Curtin can suck IUB's balls  

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This post is dedicated to Vel.
"Looks like there'll be a change of plans".

After changing my mind 4 times in the span of 2 years, spending days looking for US universities and desiccating my eyes , I have finally settled on one: Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana.
I think all that staring at the deadly screen made the blood vessels in my eye burst.

Australian U's don't offer grants and financial aid as generously as the US. My super-duper GPA and the U's generosity will help make things easier and being in the US has its perks, of course. For one, there's CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND ICE-CREAM!!

The short-listed universities were Purdue, IU-Bloomington and Michigan State.

What made IU-Bloomington so irresistible was the scholarships it offered.
With a GPA of 3.8, you stand a chance of receiving $9000/yr! Unfortch, I have only 3.75, so it's $5000.

In fact, they stated on their website that we shouldn't make a decision based on IU-B's scholarships... which we did.
My Mum got so excited by the scholarships they offered, she asked me to "apply now"; with "now" being 4.30am.

So we'll see how many courses my Diploma can save me from doing and carry on from there. I don't think we're even considering Australia anymore... I'm not sure.

Looks like I have to start learning how to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Which I've figured out here:

F = [(x'C - 1'C)*1.8'F]+33.8'F
C = (F - 33.8'F/1.8'F)+1'C

Hot damn! My Math is still working!


sean   says 9:25 am

is bloomington any good? later san ka la dei fong how? private or public uni??

sure ady ah? its good for mass comm?

HFT   says 9:33 am

Hoosiers for the win!

I kind of miss B-town now. For a town of 60,000 it sure has some kick-ass food (except for Americanized Chinese food).

All the best, mate. Don't bother bringing winter gear, just buy it from the outlet malls when you get there.

Try to get in touch with the Malaysian Student Association (or the Singapore Student Association, they're more happening :D)

"is bloomington any good? private or public uni??"

According to The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities (2001) by Howard and Matthew Greene, Indiana University is one of America's "Public Ivy" institutions of higher education, defined by the authors as a public institution that "provides an Ivy League collegiate experience at a public school price."

The Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked Indiana University as the 90th best university in the world.

NoOOoo, you didn't leave a means of communication! But okay, I'll get winter clothing there.
Please share more! :)

yes yes go US.... help me do my shopping also HAHHAA

hmm..okay. if there's better option there for you both, it's okay.

as my dad sets everything for me, i have no choice. since you have better offer instead from Curtin, y not go for it? right?

it's fine for me la. =)

Only think of yourself.. tsk tsk tsk. *shakes head*

Why you say until so min keung... You can come visit me lah.

Damn envy! i was that close to go for performing arts in arizona state u, but the damn fees were still too much for me to handle in the end..

Jason O:
That campus is humongous!! Too close to Sin city though. Hahaah..

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