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Dress for wedding dinner: CHECK!


HAHAHAHAHAAA... wearing dress huh... shoe leh? not sneakers hor?

u called roberta to confirm yet?

sean   says 7:08 am

yerr so nice..i also want to go...

Hey! I just might wear sneakers okay!
#2: Hide my ugly toes.
#3: Lift my spirits.
#4: Different.

I'm sure you will have friends marrying wan lah. You're about that age liao ma.

Go get a pedi mai kao tim la!

I get pedi need to pay how much you tell me.. I wear sneakers, FREE.

dress with sneakers... u wan be like miriam yeung meh lol.. summor now u straighten ur hair edi, look damn weird wan lor

respect the occasion la.

wear sneakers with dress, might as well wear jeans and shirt only. -.-

but can't imagine, u are wearing a pair of heels. will pk or not leh?

will tend to pk.

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