congested roads every morning. Carpool, bitches!

Hermits Rule
Why can't people just fly?

Ps. I just saw Kahar in a New Straits Times tv ad..

I shouldn't be sleeping  

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... look at the self-discovery.


I found this tee and really want to buy it. It's $29 * Rm 3.23 = Rm 93.67
Sigh, I don't think I should pay this much for a one-liner tee.
Even shipping within the US is $4. That's more expensive than registered mail.

I couldn't sleep; all I did was toss and turn and thought about how sleeping was a waste of time. An example of when you'd most likely think of it is when you're 17. SPM is looming and you have not even begun studying. You map out your schedule and find that "sleeping" takes up too many hours in your day. You decide to reduce your hours to "just" a few hours instead of the usual, 8 a day.

I'm going to do this, I quote, "fucked up", "job" with Lesbo. Technically, I'm working for him. It's so fucked up that I don't even want to tell you what it is :)

Let's hope I'll become more productive.

Kate Beckinsale and her cute little British accent is hot.

I am terrified of horror flicks. I read the synopsis to "Vacancy" and watched a few snuff clips and totally pulled out from watching the movie even if it got positive reviews.

Just a lil bit more...  

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I went to the bank today and found out how much I actually had in my account. Let's just say, I can buy an entry level DSLR and have, very, very little left. It's not much but it was more than I expected to have. What with the miniscule amount I deposited and all.

With that, I see a foreseeable future of me with a DSLR dangling on my neck and it looks like a Canon 400D :)


And then because of that, I actually let a job go. I would've earned Rm700-900 for 2 weeks worth of work but I don't think I can bare lunch hours, going to the office and leaving the office. It's in Section 14. 10-15 minute walk from a non-mamak. Both directions.

I hate that I start to chill when I see that I'm doing good in something... Like my finals. For example, I found out that I've already passed and gotten a B+. In my exam, when it came to questions I didn't know how to answer, I didn't put as much effort in it as I would've which is a lot. That's an exception for Add Maths. That one, I didn't care for.

Anyhoo, I'm going to get the DSLR not-some-time-soon. Newly installed front gate. Trying to reduce spending for the current month.


SP - Reflecting on HDMI cables  

Posted by the Writer

I talked, very briefly, about HDMIs a little while back, mentioned how I was trying to have the TV be my extended monitor and sorts. I did it and I'm still wondering how is it that the TV has no VGA slot. Not too innovative, is it?

Subsequently, I find that I don't use the TV as an extended monitor very often because I watch my movies and series at night... when everybody else is sleeping. I can't play CS on it either because the visuals are TOO sharp. And all that makes me wonder, should I have bought those cables in the first place?

This was brought to you by Fire Fold.

SP - Skin Lightening. Not.  

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Instead of a skin lightening, I need acne removal... or some shiz like that. My t-zone is swarmed by these little things. Is it my hormones or does it have something to do with my sleep? I'm pretty sure it's sleep though. Teehee.
I miss my forehead when it was totally free of acne and bumps...and looking at Deng's face isn't helping my confidence either.

This hormonal piece was brought to you by Makari.

SP - Acne Solution  

Posted by the Writer

There I was talking about my acne filled t-zone and here I am with acne solutions from this website, acnexus.com. This solution is filled with natural ingredients, one of today's most used selling points. Unfortunately, there are too many words and I can't seem to read through the most of it. Bah. But really, I seriously need to do something about my acne.

This gift from the Heavens was brought to you by Acnexus.

SP - Coupons to save $$  

Posted by the Writer

With the fuel price increase, things are going to cost more. Obviously. In this case, coupons would become very, very useful. You know, like Target coupons, Wal-mart coupons and etc. But seriously, when is Tesco, Giant and Carrefour going to implement some system for their consumers to use coupons?? Coupons will save us money, right?
That reminds me, I have a coupon for Domino's. Rm30 for 3 regular pizzas and 3 diet cokes (325ml).

This money saving tip was brought to you by Coupon Money.