Dooood, I look like a sweet girl. Gah...  

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My new hairdo has diminished whatever angst I emit by dynamic proportions.

At least I had some sort of vibe when I tried on the dress (for a wedding dinner) yesterday. Now, I look like a sweet girl. Blech.

My hair looks a bit like Fann Wong's here...

Anyhoo, this being my first rebonding, I'm a bit taken aback by how drastic my hair's changed. Mostly cause I didn't see The Frizzies!! Holy heck. But that also means my hot looking natural hair (I really think so lor) is no more.

Actually, it's not that bad if we really want to get down to pros and cons. I have a ridiculously straight fringe; something that I've always wanted because mine tends to swirl like my Dad's. And then there's the "spring effect" which is cool because if my hair's messed up, all I have to do is flip it down and up and my hair is reverted back to its original style. How cool is that? I suppose I could even ride on the back of a truck and not worry about my hair looking like a bomb blew up in front of me.

Ps. For some reason, when I first saw my hair, I was reminded of Cathy.


wah..u had rebonding?

good la. no more frizzy hair. nicer to touch and take care of.

very the beginning, ur fringe sure looks damn straight wan. later on, it will be natural and nice! =) dun worry!

u had wanna see!!come

eh ehh..didnt see the last line...straight hairs remind u of me..aww..but mine is curly now..gonna cut it short...hehe

Luckily I did it 4 days before the dinner man.. if not will look damn weird lor!

Oi! Exam no more already ah?! Go study lah.

Don't cut too short ah. Not unless you look really good in it okay.

i dont know eh...will go and cut with DENG i think..

Yeah, she mentioned.

like fann wong..haha

What la. Very funny meh...?

OMG.. i cant imagine u having same hair style as fann wong.. =S

no rocker liao!

WEI! Stop criticizing my hair lah. Just wait two more days and you'll see *waves fist*

hair style looks like fann wong. nice wett.

they no-eye-sight la. =D

Lesbone   says 12:37 am

Thats why! When i heard you doing rebonding, er , so not you. Lol. But i've got to see this. Heh. Ffk me so you can have straight fluffy hair. Tsk tsk.

hahaha.. hwey hwey..
i wanna see too~ LOL
*can't wait*

The hair is coming along nicely. It looks a tad more "natural" now.

I know right?!
Suddenly my mum say, do rebonding lah. Then I thought, "Oh, no frizz. Sounds nice." And also I was never really sure about what rebonding really was so I didn't foresee how it would change my whole look.

Sim Oi:
20th transportation how?

Waa... For me??? *touched*

haha.. sim ai or sam oi lar.. wat sim oi pulak... haha..
oh, will in my bro's car.. u all leh?
and i dunno what to wear leh.. (supposed to wear) haha.. :S

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