I now have a bean under my care. WHOA.  

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Vel gave me a plant to nurture and grow so I can read the message inside it. It's one of those things sold in Memory Lane, y'know? [UPDATE: Okay, Memory Lane does not sell this thing] I think it's called a Magic Message Egg. I call it, "Science, with a little tampering" :)
What you do is break the top of the shell, water your plant for about a week or so until the seedling blooms and you'll see the message.

And being me, I couldn't keep from exploring it. So I dug a little here and there and voila! A bean! A humongous bean! *Vel must be very disappointed with me right now*
It read "Happy Birthday". The etching gave me the impression of what a demon would write when they're haunting you.


Anyway, so as to not disappoint dear Vel, I will water the plant and wait for it to blossom into a tiny green beanstalk and take plenty of boring photos of it.

3.76, not 3.75  

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I just found out that my CGPA is actually 3.76 and not 3.75. HAHAHAHAHA

Global Warming... in my nose.  

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It could be because of this faint flu that I have that the climate in my nose is going a bit off. Sometimes it'd be extremely wet and then I'd get a blocked nose so it dribbles or it'd be extremely dry until the point that I can visualize the nostril passage as a hollow tube. It's extreme weathers in there! Don't play play.

SP - keyloggers  

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If I was given a keylogger by someone, I suppose I would use it on myself. I guess it would be really fun to see what I've written and deleted. Like, I could do CONTENT ANALYSIS and read what I've never had the guts to publish. Hardeeharhar. But of course, most people use them to monitor employees and what not. No peeking into other people's passwords though!

This was brought to you by Soft Activity.

Happy Graduation to ME!  

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It was my graduation ceremony today but I didn't go.
1. I didn't really want to spend Rm350 and dress uncomfortably on a Saturday while everyone with a va-jay-jay had on make up and ankle-breaking heels.
2. I mistook the deadline for another day.

Instead, what did I do? I bought a BIGASS lens.

Sigma 70-200mm
About as tall as a 600ml water bottle and weighs in at 1.3kg.

There goes another Rm850 (Mum footed Rm500 as a birthday present [30th August!]).

"Why so cheap", you ask? That's because it's a second hand lens that looks like crap on the outside. As you can see, the paint job is peeling at the bottom. But what the heck, right? It's a major upgrade from the kit lens. I think my biceps got bigger just holding the darned thing (and I have to stop looking at them every minute. Such a vain pot, I am). The whole effing thing is exceptionally fast and the range is just crazy! I now have a lens to shoot concert photos with in Sep-tem-barrr!

All thanks and fooyohs go to Jason for calling me and Mum for being my loan shark!

That's a lot of Fish  

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An outing with GZ brought me to One Utama's indoor fish pond on that fine Wednesday morning where throngs of screaming midgets abound.

But first, brunch at Chili's where we put GZ's communication skills to the test!
The chicken was too dry. Disappointed, I am.

We talked bras and... golf? I forgot.

This was when I got the heart-breaking news of the cancellation/postponement of the concert and proceeded to swear while GZ just sat there laughing at me.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Anyhoo, I was blown away with 1U's fish habitat. It was like a conveyor belt holding a staggering population of fishes.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Those pregnant fishes can get a little too big. If you hold a pin right up to it, it might just *pop*.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Fish don't hump like that, do they?

One Utama Indoor Pond

One Utama Indoor Pond
Amongst all that hungry looking aqua-beings, there was a hideous waterfall by the side. So bare, so in the wrong location.

One Utama Indoor Pond
This one looks like a candidate for "pond scum".

One Utama Indoor Pond

One Utama Indoor Pond
This little baby reminded me of my little baby. Well, this one's not very "little" actually. If I was a kid, I'd be afraid of it if it came scurrying toward me.

Way back in 1999  

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I found my old stamp collection the other day.
I don't suppose they're old enough to be worth much.

They're so pretty... especially foreign stamps... unlike Malaysian stamps. I'm obviously still bitter over the impediment.

Malaysia Measat StampMalaysia Johor Palace StampMalaysia Hibiscus StampMalaysia Kuala Lumpur LRT StampNew Zealand Seymour Square Gardens StampGreat Britain Flying Scotsman Stamp

Since we're talking about my childhood, allow me to indulge in one more childhood memory, yeah?

Mum goes to the club for Table Tennis every now and then since I was... 11.

Table Tennis

I used to hide under the table but I have no idea, for what. I'm guessing, it's either to sabotage the game or sabotage the game.

Then I was there with Mum and Jon last week to give Sports Photography a go. BAD IDEA. The kit lens obviously isn't fast enough for a game like Table Tennis and because Mum was wearing white, she tended to overexpose in pictures where I used the flash.

In order to make myself feel better (the heat was getting to me), I took a controlled shot which would've turned out very nice if I had made sure the subject was in focus. Damn.

Ping Pong

I was robbed of my birthday present.  

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The news is all over the world. Just goes to show how absurd this is. It's not because Avril's famous, it's not because Malaysia's famous (though I can think of one thing Malaysia's known for now), it's because it's so FUCKING absurd that news agencies HAD to write an article about it.

I ended up cursing in Chili's today because of this piece of shitty news and a little family was sitting right up front. Just wonderful.

I am so not in the mood to celebrate Independence Day anymore. It was supposed to be a birthday present and a prequel to the Independence Day celebrations for me but fuck, they took it away from me, the *****s.

Besides, how does holding a concert on the 29th affect the Merdeka celebrations?!
For all I know, the concert PUTS you in the mood for a livelier Merdeka celebration!

SP - Cats in trees  

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You know the multi-story cat house that cats climb on and do their nail thing that would rip other household fabrics? Yeah, turns out, those are called cat trees (I didn't know that) or cat condos and they don't come cheap. I mean, what does anyway? Although, if you don't have the space, you might want to consider something smaller. Cats are so spoilt.

This was brought to you by My Cats Heaven.

SP - Blackhead removal  

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I'm so screwed up that my face is a farm for blackheads and unsightly stuff which I don't know what to call. These few nights, I've been trying to squeeze them oogly stuff out but I always end up hurting myself. I wish there was a blackhead removal tool that could somehow open your pores and make the removing process as painless as possible. Gawd, I wish I had great skin.

This was brought to you by g|at.

I had stickers of a porn star when I was seven  

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I was cleaning my room yesterday and found my old sticker book back from when I was seven.
With a sense of nostalgia, I opened it.

Austin St.John
Jason, the Red Ranger

I burst out laughing realizing I had stickers of an amateur porn star *apparently and according to PITNB*.

Tight around the torso  

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I think I bought the wrong bra size on my last shopping spree. Damn.

Baby E stole WCGs thunder  

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I just came home from the WCG in Mid Valley and OMG, was it fun! Not. So. But. Yeah.

I had second thoughts the whole day because I didn't want to get stuck on the Federal Highway to go to Mid Valley on a weekend. But after I don't know what, I decided to go at 3.30pm. After a quick shower and dropping Deng off at work, I reached there at 4.20pm. See see, the winner was announced. Snap. Didn't win. Congratulations, Timothy Tiah.

Anyhoo, the WCG wasn't important anymore for I got a good look at Baby Esther and a good workout just carrying her.
Comel-nyer baby tu! She got so comfortable she fell asleep in my arms... le sigh.
But no, it didn't make me want to have a baby or some shizz. More like, she melted my heart for being a baby. And... and... and.... I was the first one in the gang to meet Baby Esther in person. Go, ME!


Her parents are so cute together lah. Next time you all buy presents for Baby Esther must buy some for Mother too... Mummy very susah wan you know.

This is me talking to myself  

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While I'm happy about the concerts I'll be attending in August and September, I'm still pretty undecided between Purdue and Indiana Uni-B. They're both appealing in their own ways.

On getting shots of the concerts: I will, obviously, not be able to get decent ones but I will not fret. It's a small issue. Although, I did learn something new today: there are rental services for lenses in the US which is SUPER! As much as I hate travelling (and packing), I can't wait to get to the States!

I find my humour slowly draining away these days. I don't quip anymore. I used to say really funny things... and this entry sounds like me talking to myself.... instead of, you. Gwad, I'm dry.

I bought a tee the other day. There's a Mr. Kelloggs and two kids with a headline that said, "IT'S GONNA BE A GRR-REAT DAY!!" and it's all happy-happy.
I just love the contradiction it makes because I look pissed off all the time.

Anyhoo, if you know of a lens rental service in KL/PJ, let me know, ya?

Goodbye *A boring one, just for you*.

Ps. I downloaded a poker game for my N73 the other day and I haven't been able to put it down!

Pps. You know you've made it *somewhat* when you self-pity and your readers comfort you by saying, "No, you're not crap! You're a beacon of light!" and phrases of sorts.

I'm still here  

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It's confirmed, folks! You'll have to live with me for another year before I leave on a jet plane to Ah-Meh-Lei-Ka. And you know what? I'll be legal when I get there! W00T! (That means, booze during unbearably cold temperatures, don't worry).

Well, at least I don't get dumped in classes, cliques and climate in the middle of the school year which makes socializing and acclimating ever harder.

This ALSO means, I get to go to Perth on Feb 1st! I'll ALSO get to send Vel off until Curtin's gates (or some shit)! Wah, 送人送到尽啊 [send people off, send until the end ah]!

But all this extra time is making me wonder if Indiana is right. I've been asking Deng to give me some input but nothing from her so far.

Until then, will a kind Samaritan lend me his/her 18-200mm (or longer focal length) lens compatible with a D40 for a concert in August?

Pain. Period.  

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I am thoroughly impressed with what one mask can do to my acne-plagued face in just one night. The acne is still there, of course, but my face feels much more smoother. Or maybe its just the residual gel from the mask.

This month's cycle is really taking a toll on me. I feel anti-social, I'm pissed off at everything and my back is killing me. The weather isn't helping and so is my self-esteem *stupid hormones*. I feel so critical of everything and feel the urge to rant about people. You know what? I think there's too many people in this house. 11 people! Constant social encounters. It's too much for me in such a short span of time. All I want to do is sit still and listen to acoustic love songs. Kill me if I'm glued to the computer. It's the only thing taking my mind off the pain and discomfort. No. Correction: it's not taking my mind off the pain.

Actually, I think a bath would be good now.

Pissed off  

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I fucking hate everyone right now.

How to take concert photos?  

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Come September 26th, I'll be going to Genting for a concert.

Let's just say, I'll be seating in this area.


Let's just say, one way or another, I would have gotten/borrowed/stole a zoom lens compatible with the D40.

Let's just say, I don't know which lens would be sufficient and compatible to get/borrow/steal.

Let's just say, there'll be flashing lights and dark instances which would make shooting a bit more challenging.

What do I do?

Bump up the ISO, increased aperture size, decrease exposure comp (it's decrease right?).... what else can I do?

SP - Acne Cream  

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I think my brother used to have acne problems. Then one day, I'm looking at his face and I'm talking to him and goshdarnit, they were gone! I don't know if he used acne creams or it was just hormones or some shit, his faced cleared up and he looked so much better! Which kinda explains the lack of photos of him during those years. Or maybe no one bothered taking pictures at home.

This was brought to you by

Get off your fat arse, today!  

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Sitting on my arse for so many months now, I should probably start exercising and lose weight (the weight, I'm not so worried, more like, fat). My love handles are a pain to touch. All this makes the prospect of hiking with the family this weekend (at FRIM!) that much more interesting.

Of course, the parents have assured me that the leeches aren't going to suck my body dry, allowing me to take tons of photos. Oh and Grampa's going hiking too!

The only downside to all of this is waking up at 7am and that disgusting feeling of sweat (and unruly hair).

Wokay, looks like the pros outweighed the con.

Eyes on the prize!

In other news, I feel like a complete slob. No surprise there...
In the month or two since I've moved into my parents' room, I (ah) do (doo) declare (dee.kley.r), that I've contributed much to the redecoration of the place. A stack of crap here, a bunch in the closet, MORE crap on the clothes stand. I don't even remember how sleeping in my room feels like anymore.

Yesterday, I found myself in a constant almost-drooling state. Didn't help that I burned my tongue and it didn't start to heal properly until today. I felt like I was pronouncing like I had a dead tongue which only occurred for a few words.

I think I will go cycle today!

Ps. I'm sorry, I need to get out more. Staying at home is making me a bit cuckoo.

I will disgust you this time  

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After Dark Knight, GZ and the twins chanced upon a baby rat.
It died 3 minutes later.

Baby Rat

I hope Cathy sees this.
Baby Rat 2

Okay, I doubt this is disgusting. More like... sad.

Ps. Mac and Cheese... sucked. The cheese tasted bitter. Don't buy it! I forgot the brand name but I got this from Tesco.

Mac & Cheese with loads of Basil

I want... no, I need... media passes  

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Anybody got (extra) media passes for Avril Lavigne Live in KL??

I don't want to get squeezed and drenched with strangers' sweat.
My skin's too sensitive for that shit and I don't wanna see some stupid kid squeeze his fucking way to the front just cause he's short. Just cause you're a kid, doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want.

Watching MTV Asia Awards:
Malaysia needs more non-mainstream genres other than fucking pop.
Leona Lewis' accent is so cute!

I can't wait to get out of here.

This Week's Revelation: August 2  

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Even though marketers are still trying to sell the idea of individualism, "just do it and fuck the whole world, be yourself" idea, it still can't beat the long-standing ideas of tradition and culture.

Until the majority of the world embraces it, marketers are still selling ideas and not truth.

Maybe it resonates with yours.

Wot?! I'm in Malaysia?!  

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I had a freaky dream.

I was in Uni and was brought into a room full of girls by a friend through a narrow albeit cool L shaped walkway. In the room, I saw some old friends and new friends. They were sitting around, chillin'. One asked another if she could hold her weight with her pinky on a pole while thrusting her hips. Yes, there was a dancing pole in the room.

See see, don't know what happened, I'm in a hall. Then I left. Through that cool L shaped walkway again. I'm in the room (and now that I do think about it, it looks like a hangout room/pole dancing classroom). This time I'm sitting on a couch by the wall and feeling really dizzy. I thought about the booze I had earlier (which really just is from two days ago). Can't be. So I asked (at least I imagined I did), "don't you all feel dizzy or something?".
And BAM! It hit me.


On the way down the stairs, I ran quickly, often leaping off steps... And made sure I had my ID, wallet and phone... *tap on pockets* (it's this thing I do all the time before I go out lah. Made it to my dreams XD).

I made it to the main entrance without the building falling all over me. Insyaallah.
Lo and behold, GUO ZHANG's sitting on the curb outside! I ran to him and slapped him on the arm a few times (like, y'know, one palm after another like a girl *slap slap slap* or how Vel hits people when she's excited.... OMG I HIT LIKE A GIRL). Must be 'cause I wasn't expecting him to be there (in the Uni and in my dreams ah). Then I heard the deafening wails of sirens. I looked toward the noise and there goes some earthquake emergency truck ramming another truck into a parked car on the side of the road. Surprisingly, the whole lot looked like Malaysians. Wait, am I in Malaysia?!

I wake up.

The whole truck ramming into another probably says something about how Malaysia sucks. Oh I guess that's just it. It does!
I cannot explain the whole earthquake shiz though.

Did anybody notice slower speeds yesterday and today?
I can't even sign in to MSN.