I was robbed of my birthday present.  

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The news is all over the world. Just goes to show how absurd this is. It's not because Avril's famous, it's not because Malaysia's famous (though I can think of one thing Malaysia's known for now), it's because it's so FUCKING absurd that news agencies HAD to write an article about it.

I ended up cursing in Chili's today because of this piece of shitty news and a little family was sitting right up front. Just wonderful.

I am so not in the mood to celebrate Independence Day anymore. It was supposed to be a birthday present and a prequel to the Independence Day celebrations for me but fuck, they took it away from me, the *****s.

Besides, how does holding a concert on the 29th affect the Merdeka celebrations?!
For all I know, the concert PUTS you in the mood for a livelier Merdeka celebration!


It is a silly move, just shows how narrow-minded we are, in the spotlight for the wrong reasons (again and again!)

Our birthday is ten days away1!!!

So can't Avril come and sing without any extra activity like kissing, hugging, jumping, shouting and speaking english? I mean just stand still over there and sing only? Can;t? Yes, because those are not concert anymore... Too bad Malaysian can't enjoy watching ppl hugging and jumping. WTF...

fucktards...they support guys with AK-47s halfway around the world but gives a shit at guitar-wielding chicks. That's policy.

OMGGG they should bang some senses into their heads. ZZZZZZZ....

mana ada orang concert no shouting n jumping wan? classical meh?

imagine AVRIL.. singing "girlfriend" or whatever song of hers, wearing formal and standing still all night... damn sien man.

at least she entertain the young people in KL.. make us feel like, this years merdeka is a little more fun than the past years ma...

damn brainless lahhh...

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