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I checked MAS' in-flight movie catalogue and found that I've seen at least 50% of the movies they're offering, that I would watch.

I'll update when I can....


Google Maps. Use it  

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It's the best thing since peanut butter and chocolate and it's free. You should be shot for not using it.

Shoot a mother humpin' moose!  

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A quick search on Innit showed that not a lot of people blog about Saturday Night Live. Does it mean that you don't watch SNL too? I don't know. All I can say is that YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

They have the funniest shit on that show! I laughed my guts out and my tear ducts dry just a while ago with one segment involving Amy Poehler and Sarah Palin.

Here's a transcript of the skit.

The Palin Rap

SP - Diet Pills Review Site  

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There's one thing I try to avoid taking if I can help it -- pills.
I have this fear of possible side effects like obesity, vitamin deficiency or *GASPS*, flatulence!

But, if anything, you could always check websites from consumer groups on products you're researching. There's this one site where they tell you what it does, how it does it, effectiveness and side effects. I think it's a great website if you're looking at diet pills like the alli weight loss pill.

This was brought to you by Consumer Price Watch.

Takai shoes... shoes I can't afford  

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I was always uninterested in Clarks shoes when I was younger and I tended not to walk through their departments in Jusco because their branding wasn't appealing to me.

This isn't an entry about how I, miraculously, went ga-ga over their shoes. No, this is me taking another step into embracing my womanhood.
Jebus, I felt a shudder just saying that. Honestly, I don't even know what brand my existing heels are; those, oh-so painful, heels.

Anyhow, to me, Clarks seem pretty luxurious; not fashionably luxurious but aristocratically luxurious. There's this aura about them that reminds me of the tea-sipping and horse-riding English aristocrats: they're not exactly Royal but they live the commoner's lifestyle, luxuriously.
Their designs are never quite dominatrix slutty but more woman-next-door slutty. Not quite for teens... which explains why I didn't bother with them before. But I went browsing just now and saw some nice ones, bit pricey though.

I'm really just writing this because I can't get myself to pack.
By the way, takai means expensive.

I'm gonna need Wikipedia for this  

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Umm, has anyone seen the railway map for Greater Tokyo? I think I'm going to need a GPS to navigate.

Note that this is only for the Greater Tokyo area, which consists of the Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures. Most of you might not know where that is so why don't you go ahead and wiki it. Wikipedia is your friend.

JR east railway map

Can you say, complicated?

Japan rocks.

I can now keep 5000 pictures. Yay!  

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So before heading off to the Land of the Snappy Happy Tourists, The Mum and I went out and bought an 8gb memory card which turned out to be even more of a chore than I thought. Well, if you want to look for a good deal, you have to work for it.

And then we went to 1u and bought beanies and socks which made me realize all my hairstyles suck because Deng looked good in everything she tried on. Biatch.

I think I shouldn't be so afraid of becoming a lil more feminine. Thing is, if someone caught me wearing a skirt, imagine her reaction: so annoying right? But I'm not saying I'm going to wear a skirt. Something else, maybe.

My Nihon-go is pretty much non-existent  

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EGADS, I'm leaving in 12 days!

So... do you say "ka" in "Doko desu ka"?

It's like suicide, not having a laptop with me during those weeks.
Anybody willing to exchange phones for a month? Wifi enabled phones only. Please and thank you. *coughlesterareyoureadingthiscough*

God bless Japan and their beautiful autumn colours! Snappy-happy!
See you guys in a month.

To Lesbo,
Would you download these shows for me while I'm gone, pwease?

MONDAY - Heroes
TUESDAY - House, 90210
WEDNESDAY - Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones, Knight Rider
THURSDAY - Grey's Anatomy

I need a puppy to love  

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Everything around me feels like its crumbling; at least, from where I'm standing.

And finally, it's not about me not getting what I want, it's about trying to keep my word.

Yerr, why you NANG your own posts wan?  

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So I was on Innit looking at some of the more popular posts, clicked on one to its Innit page and GASPS, the writer (hereonin known as P) nanged his/her own post! Then, out of curiosity, I decided to check on some of P's older posts and WADDAYA KNOW!
*a NANG equals to a thumbs up, on Innit

What happened to integrity and humility?
Why do you feel the need to have to nang your own posts? A bit cheap, no?

It's a blog eat blog world out there.
Everyone's too caught up fighting for a piece of the pie that they disregard the fundamentals of being a person.

Perhaps I am naive to believe that we should be honest even if competition looms over our heads but how do you think this reflects on you as a person?

Now, don't go saying it's just for fun and that I shouldn't take this seriously because I think it just means disrespect to the developer. It's as though current ideas about the project is drifting away from its intended objective. Like, rearing a fuzzy bunny for EVIL, instead of LOVE. It feels wrong.

Goodbye, Land of the Free *SOB*  

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Two months after I applied to IUB (USA) and one day after I applied to Purdue University (USA), Mum summoned me to talk about considering Curtin (AUS) instead. Again.
I realize this puts my 'Curtin can suck IUB's balls' post to shame but IUB is a better school.

With the Aussie Dollar dropping faster than you can say, 'Crikey, no snow in Aussie', we would be saving Rm200k on fees, compared to the Dollar which despite the economic turmoil, is increasing. So if I really wanted to blame someone for this, it would be the Bush Administration.

Of course, all this is like a sucker punch to my dreams of being able to find more than 100 brands of breakfast cereals on a shelf. And then there's all that effort put in for research and a whole month gone just to wait for one stupid outline.

Well, whatever it is, I'm pretty sure Rm200k outweighs anything, at this point.

Now, if only I can remember what my declared major was for Curtin.

Patek Phillipe  

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It's a so-close-yet-so-far relationship with me and watches. I tend to somehow damage them. But of course, this is only based on experience on ONE watch and a slightly expensive one at that. So, in order to stop myself from damaging more, I've stopped wearing watches for a few years now. But this doesn't make me blase about watches. Elegant ones get longer stares *wink*. Up-scale timepieces like Patek Philippe get twice as long, the stare. Why? Because it's so desirable that royalty (like Queen Victoria) wore them. Of course, this watch is there for people like me only to look at. The cheapest piece is going for USD11.5k!

This was brought to you by Finest Watches.

That blardy field in that SPM slip  

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Does anybody know what this means?



It's in your SPM slip, right beside KOD DAFTAR. I have to translate it into English but I have no clue what JEN is. Help?

UPDATE: Crikey! Does it mean JENAYAH DAHULU (Previous Convictions)?

No Tanya Chua makes me sad...  

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I've used up two blank CD-Rs to burn an MP3 CD but they keep skipping when played with the CD Player.
I found some causes of skipping depended on the specs of your computer, media, software and speed.
I've lowered the speed to 4x, tried Nero 6 & 7, CD Burner XP, Roxio and this is a Vista Home Premium, 2gb, 1.73ghz lappie. I'm using an EMTEC CD.

How do I stop the skipping??

RC virgin no more, bitchez!  

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Awesome possum!

After fixing the wheel and getting the batteries, I now have a functioning RC Vroom Vroom! This calls for a spin in the park tomorrow! Okay, maybe porch. I'm not much of an outdoorsmen.

*The RC's on loan from Lesbo.

The YES man  

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Is there nothing more intelligent than "yes" in your vocabulary?
If that forum was run by a point system, I would've thought you were artificially inflating your post count.






5 responses (in one page out of nine) pertaining to NOTHING but agreement.
Is this person really that shallow??

Just cause you were voted by some of the active dwellers as Most Participative, doesn't mean you have to be constantly there... Everywhere.

Why did they even vote for him/her as participative?
Being participative means providing constructive input to the conversation or topic.

Try holding a conversation with this person:

"Wow, the weather's great!"

"lolz, yea 8) 8) 8)"
"yea :D :D :D"
*awkward silence*
"Soooooo, your Mum doing fine?"
"yea, of cos she is 8) 8) 8) 8)"
"lolz, yea :D :D :D :D"
"yup 8) 8) 8) 8)"

Yeah, I can see how he/she would make a great conversationalist.

Comedy with "substance"!  

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Can you write a movie review without including spoilers?

I know one... okay, maybe two... persons who are notorious for writing reviews while happily exposing scenes from just-released movies.

No matter how crappy or great it is, do you really have to tell us what happened.... specifically?

Boy, I'm really blurting out my frustrations this month.

Thanks to Nuffnang, I had the opportunity to watch a special screening of The House Bunny.

House Bunny Poster

It's a typical, comedic and bimbotic flick but true to most Happy Madison productions, it eventually redeems itself with the notion that it's what inside there that counts (read: You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Click, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry).

The movie introduces pretty new blood like Katherine McPhee, Rumer Willis and Emma Stone, who may I say, bears a frightening resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. But really, she's a natural blonde. Rumer Willis didn't do too bad a job on this. I was honestly surprised because I expected another Paris Hilton-esque performance.

House Bunny Snapshot

You know how some trailers expose too much of the funny scenes just to entice you to watch and eventually sucked when you actually see the whole thing? Garfield 2 comes to mind.
Anyhow, the trailer for House Bunny is packed with humour but they had a little more up their sleeves, so you won't be disappointed. Although, it's always unfortunate that scenes were excluded from the final cut. Yep, there were some relatively raunchy scenes and some pretty harmless ones too that were absent. I'm sure if you looked somewhere, you'll find them eventually.

I would say this is suitable for ages 12 and above.
I suppose 7 year olds won't understand the infatuation of boys with raging hormones toward dolled up girls or at the very least, they would find it revolting.

Or I could've just said, "House Bunny was great! Go watch it" and saved you all the trouble.

Oh, I'm just dropping by... *SMACK*!  

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Why is it that people can't seem to post messages without their URLs attached?
Stop being so desperate can? Very annoying leh.

And while we're on the topic of annoyance, stop saying you're "DROPPING BY" and subsequently pasting your URL all over with the hope that some blind moron clicks it. It just shows how insincere and conniving you are. Because text on the Internet is so easy to plagiarise, it's unfortunate for those who truly want to socialize. But hey, to separate yourselves from all the other ad-whores, why don't you leave a comment for a post. I'm pretty sure you can include your URL there instead.

All this blog traffic shit is making people forget the essence of socializing. Does meeting people not mean anything anymore? You don't pick your nose and ogle hot chicks during a first date do you?
That's all it is. Learn your manners.
What do you think this tells the blogger whose chatbox is filled with superficial messages like "hey, just dropping by...[URL]"?

It's more likely that they would reciprocate by visiting your blog if you actually said something RELEVANT.

I swear, it's my hormones talking.

Dull-witted conversations between siblings  

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I wandered into the message history between The Bro and I on Messenger.
Found some really funny stuff on there.

The Bro:
[Writer], the misguided youth?
thats so true

Writer, the misguided youth:
i guess that's why i do drugs and curse like a mofo... *pops an M&M*

Making a Video Call to The Bro...
The Bro has answered your call.

The Bro:
happy bday wor

ive grown up... ive got boobs

The Bro:
omg la

this is so corny
and weird

The Bro:
ya lo

(Writer's notes: I suspect the following is from Deng)

see Writer?

The Bro:
didnt see o

she hit her head the other day and thinks she's someone else

(Writer's notes: makes me wonder what I was up to then)

poke your eye

(Writer's notes: the eye poking thing is so RANDOM, it's FUNNY)

hmm... i look so much cuter in the [MSN] display pic..

(Writer's notes: referring to this picture)

The Bro:
how u know its u
perasan ...

Deng says is me lo...

The Bro:
rolls eyes

the eyes la... can see its mine

The Bro:
i think the eyes is teing...bottom face is u

and im frowning... totally me

The Bro:
ya wor
but maybe the sunlight too bright le

the eyes ! its me la

The Bro:
i also frowning a bit ma
the eyes i think is teing la

what shit is this
i go ask mum

(Writer's notes: turns out, my Mum didn't know either)

(Writer's notes: it was snowing in Iowa then)

send pick-cha!

The Bro:
i got no camera wor
jz imagine a snow crystal ball thingy
when you shake then its filled with white dots everywhere falling down
thats how its like now
getting stronger somemore
like a lot of dandruff falling down

(Writer: could he have been any more anticlimactic?)

aunt and family is here.

The Bro:
oh i see
was it easy to find the way to the house

dunno.. i havent went downstairs... playing with my new toy

The Bro:
a vibrator?
what toy

wah... i tell mummy!

The Bro:
damn that was so sisterly

no duh... cuz im your sister wert..
damn.. i want some sushi..

(Writer's notes: I have a feeling I was suffering from a mild case of ADD back then)

The Bro:
what about your clothes?

oh.. those i wanted to buy from forever 21
they dont ship to msia so the ideal was to send it to you and you can play dress up and then you can bring it back to msia after you're done

The Bro:
sorry cant happen lar

you pity me la.. my womanly hormones are finally working and you dont want to help me

you alone?

The Bro:

cuz im going to flash you

The Bro: