I wish I could slap myself  

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Instead of walking into the Abbey Dawn store when I was in Harajuku, I walked into GAP, across the street. DOH!

Didn't even know Abbey Dawn was RIGHT THERE. Should've checked for the address that much earlier.

I was in the supermarket today and saw half a fish for sale.
What do you get when you have half a fish?


sean   says 9:50 pm


Gzhang   says 2:35 pm

You get half a fish. Simple really.

abbey dawn's skirt damn nice damn cute wan lor lol

Yeah, I saw that. A stupid video, to be honest. You can actually see GAP across the street at one point. xD

You get a FI.

I was looking at the hoodies with ears lor. hahaha.

half a fish for sale... here also got wert.. get fish meat lor and bones and either fish head or tail..

i wan also hoodie with ear.. justin got one.. but its winnie the pooh hahhaa

You can't say you get a FI. You can also get a SH. It's more diplomatic to say half a fish. That way, it can be either FI or SH!

sean   says 2:36 pm

lol..gzhang cracks me up with his argumentativeness.

im just stating the obvious.

Its no biggie taking you to Abbey. We can rope in something else while we are in that area. Wanna?

WAh.. Aunty Kerry best tour guide you've ever seen. Haha.

I'm actually afraid of that area. So many people...

We'll do it on a weekday. It'll be fun. I promise I wont get distracted this time.

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