Reminds me of Putrajaya: grand but useless  

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Were the three Chinese taikonauts sent up to space just to do a space walk?
Wow, billions put to GRRREAT use.

Anyone of you have Gigi Leung's, Fireworks, piano score?

I was a bit trigger happy yesterday night  

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Note to self:
1. Sat a little too far so I maxed out the focal length. Pics were soft and some out of focus. Don't do that again.

2. All shot with Shutter Priority but should've probably tried Aperture with a smaller f-stop. Can't say if high shutter speeds are achievable though.

3. ISO was initially 800 but reduced to 400 later.

4. Get better seats next time! *coughorgetmediapassescough*

Le sigh. Sammi Cheng's pretty hot for a 36 year old.
I want to look hot when I'm 36.

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands
Her hair is SEXY

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Make something edible for me woman!  

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I haven't made dishes in a while now. Seeing that I prefer appetizers and am very picky, I suppose my options are somewhat limited. Other than the Bruschetta, I can't remember if I made anything else.

Looking at available recipes, I think Ham and Cheese Balls look pretty simple. Now, if only I can get myself to do it.

Obviously, I like cheesed up dishes. So if you want me to do something, you know what to do *wink*.


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I'm going to Genting tomorrow and I'm bringing the camera. Let's say I'm at the outdoor theme park and there's a shot I MUST take, so I need to switch lenses right there. Now, I'm rusty on the condensation part but would the inside of the lens fog up? And correct me if I'm wrong but there's a lot of moisture in the air up there right? That spells "danger" when changing lenses outdoors?

And my Bunny Date is...  

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Can you make it?

Eagle Eye was awesome.

House Bunny, here I come!  

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I am such a ROCKSTAR.

With much delight, we will like to inform you that you've been chosen to attend the Premiere Screening of House Bunny courtesy of Nuffnang and Buena Vista Columbia Tristar.

with winning slogan:

“I want to be a House Bunny because….”
...I am a bunny. If you would just look in my pants here *point point*, you'll see a little bushy bunny tail. Shhhh, it's a secret!

By the way, I'll be going with Deng tonight (for Eagle Eye). I'm taking this as some sort of test run; see if we'll bicker and piss each other off. If it's a bad experience, I'll go with one of you guys for House Bunny, mmkay?

Disclosure Policy  

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Disclosure Policy

Updated: 15th January 2010

I write sponsored posts and display ads. They may or may not represent my opinions. I try to be as honest as possible. These posts may not always be identified as sponsored.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Old funny posts  

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Sell me perfume in Hokkien

Grey's Anatomy promotional clip (hilarious!)

I hate Blogger's "Layouts"  

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I cannot comprehend the new html with it's <b:section>, <data> tags and whatnot. It's making editing harder. Go play with sand while I update the links and figure this out.

Yay for American television!  

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Pent up sexual desires, illegal substances, dead and disgustingly gory bodies, super Sci-fi powers, excellent music and humour. YEAH, BABY!

MONDAY - Heroes
TUESDAY - House, 90210
WEDNESDAY - Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones
THURSDAY - Grey's Anatomy

Man, I canNOT catch a break. Especially on Wednesdays.

Educational Blurb: Note that these shows (except SNL) are in primetime slots on WEEKDAYS. That's because the majority of their target audience is out partying on Fridays and weekends.

I've been exposed to so many different bands just by watching these shows. One of the bands is Unkle Bob. I first heard their song, "Swans" from Grey's Anatomy and then another, "Put a Record on" from Girl Next Door. There are another two songs which I also recommend, "The Hit Parade" and "Hold It Down".

Which brings me to question my interests and Deng's interests. I'd always thought because we grew up together and experienced new events together, we would have similar interests. But I guess not because Deng seems to not give a fuck about what music I listen to or what I'm watching (and I'm using "fuck" nonchalantly, not negatively). It's so hard to get her to watch Heroes (for instance). Look at it this way. I'm a computer connected to the WWW and is attempting to connect to Deng but she had to go and install a Firewall and block incoming connections from me.


Empty pockets  

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I'm so broke, I couldn't pay for my photocopy prints.

I got hired  

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So Scope International a.k.a Standard Chartered finally called and they want me to go for training on Oct 6th. That's two weeks away. Should have ample time to fix my sleeping patterns and clear my face off blemishes and whatnot. Maybe lose a little weight around the love handles too. Some orovo maybe?

Anyhoo, I feel a bit reluctant to accept the job. It took so long for them to confirm us (Nicole and I) that just a while ago, before I got the offer, I was sitting here thinking about how I kind of not want to do this anymore. I can't help but wonder if the negativity from all the people around me (on this job) is making me feel this way. Maybe I should just suck it up and be a man about it. Do it for the money, bitch!

And then now I have to go take some pictures for HR. That's going to cost about Rm12, photocopy some things, then drive to Bukit Jalil and get lost.

All of a sudden, I feel incredibly upset and demotivated. Boo hoo.

Gotta love C&H:
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I love Troy. I swear.  

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Big foot

No animals were harmed in the production of this photo.

That's enough perversion for one day  

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I don't know much about him.

He doesn't reveal much except for his horrible English and horniness.

His screen name is a stock name; general names.

He's probably psychotic.

He's compiled two blogs of pretty blogger chicks; a mini biography.

It's like a menu for online sexual predators to choose from really.

If I could ask him one question, it would be this: Do you jack off to their pictures?

Ps. I've decided not to shovel my own grave so I didn't include links or pictures. Sod it. This post was inspired by Cathy's post. You can find the link at her blog.

Michelle Monaghan is hot.  

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Congratulations as you've been selected as the lucky few to catch the
Premiere of Eagle Eye next coming Thursday!

Yay, me!

Now, who wants to go with me?!

SP - Las Vegas Hotels  

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What do you think of when you see "las vegas hotels"?
Bellagio? MGM Grand? Luxor? Yeah, most probably. Me too.
It's a no-brainer that they spend millions, if not, billions, on ONE hotel. In fact, because it's prime realty in LV, they bulldoze hotels and build new ones on top.
Because they spend so much money, you can bet your boxers that it's going to be something huge and mind-blowing. Just look through Flickr for these hotels!
But I have heard of rooms with the basic amenities and having nothing special. Well, that's because they want you to get outta your room and go down to the slots.

This was brought to you by i4vegas.

SP - Car Insurance  

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Would you know what to do in the event of a motor vehicle collision?
I'm not really sure myself. But I would get the following information: mofo's number plate, name, address & IC, insurance cover and phone number. But then again, I don't know what my insurance cover is. Heck, I don't even know how an insurance cover looks like.

Which brings me to car insurance. From what I think I understand, if you ain't got it, you ain't gettin' on the road. Totally understandable. Don't want to get hit by or hit someone and not have insurance to claim, would'ya?

This was brought to you by Insure.

Child of a packrat  

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AH HA! I am indeed my father's child! ... And my grampa's, grandchild!

I never gave thought on where my hermitish tendencies came from but at dinner today, I found out. Turns out, it's from my Grampa. Which might I add, my Dad also has. Lazy to go out lah, save money lah. All that, y'know?

Truth be told, I got lots from my Dad and Grampa. Both are pack rats; so am I. Both like stability; so do I. Both like to tinker with things; so do I (except I tend to break stuff more often).

Rebonding equals higher temperatures?  

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I think the rebonding increases the temperature of my scalp.
I took a nap just now and I woke up because my head was just burning! The distance between each strand is probably smaller now compared to when I had scruffy hair. Compact!

Dooood, I look like a sweet girl. Gah...  

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My new hairdo has diminished whatever angst I emit by dynamic proportions.

At least I had some sort of vibe when I tried on the dress (for a wedding dinner) yesterday. Now, I look like a sweet girl. Blech.

My hair looks a bit like Fann Wong's here...

Anyhoo, this being my first rebonding, I'm a bit taken aback by how drastic my hair's changed. Mostly cause I didn't see The Frizzies!! Holy heck. But that also means my hot looking natural hair (I really think so lor) is no more.

Actually, it's not that bad if we really want to get down to pros and cons. I have a ridiculously straight fringe; something that I've always wanted because mine tends to swirl like my Dad's. And then there's the "spring effect" which is cool because if my hair's messed up, all I have to do is flip it down and up and my hair is reverted back to its original style. How cool is that? I suppose I could even ride on the back of a truck and not worry about my hair looking like a bomb blew up in front of me.

Ps. For some reason, when I first saw my hair, I was reminded of Cathy.


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Dress for wedding dinner: CHECK!

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson. SUCCESS!  

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Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Damn chick-in-pic, kacau aje.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Done! With the customary almost-stuck-my-fingers-together-with-super-glue shit.
It was pretty challenging at first because I've never ever finished kits like this before mostly because I break them trying to get them out of their slots and also because they were my brother's. Whoopsie.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
It was painstaking. My thumb's a bit tender right now.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Now what? A paint-job, perhaps? But how?

Oh and I made my own white backdrop for this mini-shoot :)
With 6 A4 papers, PVC pipe and sticky tape nonetheless. I don't know why I didn't just go out and buy a manila card instead.

RAM: More ain't best  

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Just something I want to mention to whoever who doesn't know this. When you upgrade your PC's memory, bigger doesn't mean better. I found that upgrading to 4gb of computer memory on Vista, while nice, isn't worth the money. That's because it's only capable of reading 3gb of memory. While your laptop has all the memory it would need that extra 1gb you spent is not doing anything. Nada, zilch, nyet *always wanted to say that*.

This was brought to you by

Pulau Ketam: Pictures  

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Go to my flickr page to see the rest of my pictures.

Pulau Ketam: not exactly a tourist attraction but it has some sort of historical value for the Teochews and Hokkeins.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

Travelling is a pain if you aren't going to drive to Port Klang.

From Asia Jaya, I took the LRT to Central KL (Rm2), switched trains to KTM Commuter heading for Port Klang (Rm5) and took a ferry to the island (Rm7). That journey took 2 hours and more. I've never been on the KTM before.


It's so weird because at times when it's running, it'll suddenly "lose power" and when almost to a stop, it starts back up.

Empty Carriage

It didn't occur to me that I shouldn't attract attention because I went and brought the hugest lens I had.
Luckily, the guys (I went with) lent me some of their lenses.

I used a 50mm prime for the first time: having no autofocus and zoom is like being challenged to down a pizza that doesn't have enough cheese and pizza sauce.

There were lots of bicycles (what with the narrow pavement and all) so it felt a bit like one of the fishing villages I was in, in Kuala Selangor.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

I tried to capture shots of PEOPLE but it didn't really work out with a 70-300mm and a 50mm; I was either too close to compose or too slow to focus. I did try, I swear. The closest thing to a human I took of was a dog.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

By the way, I decided to explore the filters in PS so there are more drastic edits involved compared to previous photos.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

Go to my flickr page to see the rest of my pictures.

I'm supposed to have uninterrupted sleep, damn it!  

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I slept at 6.30am and I'm now awake at 10am??

I can't seem to go back to sleep.. Deng's alarm, surprisingly, woke me instead of her, at 9am. Then I had the urge to pee and woke up at 10am and now I can't effing go back to bed!

Back to editing the batch of Pulau Ketam pictures!

I suppose if I don't fall asleep while editing the photos they should be up soon.

Going off into the sunset  

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I'm going to take some photos now that it's finally stopped raining *and Mother Nature says, "For now."*

Be right back... *crash* Zzzzzz  

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I'm home from the Ketam Island shoot. Took tons of pictures and walked almost the entire village.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

But first, I need to sleep. Not getting any sleep the night before doesn't help.

Dedicated to my beloved sister  

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It's an inside joke. I don't know if I blogged about it. Don't think I did though since I couldn't find anything.

Look! Batman!

You have a backlit naked person with a towel who's seen lots of Batman tapes and an unsuspecting audience in a room. What does she do?

She flashed me when I wasn't looking.

My first cavity. COOL.  

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I'm going for a photoshoot on Sunday at 8am in Pulau Ketam. Anybody interested, you are totally welcomed to come join.

Dental Visit

I just came back from the dentist alive. And very happy XD
No, he did not gas me.

Dr. Yap is like the nicest guy lah. He even let Deng suck liquid from my mouth while he cleaned my teeth.

I finally got my FIRST cavity. Like, it took 20 years for me to get one. Memorable, indeed.

Dr. T.K. Yap's clinic is in SS2, just beside Yee's Craft Shop (same row as Poh Kong).


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.. this month's cycle hurts like a bitch.

Camp Rock? How 'bout Camp Suck My Brains Out. Pronto.  

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I decided to watch Camp Rock cause it looked interesting but by the 4th minute, I was dying a slow death.

Generally, I enjoy Disney movies despite its clichéd elements but this one was brim-full with clichés and bullshit, what with the peer pressure and queen bitches, that it became all too familiar. *lightbulb* Oh right, High School Musical. No surprise there. Sure, jump on the money making bandwagon of high school numbnuts singing and dancing. And you know what? At least HSM had a queen bitch that looked like a queen bitch. The one in Camp Rock looked like a girl scout who sold cookies to raise money for the animals.

The plot was incredulous. Many a times, I found myself going, "Seriously?!".
Consciously, I told myself that it was stupid and that I should turn the damned thing off but subconsciously, I was curious to see what other stupid things the story would introduce.

I don't know why I keep torturing myself.

But I came to my senses when I figured my thoughts would make a better entry than an experience of watching this pre-teen movie and succumbing to its mind-numbing, oh-so-familiar, storyline. Hallelujah.

Know that I am not the movie's intended target audience and that I am way pass the phase of materialistic delusions of rock stardom and notions of teen hierarchy. Little wonder I found the movie, childish, to say the least.

Ah, what profound discovery.

SP - Ladybug steam cleaners  

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Someone used to tell me that it would be nice to have steam cleaners. At that time, I was all, "what's a steam cleaner, dude?" Today, I saw Ladybug steam cleaners. Dude, that's so cute. Come to think of it, it would be pretty useful. You save space, in a way. Save the hassle of pulling the ironing board out and plugging the iron in. Then there's a less severe wound if an iron were to fall on your foot and all that. Except if you get burned, it'll hurt even more than an old-school iron. But see, that's only for ironing. You can use the steam cleaner for so much more, like cleaning the floor and the curtains. Great for people with allergies!

This was brought to you by Allergy Buyers Club.


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I just had the smoothest Tau Foo Fah ever.

I feel like a kid again  

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horse tablet

Drawn ala Tablet Pen.

Imma cruisin' in a red van  

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I just took a ride around DJ in a red van, looking for an emaciated stray.

Deng said she saw it at 7pm and we should go feed it. I think what made her want to do it was because the dog looked like Mika; her boyfriend's, pet. Or maybe I set a good example two years ago. Teehee.

Well, we didn't find the pup. So we might get up at 7am tomorrow and try and find it.

Also, if any of you decides to feed a starving cat or dog, don't be tempted to feed it a humongous meal the first time. You're supposed to feed it 15-20% of what you would normally feed a dog/cat of that size every 30 minutes. Or feed it a small meal every 6 hours (4 times a day). It's diet should contain fat, Omega 3 and 6, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and some other minerals.