I want a 70-300mm, Mum. Teehee.  

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At first, it was the Nikon 18-200mm, then it was the Nikon 70-300mm. Lately, I've realized an alternative to getting Nikon lenses that I cannot afford. DoH! Why didn't I think of this earlier?

Tamron 70-300mm, Sigma 70-300mm DL or Sigma 70-300mm APO.

And so the questions that come with it:

  1. Sigma's APO was an upgrade from the DL but is it really a must-have?
  2. Why is the Sigma 70-200mm more expensive than a Sigma 70-300mm?
  3. Are the lenses compatible with my D40, in the sense that 3D matrix metering, autofocus, exposure meter and electronic range finder will still work? Because it says "(Nikon F)" and my current lens is a G.

Any other information would be really nice :)

Curtin can suck IUB's balls  

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This post is dedicated to Vel.
"Looks like there'll be a change of plans".

After changing my mind 4 times in the span of 2 years, spending days looking for US universities and desiccating my eyes , I have finally settled on one: Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana.
I think all that staring at the deadly screen made the blood vessels in my eye burst.

Australian U's don't offer grants and financial aid as generously as the US. My super-duper GPA and the U's generosity will help make things easier and being in the US has its perks, of course. For one, there's CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND ICE-CREAM!!

The short-listed universities were Purdue, IU-Bloomington and Michigan State.

What made IU-Bloomington so irresistible was the scholarships it offered.
With a GPA of 3.8, you stand a chance of receiving $9000/yr! Unfortch, I have only 3.75, so it's $5000.

In fact, they stated on their website that we shouldn't make a decision based on IU-B's scholarships... which we did.
My Mum got so excited by the scholarships they offered, she asked me to "apply now"; with "now" being 4.30am.

So we'll see how many courses my Diploma can save me from doing and carry on from there. I don't think we're even considering Australia anymore... I'm not sure.

Looks like I have to start learning how to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Which I've figured out here:

F = [(x'C - 1'C)*1.8'F]+33.8'F
C = (F - 33.8'F/1.8'F)+1'C

Hot damn! My Math is still working!

SP - Diet Pills galore  

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Yikes, we have tons of (expired) Herbalife in our cabinet downstairs to finish within the coming months and I have volunteered to finish it all! I'll be the fittest, lazy ass, you've seen. *chuckle*

It's crazy how many types of diet pills there are in the market. In Malaysia, there are more than 10 (super safe estimate) brands; can you imagine how many there are in the States?!

And as a consumer, how are you possibly going to go through all that clutter without some help?
What you need is a database of diet pills.

Take Ephedrasil Hardcore, for instance, on this site, Research Diet Pills.

They provide information on the product; pros and cons, customer feedback, conclusion and a ranking of the top rated diet pills. It's a start :)

This was brought to you by Research Diet Pills.

SP - Diet Pills  

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You know what? I've decided that diet pills aren't the way to go. It's just the stigma that I have about them. Like, "Pills. Oooohhh, nasty!". Of course, there are other healthier alternatives to taking diet pills like, gulp, exercising.

Of course, not to generalize the whole diet pills industry, this is a personal opinion which by no means should you adhere to.

This was brought to you by dietpillsdietpills.com.

[DONE] Photog Assignment: Sparklers!  

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So... I took my pictures, had the sparks fall on my hand (which felt prickly), imported the pictures and I think I sucked at that one. They all looked so boring.


You can see sequence shots from here:

It's C & F!!
This is me, signing off.

Photog Assignment: Sparklers!  

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I bought some sparklers *coughminifireworksparklercough* *coughillegalithinkcough* the other day and I think I'll take some photos of it tonight.
Since it's going to be night photography, Logic tells me I should probably take a few test shots so I can set exposure and all that shiz.

But of course, there has to be an obstacle. Or it won't be a challenge!

But never mind that.

Thing is, should I be worried about outdoor lighting? Or will the light from the sparkler be good enough? Kinda like shooting a star in the sky, when you think about it.

If I chose Center Weighted/Spot Metering and had the focus area right smack on the sparks, it'll be bright enough for the camera to achieve a faster shutter speed right?

What if I used Rear Curtain Flash Sync? It would probably look weird hor...

By the way, anybody who's seen Get Smart should watch Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (minute 49 - 50). That's like the best part of the whole movie lah, I think... Anne Hathaway, woot!

Anyhoo, I'll post pictures of zee sparklers when I'm done. Also, we have a tub of Tom Yam paste and a little jar of Basil at home and I'm SUPER EXCITED. Expect a post on one of my kitchen escapades soon. Think: Tom Yam Fried Rice (Ray's recipe) and Macaroni with tons of basil and mixed veggies.

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time  

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I watched my brother play Counter Strike for ONE YEAR before I started playing. You can say I've become a little more knowledgeable from those silently-sitting-behind-my-brother-watching-him-play-CS days.

Even so, I still suck when playing with "expert" bots. (In the true spirit of Malaysian students... and probably students everywhere) "My teacher sucked lah".

I decided that I should just stick to "hard" bots
*sounded very naughty didn't it? teehee*.

But in all seriousness, I'm a pretty good shot. My brother said so... SO IT MUST BE TRUE! HaHaahAhAHAHaHaHaa

My favourite gun is the M16 Rifle, not as strong as the AK-47, but yeah, it differs with each map.

It's like... I'll be on a roll, shooting them pixels dead and suddenly I get hit in the head. Sometimes I freeze the bots, walk up to the bot that killed me and scream, "EAT LEAD!!", subsequently shooting him in the head.

Of course, the screaming happens in my head. Don't want to scare my parents or anythin'. Besides, I think my parents think I'm not girly enough. Sometimes hor, my dad will come and see what I'm doing and sees me playing CS. Then he'll ask, "Ey, how come you're playing this ah", and I'll acknowledge, "Mmmm...". And he'll ask my mum this, "Mummy, how come the girl like to play these games wan ah"... O_O
I'm worried about him worrying about me.

*Kids, please do not try this at all. I don't want to be responsible for instilling violent images in your head... not that I can stop you...*

This is me... blowing brains. Smooth moves eh? *wink wink*

I tried the mini online game from Samsung's World Cyber Game microsite. It's a first shooter game which I guess you can overlook when compared to the real deal... Counter Strike ah.

But see here, you probably don't want to overlook that either. Why?
Because you can win goodies for scoring and kicking other people's butts!

Let me check the prizes ah...

Okay, okay... These are the prizes that you're going to win... if you can lah:
1st prize - Mobile Phone i550
2nd prize - Digital Still Camera i8
3rd prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB)
4th prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-T10 (2GB)
5th prize - MP3 Player YP-U3 (2GB)

So how? If you're not good enough for the WCGs, play the game on Samsung's World Cyber Game microsite and win a mobile!

Duty Free is King Parts 2 & 3  

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Previous post: Duty Free is King Part 1.
I've tried this idea of parts and decided to ditch it. It annoys me... and probably you too.

So this was our hotel...

Tioman Cabanas
Cabanas by the beach.

Tioman Berjaya
Somewhere near the lobby in the humongous land of the Berjaya chalets.

Sleepy Kitty
This little kitty won our hearts.

Yesterday night I went for my first evarr photoshoot... at night! Got The Cousin to come along. We came across a cat who roams the Berjaya grounds with a bunch of other felines. The Cousins started to pet him and he got so comfortable with them, he clambered onto The Cousin's lap and fell asleep to the gentle and consistent strokes on his back.

Shy Shy
Shy shy...

However, I got tainted by the thought of a broken and bloody corpse when I petted the kitty. The one that Deng reversed over.

Chicken Prints
Did the chicken cross the road ah?

We came across chicken claw prints in cement and thought, the question isn't why the chicken crossed the road, but rather, it is a question of whether the chicken made it across.

Because of my innate stinginess I didn't do water activities this time around. Wasn't willing to pay 20/pax for a 2 seater kayak for, get this, 1 hour only. Besides, I forgot my swimwear.

Almost everything here is rented out on an hourly basis. Internet, 15/hour; bicycle, 15/hour; Mahjong, 10/hour. So I spent time lazing in the room keeping from getting tanned, taking pictures, watching Rachael Ray and dreaming about going to the US (things are so cheap I don't know why we haven't moved there yet).

Wave with Character
I was told this wave had character.

Tree Roots

Purple Flowers

Tioman Sunset
Sunset from Day 2. The clouds totally ruined the sunset for all 3 days that we were there.

Tioman Sunset Surreal
Sunset from Day 2. Shot with flash.

Tioman Sunset 2
Sunset from Day 3.

Shot from a bridge just outside the resort entrance.

Yellow Flowers
Umm... flowers again.

Tioman Surreal
Zer beach.

Coconut Tree Surreal
I think this is the coconut tree featured in one of the postcards they're selling.

That's the whole trip :)


Duty Free is King Part 1  

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Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport, Subang Jaya
I left for Tioman on Sunday at 6.30am. That's too damn early.

Berjaya Air Focker
It feels tiny for a 48-seater.

Ferrero Rocher 30s
And so we reach the land of cheap booze and duty free products.
Bailey's going for 45myr. A can of beer for 2.50myr. This is even better than peanut butter and chocolate combined!

Macbeth Cigarillos
Smelled good but didn't taste good.

One thing I've tried on this trip, one thing I can say I've done, and one thing I can cross off my list of things-to-do is Little Cigars. Chocolate flavoured, Little Cigars, that is.

It was awkwardly exciting at first but it eventually died down when I got the hang of it. The butt was delightfully sweet but the smoke was somewhat bitter. At one point, the smoke got in my eye (which stung like a bitch). Heck, I don't even know if I puffed it correctly. At least I won't be forever curious about smoking lah. Love the smell of a fresh stick though.

Part 2.. after messages from our sponsors :)


My feet must taste incredibly good  

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I went to Kenko's (Mid Valley) on Wednesday. Rm38 for a 30 minute 100-fish-nibbling-at-your-feet session is good enough for, at least, once a month.

The moment I stuck my foot in, all them fishes just went haywire, swarming, like they haven't been fed... while beside me, Nicole just kept on squealing, attracting stares and inducing laughter all around :)

Fish Spa Mid Sized Fishes
Nasty little buggers. *click for larger pic*

Fish Spa Baby Fishes
If you were standing by the display, you'd have seen my insanely cyan feet.

Fish Spa Giant Fishes
These are the fishies for boys. About 4 inches long or I must've been dreaming.

My feet are much smoother now and I'm glad I don't have to scrub dead skin off myself.
Machiam automatic aje.

Good to know: If you have a scab, keep above water and don't stick your hands in. You don't want to kill the fishes, do you?

I'm going to the beach!  

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Last weekend was filled with events.

Thursday: Hancock
Friday : Rock climbing
Saturday: Cousin's farewell
Sunday : Philharmonic concert

While the cousins were playing games and aunt's with their Chinese Scrabble *codenamed, Mahjong*, I was snapping away in the hall which I noticed didn't have any curtains. Less dust, more happy people *coughmecough*!

Lo and behold, my two favourite shots.

Crystal Lotus


Here's a little something extra because I'm still amazed with image rollovers.


This weekend, I'm going to Tioman Island and will be gone for 4 days, w00t! Ihopetheres3G.
The boat ride won't be particularly exciting but I'll think positive thoughts!
A trip to anticipate! But I won't like packing. I hate packing.
WTF am I going to bring to Australia?! OMFG, I'm freaking out prematurely!

Nah, just kidding. I don't really give a shit right now. I'll wait till next year.

In the meantime, I should really worry about hearsay that Tioman is polluted. Dead corals; murky oceans; floating trash, a sight for sore eyes. Puh-tooi.


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I'm so excited I can't scream!! Not that I ever could but all that doesn't matter now.
I can only do the one thing I know I can do under circumstances like these.



Tickets were already on sale 4 days ago.. like what the heck right. It's not even in the papers yet. I wonder what Galaxy is planning.

All that excitement made me forget to mention what all this hoohaa is about.

Avril's coming, bitches!!

Community Project #2: Cuter Than Yours!  

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Jeng jeng jeeeeng!

After the bombed failure of the first project, I'm back with what should be a fun project for everyone.

Should "Cuter Than Yours" be a success, we'll make it part of our regular programming, okay?

This week, we're looking for CUTEST BEANIE BABY ALIVE!
Not your vegetable, table or toe, but Beanie Baby. Boy and Girl beanies are welcomed. Well, mostly because it's hard to distinguish boy from girl eh?
The CUTEST BEANIE BABY ALIVE will be voted by our readers after the submission deadline.

Piggly Wiggly 2

Quick, rummage through your collection and upload the cutest photo of your beanie baby!

1. Dig dig dig!
2. Upload to Image Shack.
3. Post URL in comment box.
4. Smoke a weed :)

Prize: OOHs and AAHs for all!

Deadline: Friday, 18th July 2008.

Ps. Boy, would this be really embarrassing if no one submitted anything *teehee*

Dangerous message ahead!  

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Superman, SAVE ME!!

Ps. I'm not laughing at Vel, just laughing at the system :D

Oh and Blogger's comments notification is spoilt. I don't get notified of comments anymore. Need a fix. Puh-lease help.

Coming to stands near you!  

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Some of you might not find the ultimate humour in this so allow me to explain.
This pig is a gift from Bernardo Han to Deng and she treasures it greatly. She would go VEGAN, if her Pig was slaughtered to sustain mankind. She would cut off her right foot, so her Pig can have it. She would eat a swarm of bees, so her Pig can jump into the river. She would do anything. Her Pig is sacred.

In this issue of PLAYPIG ©...

Piggly Wiggly

Photo spreads in every issue!

Piggly Wiggly 2

© All rights reserved hor.

Lonely Little Lou-Poh  

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Look, Sean... It's your ex-wife!

Lonely Little Lou-Poh


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I've been wondering what an Ipod Touch was ever since Nicole told me that she wanted one... Her and her crazy ass wishlists.
Apple has great marketing. So much so that a lousy iPhone can be so well received. The ipods have gone a long way too. They've managed to make every one of their products seem cool; cool to wear one and cool to own one.
However, I do find iTunes extremely annoying. Back when Lesbian's iPod Nano was on loan to me, I would have to always run iTunes to do anything with the iPod. What I'm saying is, "I want PnP"! The exclusivity sucks.

Oh crap, I have to go to bed now. Can't be late tomorrow!

This was brought to you by Buy. Bye bye.

You just said "bai" (phonetic) 4 times in a row :)

The Unsung Heroes of Damansara Jaya  

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There I was, sitting on the hard as rock floor that hurt my ass, straining my eyes staring at the blinding True Life screen and suddenly, I heard a VROOM...VROOM!

I looked outside to find my aunt's car in a ditch. *GASPS*!!
Instinctively, I grabbed my phone and ran outside... Smart leh.

Without further ado, I present you, the removal process of an elephant of a vehicle.

The doggie very randomly barked like a ferocious little ball of fluff at the DJROA Patrol Dude. *James Earl Jones* No one knew why *end James Earl Jones*.

Food perversion  

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Lunch from this afternoon at Ikea's Cafe & Restaurant:

Salmon & Chivas Sauce

The following is Nicole's idea of photographing food.

Swedish Meatballs

Shit Man. Shit, man! Shit! Man...  

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I went to my aunt's house in Cheras last Sunday and learned, oh, I don't know, 7 card games in one night? My cousin's girlfriend taught us a Danish card game when loosely translated is called, "Shit Man". And we're still not quite sure where the punctuations go. It's almost next to impossible for me to explain it in words.

Interior 1

And then there's yesterday night where the same aunt and six more people decided to launch a surprise attack on my Mum by showing up at our house unexpectedly. It was fun though. They squeezed in "Shit Man", the piano, carrom and a teeny tiny karaoke session all in an hour.

Interior 2

You know, all these years, I never always thought that my Dad was funny. Only once in a while when he tells his jokes. Then yesterday night, I decided he's not just funny when he tells jokes, he can be funny playing "Taboo" as well. We played the game yesterday night after dinner and he was all for staring at the card in silence. Most of the time. Or answering "on behalf of" our opponents. It's frustratingly funny.

I'm reading Cyanide and Happiness. Go read it. It's hilarious.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net