Goodbye, Land of the Free *SOB*  

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Two months after I applied to IUB (USA) and one day after I applied to Purdue University (USA), Mum summoned me to talk about considering Curtin (AUS) instead. Again.
I realize this puts my 'Curtin can suck IUB's balls' post to shame but IUB is a better school.

With the Aussie Dollar dropping faster than you can say, 'Crikey, no snow in Aussie', we would be saving Rm200k on fees, compared to the Dollar which despite the economic turmoil, is increasing. So if I really wanted to blame someone for this, it would be the Bush Administration.

Of course, all this is like a sucker punch to my dreams of being able to find more than 100 brands of breakfast cereals on a shelf. And then there's all that effort put in for research and a whole month gone just to wait for one stupid outline.

Well, whatever it is, I'm pretty sure Rm200k outweighs anything, at this point.

Now, if only I can remember what my declared major was for Curtin.


but then hor, who knows.. maybe by the time u'r IN AUSSIE.. then USD drop even more.. becomes even cheaper.. tht time how? transfer to US again? -_-

Heck, my Mum doesn't care anymore. She now has enough for the both of us.

since now, your mother buying enough AUD for you both, i think it will not be a problem already la.

Hahahahaha....that's so cute, not remembering your major

Elisabeth   says 12:28 pm

you're not going to come visit us anymore? =( are we supposed to teach you how to make tons of cheesy dishes???

You thought that was cute? Odd... *wondering*

Yes, it's a real pity.. I'm sure there will be an opportunity some time in the future. Or at least until the rates drop.

Anonymous   says 2:16 am

I must say how refreshing it is to hear someone from another country finally blaming the government! What a breath of fresh air!! The economic crisis was caused by both Republicans and Democrats, but who cares. The fact that you didn't blame all 300 million Americans restores my faith in humanity.

Thank you.

No, thank YOU :)


Now who* says Malaysians are not affected by the global recession?

*Our "new" finance minister

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