Michelle Monaghan is hot.  

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Congratulations as you've been selected as the lucky few to catch the
Premiere of Eagle Eye next coming Thursday!

Yay, me!

Now, who wants to go with me?!


i wanna watch Eagle Eye too!!!

bring me along la. how many premiere tickets you have? *winks*

Only 2 la.

if start work on monday how to go ah?

Thursday night. And you said you'd bring me!

i want to go ><

You didn't seem like you wanted to go really.

only 2 ar? *sad*

have u decide who to bring yet?

Okay, I *did* ask Deng first, so I'll have to follow up on that.

If she doesn't end up going, I'll draw my date from a bag. Gotta love probabilities eh?

put my names more in your bag la. haha

higher probability ar..=)

sean   says 5:14 am


i dun think i can go lah got class.. sure late wan..
i dowan be 害群之马 lol

Okay, Nicole is out of the race.
*Priority still goes to Deng right now.

lesbo   says 4:59 pm

hmm.. keke hwey.. me..you know... mee... what priority deng all.. me..come on now... ME!!!! Your good fren... always sponsor u this and that... jangan lupa..lol

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