RC virgin no more, bitchez!  

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Awesome possum!

After fixing the wheel and getting the batteries, I now have a functioning RC Vroom Vroom! This calls for a spin in the park tomorrow! Okay, maybe porch. I'm not much of an outdoorsmen.

*The RC's on loan from Lesbo.


i want buy one for Justin....

sean   says 2:10 am

better not B___K it. fill in the blank

Jusco got 12cm long RC car. Rm23.

I didn't break it lor. I fixed it some more. Pop the wheels back on, the antenna was missing so I used the Hifi's antenna wire as a replacement. Damn lek lui ah.


u drifted?!! i thought it wasn't hard la.

I'm still a little confused with left and right especially since I'm not IN the car... with a little practice, I will OWN you, woman.

sean   says 11:07 am

oo the antenna thing, quite smart.

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