Shin-Yokohama & Minato Mirai  

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From Yokohama, we went to Shin-Yokohama for the Raumen Museum *damn. I keep spelling "museum" as "musuem"*.

It's decor was, 1950s-Japan, when instant noodles were first created.
There's also a Maggi Mee product on their museum wall.

Shin-Yokohama, Japan

Shin-Yokohama, Japan

Shin-Yokohama, Japan

Shin-Yokohama, Japan
"Future" aka "Exit". Very cute huh?

From the Raumen Museum, we stopped by Minato Mirai 21 (something like "port of the future"), to see the Floating Pier and the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

Minato Mirai, Japan
Museum in a ship

Minato Mirai, Japan

Minato Mirai, Japan
If I didn't know better, I'd say it was reminiscent of the Tower Bridge in London. But of course, I don't know any better.

Minato Mirai, Japan
Landmark Tower on the left

Minato Mirai, Japan
The Floating Pier

Minato Mirai, Japan

Minato Mirai, Japan

Minato Mirai, Japan

I just realized that we travelled from the 20th century to the 21st, all in one day.


nice photo...very beautiful..the tower bridge seem not 90 degree...

Nice pictures.

Cantik sial. You should consider selling your pictures lor...

Because i was shooting from an angle? Or something about shooting a building without a tilt shift lens that makes it look weird.

Thanks :)

No one will buy lah. Tunggu satu tahun dulu tengok ada improve tak, haha.. but thanks!

The landmark picture , that 1 really made me feel some sort of supernatural force, a force of balance even I can't understand nor explain myself.

But it left some inner peace in me, good stuff.

I'm gonna steal it one day, maybe.

Got anot?!

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