RAM: More ain't best  

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Just something I want to mention to whoever who doesn't know this. When you upgrade your PC's memory, bigger doesn't mean better. I found that upgrading to 4gb of computer memory on Vista, while nice, isn't worth the money. That's because it's only capable of reading 3gb of memory. While your laptop has all the memory it would need that extra 1gb you spent is not doing anything. Nada, zilch, nyet *always wanted to say that*.

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Jasonmumbles   says 4:30 am

Hmm, then can some one explain the 4G that I am seeing on my control panel system tab?

When you fix a 4GB, it will recognize 3.5GB only, if not mistaken. Through some tweaking, you can make it to read 4GB.

u gotto get ur facts rite...google more..xp doesnt read 4 gb..but u can make it to use..just need a patch. For vista..it does use up the extra 1 gb..n it should show..if not just patch it.google up for a solution :)

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