Camp Rock? How 'bout Camp Suck My Brains Out. Pronto.  

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I decided to watch Camp Rock cause it looked interesting but by the 4th minute, I was dying a slow death.

Generally, I enjoy Disney movies despite its clichéd elements but this one was brim-full with clichés and bullshit, what with the peer pressure and queen bitches, that it became all too familiar. *lightbulb* Oh right, High School Musical. No surprise there. Sure, jump on the money making bandwagon of high school numbnuts singing and dancing. And you know what? At least HSM had a queen bitch that looked like a queen bitch. The one in Camp Rock looked like a girl scout who sold cookies to raise money for the animals.

The plot was incredulous. Many a times, I found myself going, "Seriously?!".
Consciously, I told myself that it was stupid and that I should turn the damned thing off but subconsciously, I was curious to see what other stupid things the story would introduce.

I don't know why I keep torturing myself.

But I came to my senses when I figured my thoughts would make a better entry than an experience of watching this pre-teen movie and succumbing to its mind-numbing, oh-so-familiar, storyline. Hallelujah.

Know that I am not the movie's intended target audience and that I am way pass the phase of materialistic delusions of rock stardom and notions of teen hierarchy. Little wonder I found the movie, childish, to say the least.

Ah, what profound discovery.

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didn't aware of this movie la. the story line so sucks meh?

The usual lah... peer pressure, wanting to fit in, singing and dancing.... pooi.

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