That's a lot of Fish  

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An outing with GZ brought me to One Utama's indoor fish pond on that fine Wednesday morning where throngs of screaming midgets abound.

But first, brunch at Chili's where we put GZ's communication skills to the test!
The chicken was too dry. Disappointed, I am.

We talked bras and... golf? I forgot.

This was when I got the heart-breaking news of the cancellation/postponement of the concert and proceeded to swear while GZ just sat there laughing at me.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Anyhoo, I was blown away with 1U's fish habitat. It was like a conveyor belt holding a staggering population of fishes.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Those pregnant fishes can get a little too big. If you hold a pin right up to it, it might just *pop*.

One Utama Indoor Pond
Fish don't hump like that, do they?

One Utama Indoor Pond

One Utama Indoor Pond
Amongst all that hungry looking aqua-beings, there was a hideous waterfall by the side. So bare, so in the wrong location.

One Utama Indoor Pond
This one looks like a candidate for "pond scum".

One Utama Indoor Pond

One Utama Indoor Pond
This little baby reminded me of my little baby. Well, this one's not very "little" actually. If I was a kid, I'd be afraid of it if it came scurrying toward me.


Chili's food quality has dropped big time. I remember it was really good years back.

Ahh, one more reason to stop paying so much for food.

fish hump wan meh? i tot the male will shoot sperms into female's mouth then female wil swallow it... just like, blowjob?

uncle said it's like this O_o

sean   says 1:56 pm



what i learn last time in form 3 was fish will lay egg...then male will shoot sperm into water..and sperm will fertilize the egg...meaning spearm doesnt really go in the female..

I know male dolphins have ding dongs, so they hump. But yeah, I guess a majority of fish reproduce that way.

Dolphins are mammals la -_-

Seriously. Do you people not remember anything from science classes back in the day?!

And really now, they don't do 'blowjobs' la. Haiyo.

Haha, isn't that what i said?

The more I read it, the more funnier it gets.

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