My first cavity. COOL.  

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Dental Visit

I just came back from the dentist alive. And very happy XD
No, he did not gas me.

Dr. Yap is like the nicest guy lah. He even let Deng suck liquid from my mouth while he cleaned my teeth.

I finally got my FIRST cavity. Like, it took 20 years for me to get one. Memorable, indeed.

Dr. T.K. Yap's clinic is in SS2, just beside Yee's Craft Shop (same row as Poh Kong).


LOL... u've got a berry nice face....

Haha, good one.

wah u really have to put those faces there?

strawberry face some more. o.O

and piggy face for teing? you ar..

sean   says 6:49 am

haha...i hate dentists!! hate the drilling...nggeeeeeee...ngeeee...ngeeeee

I thought mosaic was boring ma.

Dr. Yap is a nice guy leh... It's just the machines and stuff. But all that is okay when you have super clean teeth.

did u have a lot of blood flooded out?

i did once, and my gums were all hurt. and my mouth is full of blood. Errrrrr....

Hahaha, i like the feel after that. Feels like...emptiness...

Cleaning will definitely make your gums bleed because its trying to remove the tartar from the teeth that's adjoined to the gums.
Why your dentist didn't ask you to gargle then continue again meh?

Jason O:
Clean teeth like emptiness huh?... That's new...

Eeeee.. Gross. Imagine someone choking in a mouthful of blood.

got la. still after that, got blood again. OMG! i felt weak after that. but of course, the feeling is very nice la.

macam damn clean. lol

Yeah, I tasted blood in my mouth after the cleaning... but slowly it was gone. Maybe not enough vitamin c or something.

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