I'm gonna need Wikipedia for this  

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Umm, has anyone seen the railway map for Greater Tokyo? I think I'm going to need a GPS to navigate.

Note that this is only for the Greater Tokyo area, which consists of the Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures. Most of you might not know where that is so why don't you go ahead and wiki it. Wikipedia is your friend.

JR east railway map

Can you say, complicated?

Japan rocks.


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lesbo   says 2:28 am

yes nicole..because thats gonna help her navigate around the tracks..hahaha

what larr... practice makes perfect can? lol.. go few more rounds then wont sesat lor.. im helping her ma in a way

sean   says 6:05 am

lol, seriously its very complicated...u wont see any english unless ure in a main station.

and hope u dont get stuck with perverted japanese men.

Oh I forgot about the perverted Japanese men.

A slight on Japanese people eh? Perverts are everywhere. Not just Japan, you know.

Anyway, knowing the entire grid shoulnd't be necessary. Getting lost a few times over there should be fun.

Besides, you can always identify the one station you need to get to and go all foreign on the guards or workers there. They're bound to help you.

hwey, daryl is at JApan now. if you need help can call him up or something. =)


It's really not that complicated. You just need to know where you're going, what line you need to be on and what stop to get off on, and what transfers to make, just like any other transit system. I did it for 8 days and it was really simple.

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