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Have you gone online shopping and found that that particular merchant, who stocks your favourite tee, only accepts credit cards? But wait, what's the problem here? You don't have one. Whoopsie daisies.

Fret not because you can always pay through online banking with eBillme. Instead of crediting and owing the bank money, you pay directly from your bank account. To me, this sounds like it would curb spending. They accept most banks from the US.
*Only applies to certain people. People like me. *grin*

eBillme is currently having a tell-all contest on your shopping secrets! Just submit your confession in text, video or pictures for a chance to win the Grand Prize of $15,000 or the monthly prize of $1,500 in cash and prizes.

Watch the video above for an idea of how to join.

I suggest you read their official rules for contest guidelines so you don't automatically disqualify yourself!

Go to to sign up. When you do, don't forget to have as your referrer!

*Contest is only available to US citizens.


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