Imma cruisin' in a red van  

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I just took a ride around DJ in a red van, looking for an emaciated stray.

Deng said she saw it at 7pm and we should go feed it. I think what made her want to do it was because the dog looked like Mika; her boyfriend's, pet. Or maybe I set a good example two years ago. Teehee.

Well, we didn't find the pup. So we might get up at 7am tomorrow and try and find it.

Also, if any of you decides to feed a starving cat or dog, don't be tempted to feed it a humongous meal the first time. You're supposed to feed it 15-20% of what you would normally feed a dog/cat of that size every 30 minutes. Or feed it a small meal every 6 hours (4 times a day). It's diet should contain fat, Omega 3 and 6, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and some other minerals.


What? I can't feed a stray out of the kindness of my heart?

I don't think you would've if it wasn't a little more related to you. It's like marketing ma, make product more relevant to market so they'll accept it.

You seriously tai sui me until like that meh...

Based on your reactions to my hamsters... yeah.

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