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Can you write a movie review without including spoilers?

I know one... okay, maybe two... persons who are notorious for writing reviews while happily exposing scenes from just-released movies.

No matter how crappy or great it is, do you really have to tell us what happened.... specifically?

Boy, I'm really blurting out my frustrations this month.

Thanks to Nuffnang, I had the opportunity to watch a special screening of The House Bunny.

House Bunny Poster

It's a typical, comedic and bimbotic flick but true to most Happy Madison productions, it eventually redeems itself with the notion that it's what inside there that counts (read: You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Click, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry).

The movie introduces pretty new blood like Katherine McPhee, Rumer Willis and Emma Stone, who may I say, bears a frightening resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. But really, she's a natural blonde. Rumer Willis didn't do too bad a job on this. I was honestly surprised because I expected another Paris Hilton-esque performance.

House Bunny Snapshot

You know how some trailers expose too much of the funny scenes just to entice you to watch and eventually sucked when you actually see the whole thing? Garfield 2 comes to mind.
Anyhow, the trailer for House Bunny is packed with humour but they had a little more up their sleeves, so you won't be disappointed. Although, it's always unfortunate that scenes were excluded from the final cut. Yep, there were some relatively raunchy scenes and some pretty harmless ones too that were absent. I'm sure if you looked somewhere, you'll find them eventually.

I would say this is suitable for ages 12 and above.
I suppose 7 year olds won't understand the infatuation of boys with raging hormones toward dolled up girls or at the very least, they would find it revolting.

Or I could've just said, "House Bunny was great! Go watch it" and saved you all the trouble.


Yup..if expose too much of the story will make thier reader got no surprise when watching the movie

omg! look at their heels! so blardy hard to walk with those man. i don't know how they did it. =S

and the bunny plus the pregnant lady's boobs. (forgot their names la)

How could you not remember Anna Faris and Katherine McPhee's names... Tsk tsk

I just read Pei Chuen's blog. And she gave the hugest spoiler for Eagle Eye. Pffft.

gua zhang: ya ma. kinda bored la. just some parts are quite exciting only.

Aah, said notorious person in action.

You can't just spoil the movie because you were bored lor. GZ so kelian, in Johor no time to watch movies... then now you go and spoil it for him.

ok lo. he still can go watch it wert. i never stop him also. if you disagree with what i said, you ma go watch la.

*movie spoiler* HahahaHAhaha

It's not about stopping someone from watching, it's about spoiling the whole element of surprise for the movie goer.

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