Yay for American television!  

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Pent up sexual desires, illegal substances, dead and disgustingly gory bodies, super Sci-fi powers, excellent music and humour. YEAH, BABY!

MONDAY - Heroes
TUESDAY - House, 90210
WEDNESDAY - Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones
THURSDAY - Grey's Anatomy

Man, I canNOT catch a break. Especially on Wednesdays.

Educational Blurb: Note that these shows (except SNL) are in primetime slots on WEEKDAYS. That's because the majority of their target audience is out partying on Fridays and weekends.

I've been exposed to so many different bands just by watching these shows. One of the bands is Unkle Bob. I first heard their song, "Swans" from Grey's Anatomy and then another, "Put a Record on" from Girl Next Door. There are another two songs which I also recommend, "The Hit Parade" and "Hold It Down".

Which brings me to question my interests and Deng's interests. I'd always thought because we grew up together and experienced new events together, we would have similar interests. But I guess not because Deng seems to not give a fuck about what music I listen to or what I'm watching (and I'm using "fuck" nonchalantly, not negatively). It's so hard to get her to watch Heroes (for instance). Look at it this way. I'm a computer connected to the WWW and is attempting to connect to Deng but she had to go and install a Firewall and block incoming connections from me.



i love dirty sexy money!!!

that show is boring la. I watched three eps and deleted the damn thing. I wanna watch private practice la hwey..

i want dirty sexy money..

no deng u watch then after that nice liao..

You watch tv la.. it's already airing.

No love for Entourage?

Ah, unfortch, no... I watched an ep and wasn't hooked. :)

Sometimes I just don't pay attention to the songs la. I like the Travis songs you got. Unkle Bob don't remember already. What's-her-first-name Pogue also not bad. But then thesongs I listen too long then sien already. So I have to turn off awhile. Now I like retro. hahAhaha

I want GA, Heroes and Pushing daises! Dammit la. i can't download anything over here. i go get from you guys when i come back kay?

And I totally get the whole music thing. It is the main reason why I watch One Tree Hill. Plus the drama la.

Anyone who wants them please bring along an external HDD for entire seasons. And for some reason I deleted GA Season 1-3/4 and Heroes Season 1 (maybe).

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