Gossip Girl Marathon  

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I've been watching Gossip Girl since last night, courtesy of Lesbo.
It.Is.Such.A.Soap.Opera. Can you say, 'guilty pleasure'?

And the plot of Serena 'killing' (more like 'causing the death of') that guy sort of appeared in my dreams or some shit because it looked really familiar. Which brings me to Georgina Sparks. She is SUCH A BITCH! It's a amazing what you're capable of when you have truck loads of cash to burn and a sociopathic mind. But I really liked how the friendship between the rich brats were shown, even if it did take a while for some of them to realize. I also liked how they adapted scenes from Audrey Hepburn movies as their opening act.

The series felt a wee bit familiar, reminiscent of a certain Veronica Mars, but the only thing in common I found was that two of GG's directors were VM alumni.

Anyhoo, it's back to the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.


HAHAHHAHAHAA so now u watching GG lah haha.. you watch S2 edi?

Yes. Around ep 7 now.

lesbo   says 7:10 pm

gosh...really marathon huh.. PRISON BREAK TIMEE!!

These shows are making me forget that I have a passport to apply for and offers to accept. Damn.

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