Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson. SUCCESS!  

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Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Damn chick-in-pic, kacau aje.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Done! With the customary almost-stuck-my-fingers-together-with-super-glue shit.
It was pretty challenging at first because I've never ever finished kits like this before mostly because I break them trying to get them out of their slots and also because they were my brother's. Whoopsie.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
It was painstaking. My thumb's a bit tender right now.

Wooden Model Kit: Harley Davidson
Now what? A paint-job, perhaps? But how?

Oh and I made my own white backdrop for this mini-shoot :)
With 6 A4 papers, PVC pipe and sticky tape nonetheless. I don't know why I didn't just go out and buy a manila card instead.


lesboner   says 3:29 am

clap clap clap... u managed to solve a wooden 3d puzzle...

very innovative..

the back drop i mean...

he.. hee...

help me look for stuff to make my keyboard..heh..it will be (quote the great barnacle) legen--wait for it---and i hope you're not lactose intolerant---dairy!!!

*blog high five*

fuck im sleepy

so this is how u spent ur time at home lahh... no wonder always dun come out

Hahahaha... legendairy... *snorts*
Who's the Great Barnacle anyway?

And OMG lah!! Why you write lesBONER for...
Been looking at some Leona Lewis pictures have you? *how to do eyebrow nudging emoticon ah?*

I don't do this everyday also.. most times are spent on the computer. Should've studied computer science or something.

computer science cant get much career advance wan.. pay damn low summor.. what for lol.. mass comm better haha

Hahaha, I feel much better now.

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