Google Maps. Use it  

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It's the best thing since peanut butter and chocolate and it's free. You should be shot for not using it.


is this a msg for me? lol

A message to anyone who's yet to discover how magical Gmaps is.

sean   says 6:13 am

malaysians use it alot here in US.

but they also use GPS for long distance travel. its more advanced than google maps :)

google maps sometimes not accurate also.

i listened to ur advise, used google map to search for Crowne Plaza Hotel KL... wrong place leh!

That hotel is just right beside Equatorial Hotel KL, in front of Raja Chulan Monorail Station.. but google map led me to somewhere near chow kit


I use it quite often. I also use Google Maps Mobile quite often on my phone. Very good stuff.

The error was likely from your part. I typed "crowne plaza, kuala lumpur" and it took me right there. With Raja Chulan Monorail and all.

If you don't get it the first time, try another keyword. Simple search rules.

How are the data packet rates or is it free for you?

lesbo   says 11:07 pm

google maps malaysia is... my uncle robert!.. hahaha..and the best thing after peanut butter and chocolate is cheeeeesseeeeeee..

I get 100MB of data for $8/month :P

But that app downloads tons of graphic! How long does 100mb last you?

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