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No cheesecake makes me just that.

My previous posts have all been negative leh. I'm either attacking someone or getting pissed off at everybody.

But the cavalry is coming. Tonight!


What cheesecake do you prefer to indulge in?

sean   says 1:29 am

awww...i still rmb u always take the cheese flavoured lays and twisties all the time.

when dad brings them home i mean

I know I don't like apples in my cheesecake. They tend to be sour.

Oh oh, there's one cheesecake that blew my mind. My dad who doesn't even like sweet stuff, loved it!
My friend made it for my birthday.... "Lester's Super Duper Reese's Oreo Cheese".

What's there to "aww" about me picking cheese flavoured chips over others?

Sean's reminiscing. Let him be.

lesbo   says 3:05 am

u know what'll be cheaper..
buy a 6" pan..
1 cream cheese block.
lil bit of cream, sugar, peanut butter..
4 pbcups..
2-3 nutrageous..
oreo with lil bit of butter..

less than 30 bucks..

Down-sizing, you mean? Is the calvary me and bernard? hahah

how is that cheaper again?

Ew. Cheesecake.


*puts fingers in the shape of a cross*

*throws garlic*

lesbo   says 6:04 am

its not cheaper.. call it.. eating what you can afford.haha..

make such a big one..end up.. giving away most of it anyway

sean   says 8:47 am

yes hwey, its called reminiscing.

go to the secret recipe and buy one. it's cheap too. better than feeling grumpy all the time. =)

Secret Recipe cheaper, my ass. RM6.30 leh. La Manila cheaper la. RM5.50.

i make lah cheapest hahahahah....

nicole: have you even made one?

got lah. the lemon cheese chea teing taught me lor.. rmb i did in your house wan leh....

okay then you can make one for me... yummy.

lesbo   says 8:01 pm

owh good.. means im off the hook..haah no money la...i tot my speaker was spoiled just now... was about to fork out 500 to buy new ones...heeeheeee.... but its all good noww...

all for my steering now

secret recipe ones are RM6.30 meh? sudah naik harga kah? i thought it's still RM5.50.

now, i have so much time and money to "heh" at home. but don't know what to do.

Good, you can buy me a christmas present then :)

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