Malaysia is going to be HOT  

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So I've noticed that most Japanese, young and old, have flip phones... and white ear plugs. I mean, WHITE; not black, not any other colour.

Also, they probably get lots of threats being Japan and all, so when an announcement comes on saying that the police and train authorities are on alert of anything suspicious, you don't have to worry. Hey, it's just a suspicious looking dude carrying a suspicious looking case. No biggie.

I stumbled into a guy on the train and he stared back at me with those menacing eyes that practically said, "what da madder wif yoo?! F**king tourists."

I got an email from Mum and I saw the subject line: "Credit card spending in Japan".

Like holy shit, I don't know why I jumped.

I didn't spend your money like a spoilt brat though. Honest!

On a final note - I like it here. Don't really want to leave just yet.


"what da madder wif yoo?! F**king tourists."

what makes u think that Japanese fella's eye signaling that to you? Hahaha

so you don't wanna leave Japan already? good la. no need go Perth already. find a Japanese guy there and ga jo hui la. LOL

hahaha who wont like japan lol..

sean   says 6:30 am

eh the things u all spend there is practically 7 times what u pay in malaysia. for eg..1 char kuey teow is 4 bux..u are paying 28 RM in japan. 4000 RM for japan means u spent 4000/7 =560 worth of msian goods. not much..but yeah its 4000 RM for mom.

Have you seen Japanese men? They either have groomed eyebrows or are too eccentric for my tastes..

At least it's cool here you know... unlike Ma-rei-sia.

False alarm. Well, you know already.

Hayaku okaeri nasai yo!

Don't understand lah!

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