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I cannot chill! I'm freaking out!
WHY I am freaking out about this, I don't know.

I just found out why I haven't been getting snail mail from Curtin ever since I applied!

My effing address was wrong! Like, what the heck?!



how could u

Eh not my fault the address wrong leh.. I write my sevens with a dash wan okay. Maybe whoever typed it in the database saw Deng's and used it as a reference to mine too. Heh.

means now u blame ur sis ah? LOL

what u expect to receive from Curtin anyway? u make your visa already la?
i haven receive eCOE yet because i haven't make the visa payment to them yet.

Yes, I think I am. Hahaha.. but it's nothing lah.

I expected an offer letter and welcome pack.
You're supposed to get your eCoE after you submit your acceptance.

Deng   says 6:56 pm

Eh, my address in the database is CORRECT.

then explain why you didn't get the damn letters.

DENG   says 11:09 pm

Because I'm thinking they sent it in the same envelope. AS STATED IN THE EMAIL THAT TELMA LADY REPLIED.

"You're supposed to get your eCoE after you submit your acceptance."

that's what i thought so after i submit my offer letter and waited for the eCOE for a blardy long time.
but then, i emailed the Study Link, they said i'm suppose to make the payment for the visa then they will only send me the eCOE. u got your visa done already?

That's extortion!
Visa not done.

deng   says 9:06 pm

Different agency, different procedure la i guess.

Whats the status on this?

Talked to IDP rep about it, she told me not to worry, she will communicate with Curtin and all. I've sent an email asking for updates... should hear from them soon.

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