Don't starve yourself  

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Many a nights, I've felt hungry but didn't want to eat because I thought it wasn't healthy. I'd rather go through the discomfort than satisfy my pangs. I was stupid.

Tonight, I was particularly hungry and I've finally matched Nicole's score of having two suppers in one night. The second meal was great - curry flavoured instant noodles. Nothing like the taste of unhealthy-but-oh-so-delicious seasoning on your tongue. How delightful.

Speaking of food, I've compiled four recipes to sustain myself in Perth. Four recipes that are yummy and manageable without me burning something... not that I've tried making them or anything. Fried rice, fried kuey teow, pancakes and bruschettas. Actually, make that six; I forgot, sandwiches and salads.

Oh, I just realized I could live on much more. PB&Js, cereals, carrots and celery sticks... *chuckle*


nyek nyek nyek im not gonna listen to you anymore when u said "stop eating at ngihtttt" ^^

hopeless romantic..fuuh   says 6:37 pm

nic : why did you listen to her in the first placee..hwey is only right in her own plus eating is never wrong.

using "delightful" to describe a cup of maggi instant noodles... haha how a way.. i wonder what's your shrimp linguine then.. orgasmic? but then i wonder what's sex then? Godlike? then whats sleeping after 35 hours of not sleeping feels like? beyond Godlike? see how when i spell God i use the capital G.. ?? its weird when i spell it with the non-capital.. god.. oh no im going to know.. having sex could be the real connection to God..with the female and occasionally male species constantly yelling the phrase "Oh GOD! that feels so good!" i know a few of my religious frens who would kill me for saying dat..including my dad.. HUAHUA...better change my nick.. cause im sure u know who i am..

when to go for shooting? i need pictures taken!

Still, don't eat so much. Once in a while, two suppers is fine. But not every night okay?

Hoi, what's wrong with you?
You tell me when you're going to shoot lah...
Usually, to get buildings, KL or Cyberjaya would be a common location. But it depends how you want to interpret this subject (instead of the usual 'building').

Nature, you could go to the bird/butterfly park and one more park in TTDI that seems popular with photographers.. bring a macro lens for this one.

Night, you can do tons of stuff; light painting, light trails, night scenes..

Scenery, can be nature scenes, city scenes... banyak lah.

You pick.

Hey when r u going to perth? Hehe just curious as I'm ging there next week muahaha

I'm leaving on the 1st of Feb... spending christmas there eh?

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