Osaka, Japan  

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Day one in Osaka.

Osaka Castle, Japan

Osaka Castle, Japan Osaka Castle

Universal Studios, Japan
Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios, Japan

Universal Studios, Japan

Universal Studios, Japan Bert and Ernie raving atop their Sesame Street bus.

Osaka, Japan
Shinsaibashi at 5pm. Sunset was 4pm.

Internet kat sini manyak cepat oh.


Nice to see you're having fun there :)

Yeah, blue skies make me happy :D

nice pictures you took. =)

Those are pretty pictures!

Isn't it odd that in Malaysia, you have models from the west all over the billboards (because we've no idea of their existence), and just when you think that Japan would be more established in the movie industry, they put Ugly Betty from the west on their billboards.

Gzhang   says 2:27 pm

I like the pic with *is it Deng?* crouching over a map. Very backpacker-ish

Yeah, except she's "backpacking" in Universal Studios xD

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