I now have a bean under my care. WHOA.  

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Vel gave me a plant to nurture and grow so I can read the message inside it. It's one of those things sold in Memory Lane, y'know? [UPDATE: Okay, Memory Lane does not sell this thing] I think it's called a Magic Message Egg. I call it, "Science, with a little tampering" :)
What you do is break the top of the shell, water your plant for about a week or so until the seedling blooms and you'll see the message.

And being me, I couldn't keep from exploring it. So I dug a little here and there and voila! A bean! A humongous bean! *Vel must be very disappointed with me right now*
It read "Happy Birthday". The etching gave me the impression of what a demon would write when they're haunting you.


Anyway, so as to not disappoint dear Vel, I will water the plant and wait for it to blossom into a tiny green beanstalk and take plenty of boring photos of it.


to confirm your info, it's not from memory lane. instead, i didn't see this egg in memory lane.

and what la u. u cannot be patient a bit is it? y u go dig it out? *shake head* i shall never buy any present for u again.

Eh don't lah... But no need to dig out also can guess what the message is ma. I'm still watering it!

of course u know what's the message is la. so don't dig it out ma.

ok, this time i forgived u. next time i shall buy u another present which u can't dig anything out. hahahahaha

Hahaha.. yay!

Vel, why you so easy kena con wan!!! Don't buy her present only la! Be stern!

This is not your concern okay. Go away.

watch out hwey! u might not get a present next year. or u can't get one from me already? lol

That plant is growing but it's dirtying my table la.. the artificial soil keeps dropping out..

aiyo, put in some bowl or small pot first la. it is growing? i wonder how tall will it be lo. hahahahaha

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