Happy Graduation to ME!  

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It was my graduation ceremony today but I didn't go.
1. I didn't really want to spend Rm350 and dress uncomfortably on a Saturday while everyone with a va-jay-jay had on make up and ankle-breaking heels.
2. I mistook the deadline for another day.

Instead, what did I do? I bought a BIGASS lens.

Sigma 70-200mm
About as tall as a 600ml water bottle and weighs in at 1.3kg.

There goes another Rm850 (Mum footed Rm500 as a birthday present [30th August!]).

"Why so cheap", you ask? That's because it's a second hand lens that looks like crap on the outside. As you can see, the paint job is peeling at the bottom. But what the heck, right? It's a major upgrade from the kit lens. I think my biceps got bigger just holding the darned thing (and I have to stop looking at them every minute. Such a vain pot, I am). The whole effing thing is exceptionally fast and the range is just crazy! I now have a lens to shoot concert photos with in Sep-tem-barrr!

All thanks and fooyohs go to Jason for calling me and Mum for being my loan shark!


The glass is mean, but deliberately missing ur grad ceremony: that's pricelessly mean.

Hahaha, now that you put it this way...
I'm making up for it at my undergrad graduation!

sean   says 8:47 am

850? is that good deal?

yer u buy 2nd hand ohh...

u said 1.2k can get 1st hand lens? why not stick to that? extra few hundred bucks only maa

800 for the lens and 50 for a UV filter as protection. These are the things I have to pay ON MY PART. 500 Mum subsidized as bday present.

No lah, that lens brand new selling for about 3.9k. Now I bought it for 1300 quite good liao.

sean   says 6:06 pm

do u mean that thing costs 1350?
geez...dont lose it.

of course I wont if I can help it lah. It's a great lens.

sean   says 4:38 am

better be

Ooohhh wow! That is one mighty tool!

[naughty giggles]

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