Nara & Kyoto, Japan  

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Todaiji Temple, Japan
Todaiji Temple houses the largest wooden Buddha in the world.

Deer Park, Japan
Deers roam the grounds outside Todaiju Temple.

Kiyomizu Temple, Japan
Kiyomizu Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's supported entirely by wood; no nails.

Heian Shrine, Japan
Heian Shrine celebrates the 1,100th anniversary of Kyoto. Bad fortune paper indicators are left behind while good ones are kept.

Sunset, Japan

Mikawa Anjo Station, Japan
The Shinkansen station before Toyohashi.

It took the train 2.5 seconds to zoom pass the station.

So Najib's UMNO President huh...


I hate you and your Japan trip. It's so nice.


I'll have to out-DSLR you in Hong Kong XD

Nice shot on the train...

You do that. I want to see some droolable pictures that I can use for my desktop ah.
But really, you should hook your laptop onto a 20-32" widescreen TV monitor and look at pretty pictures.. it's AMAZING.

Thanks, Kew..

fuyoh! u are able to capture the train passed by wo.

nice work! =)

Itu aku panggil, SKILL.

Anybody with an autofocussing lens with a wide enough aperture can do it.

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