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Pulau Ketam: not exactly a tourist attraction but it has some sort of historical value for the Teochews and Hokkeins.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

Travelling is a pain if you aren't going to drive to Port Klang.

From Asia Jaya, I took the LRT to Central KL (Rm2), switched trains to KTM Commuter heading for Port Klang (Rm5) and took a ferry to the island (Rm7). That journey took 2 hours and more. I've never been on the KTM before.


It's so weird because at times when it's running, it'll suddenly "lose power" and when almost to a stop, it starts back up.

Empty Carriage

It didn't occur to me that I shouldn't attract attention because I went and brought the hugest lens I had.
Luckily, the guys (I went with) lent me some of their lenses.

I used a 50mm prime for the first time: having no autofocus and zoom is like being challenged to down a pizza that doesn't have enough cheese and pizza sauce.

There were lots of bicycles (what with the narrow pavement and all) so it felt a bit like one of the fishing villages I was in, in Kuala Selangor.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

I tried to capture shots of PEOPLE but it didn't really work out with a 70-300mm and a 50mm; I was either too close to compose or too slow to focus. I did try, I swear. The closest thing to a human I took of was a dog.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

By the way, I decided to explore the filters in PS so there are more drastic edits involved compared to previous photos.

(Pulau Ketam) Crab Island

Go to my flickr page to see the rest of my pictures.


sean   says 10:59 pm

ive been there. dirty as hell. smelly.


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