Tight around the torso  

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I think I bought the wrong bra size on my last shopping spree. Damn.


Anonymous   says 11:53 pm

what size?ks here


funny lah youu

Actually, its the same size as my other ones but it just happens this one's tighter around the torso or something.


what the. y didn't u try it on first?

although is the same size, but different material appear to be differently. just like shoes or sandals.

I did lah duh. It felt fine. Maybe a little tight around the torso but I though it was because I didn't readjust the strap at that time. 赶时间吗...

bra tight.. how to breathe? lol.. funny lah still

Anonymous   says 8:54 am

= ) ya..sometimes the cutting is smaller so if u think u're wearing that size...think again.. maybe u're not ...plus.. to close the bra from the front and the back also different one lol..

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