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It's an inside joke. I don't know if I blogged about it. Don't think I did though since I couldn't find anything.

Look! Batman!

You have a backlit naked person with a towel who's seen lots of Batman tapes and an unsuspecting audience in a room. What does she do?

She flashed me when I wasn't looking.



u should be more alert then haha.. pretend not looking at her.. then can see when she *flash flash* ahahaha

please excuse me, i don't get the joke la. lol

the naked person is teing?

Yes the naked person is Teing. She actually said, "Look! Batman!".

You were supposed to look at the damn wall IN FRONT of you!! Not turn back at me!!!

HAHAHAH this is funny. next time show me lah Teing hahaha

sean   says 7:01 am


messy lessy   says 1:49 am

haaahaaa.. look batman my your ass! HAHA!

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