Yerr, why you NANG your own posts wan?  

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So I was on Innit looking at some of the more popular posts, clicked on one to its Innit page and GASPS, the writer (hereonin known as P) nanged his/her own post! Then, out of curiosity, I decided to check on some of P's older posts and WADDAYA KNOW!
*a NANG equals to a thumbs up, on Innit

What happened to integrity and humility?
Why do you feel the need to have to nang your own posts? A bit cheap, no?

It's a blog eat blog world out there.
Everyone's too caught up fighting for a piece of the pie that they disregard the fundamentals of being a person.

Perhaps I am naive to believe that we should be honest even if competition looms over our heads but how do you think this reflects on you as a person?

Now, don't go saying it's just for fun and that I shouldn't take this seriously because I think it just means disrespect to the developer. It's as though current ideas about the project is drifting away from its intended objective. Like, rearing a fuzzy bunny for EVIL, instead of LOVE. It feels wrong.


because we're allowed to nang our own post.

I think we've found an evil bunny breeder.

No, dude. We're not allowed to. For the very last time I'm going to say this. I'm exasperated.. Read the effing TnC.

Even if you are allowed, isn't it a cheap trick to do so?

The whole point of this nanging business is to expose your post to the world. If you wrote it, you already know what it is about. Unless ,of course, you have the memory span of 30 seconds. Then nang away, I'd say.

By the way, hwey, it's 'rearing' not 'raring'.

I think 'nang' own post has nth wrong. the person may be new n accidentally nang like i did previously.
Other thn that, i think nang of own post is like tht person wanna empower his/her believe tht his/her post is good enough. No offense tho.

Ahh, you spotted the typo. Thanks...

None taken but nanging your own post only makes you think that your post is good when it might not be.

The one sure way of judging on the quality of your posts is to let others decide. It seems like people are lying to themselves if they nang their own posts... based on your theory.

Idiots shall be idiots. Enough said.

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