Going cold turkey  

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Doood. I haven't had cheesecake in 3 months.
I miss the taste of cheese-rich cheese and the sweet sweet bliss that comes with it. And then there's the nausea that comes after when you've had too much. Le sigh.


lesbo   says 4:38 pm

come come..lets make one....

ill need my 10x10" pan..BUT i
cannot afford the all of the ingredients

1-1.5 kgs of cream cheese..meaning need to buy the 2kg one..lol.. RM 43

whipping cream..not thick onee.. Rm 20

chocolate of your choice... reese means.. like 8 butter cups.. 10 nutrageous to be safe..RM 30


alot of oreo cookies.. or any other.. RM 15?


use your feelings.since i created it.. there's no official oneee.

rough figure.. 110 bucks.. huhu..
but we'll have extra to make a light cheese cake after....

There's still whipping cream in my fridge leh. Don't know if it's expired.

How come you used a mixture of PBcups and Nutrageous ah? I thought it was all Nutrageous.

How come we don't buy the 1kg cream cheese instead, if we're going to have excess?

What an expensive cake.

lesbo   says 7:05 pm

is there a 1kg one? problem is i dunno how much i used last time..the excess is like 500g thats enuff for a 9" diameter cake..

pbcups inside cake..nutrageous on top cake

i dunno how much cream to put..its just put until the texture feels fine to me...

So you put the PBC and whipping cream into the cream cheese eh?
If that's the case, maybe you should cut down on the w.cream, make it a little bit more solid.

Deng said (maybe) you used about 1kg.

lesbo   says 9:03 pm

no no..cannot cut down on the w.cream.. thats the key ingredient in making the cake.. or else its just eating cheese. and choc...the cream cheese needs to flow smoothly when pouring into the pan...if not it'll be hard.. cheese hard. the PBC is in chunks.. oooh...forgot one more ingredient... peanut butter.. thats why the cake will be hard if not enuff cream..huhu

yeah i think 1kg is correct...

Ah, yes yes. That's why it's refrigerated and not baked! That's why it was creamy.

On the other hand, we could go to La Manila and buy a 5.30 slice of cheesecake. Then we don't have to fork out 100 over bucks for deliciously good cheesecake. Heh.

If don't want whipped cream, use eggs la. Cheaper ma. Same effect! I got whipped cream though. Unopened packet. 500ml I think.

Are you sure the eggs will go well with the PBCs? It might turn into a shade of vomit-yellow or something.

lesbo   says 12:29 pm

hehehe...eggs means must bake already... i only eat home made cheesecakeee...

I'm hungry.
I think I'm going to call Deng to buy me a slice to keep me going or else my world will crumble and I will be forever miserable.

Y'know, to scratch the itch.

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