My Nihon-go is pretty much non-existent  

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EGADS, I'm leaving in 12 days!

So... do you say "ka" in "Doko desu ka"?

It's like suicide, not having a laptop with me during those weeks.
Anybody willing to exchange phones for a month? Wifi enabled phones only. Please and thank you. *coughlesterareyoureadingthiscough*

God bless Japan and their beautiful autumn colours! Snappy-happy!
See you guys in a month.

To Lesbo,
Would you download these shows for me while I'm gone, pwease?

MONDAY - Heroes
TUESDAY - House, 90210
WEDNESDAY - Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones, Knight Rider
THURSDAY - Grey's Anatomy


sean   says 2:13 pm

just say it ..hehe

only the U in desu no need to say.

Woohoo... going for tour?

"Ka" is something like a question mark, so yup you have to say that or the sentence doesn't make sense. The "u" as in desu is usually dropped in everyday conversation, otherwise its actually pronounced softer and unaccented.

Yes, tour... then it's 2 more weeks in my aunt's place in Yokohama.


I'm missing my father's birthday also y'know.

lesbo   says 9:54 pm

well well well..lookie heree.. want my super handphone huhh.. lol shud be fine la.. when u want it

You see you... took so long to reply... My conscience kicked in and now I think not so nice lah borrow your phone.

sean   says 10:58 pm

no..dont lend it to her..she'll lose it!!

esther   says 11:43 pm

hwey hwey... so nice travel soon!! bring back souvenir for me oh ya thanks for the sammi foto .. keke

lesbo   says 12:15 am

what kind of noob conscience is that.. take my phoneeee..if you lose it... all the more reasons for me to buy a new one lol..buut since you dowan..ah well..too bad for you..

Thanks for the vote of confidence, BRO.

I'm not much of a souvenir person.. don't expect anything.

sean   says 4:40 am

hey, anytime :)


lesbo   says 4:52 pm

hahaha ill see what i can do..ill download as many as possible lah... coz i also download alooot..i got, chuck , one tree hill, gossip girls , prison break, how i met your mother, heroes can share share la.. house too...and my two anime bleach and naruto means now i goot.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 EPISODES TO DOWNLOAD every week..tell me thats impossible.. but ill manage.. im afraid i need a little more than a pweeaseee.. hahaha

lesbo   says 5:06 pm

i got smallvile tooo.. thats makes 19!

sean   says 6:56 pm

haha lesbo...come to US ..sure tangkap

How is it that you're watching 19 shows wor?! You won't help me jeh, but I know you will help me to feel good about yourself wan.. hahaha... come come

lesbo   says 2:29 am

19 shows including yours lah!!don worry ill get it done .BLEH

sean: Malaysia is the real land of the free

So TRUE!!!

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