Oh, I'm just dropping by... *SMACK*!  

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Why is it that people can't seem to post messages without their URLs attached?
Stop being so desperate can? Very annoying leh.

And while we're on the topic of annoyance, stop saying you're "DROPPING BY" and subsequently pasting your URL all over with the hope that some blind moron clicks it. It just shows how insincere and conniving you are. Because text on the Internet is so easy to plagiarise, it's unfortunate for those who truly want to socialize. But hey, to separate yourselves from all the other ad-whores, why don't you leave a comment for a post. I'm pretty sure you can include your URL there instead.

All this blog traffic shit is making people forget the essence of socializing. Does meeting people not mean anything anymore? You don't pick your nose and ogle hot chicks during a first date do you?
That's all it is. Learn your manners.
What do you think this tells the blogger whose chatbox is filled with superficial messages like "hey, just dropping by...[URL]"?

It's more likely that they would reciprocate by visiting your blog if you actually said something RELEVANT.

I swear, it's my hormones talking.


Your post is spot on.

I especially hate the ones that comment something inane, like "lol" when you've posted about your recently deceased dog! It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

My blog says, "Would it kill you to comment?", but I like to think that you've read my post & really feel like you have something witty to add.


look at your chatterbox hahaha... 3 passerbys lol.

Comical in a sad way...

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