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Inspired by the mind-numbingly slow speeds of Rapidshare which prompted a very desperate me to buy a 3 day Premium package which really made no huge difference, I've thought of another way to get completed torrents faster.

I've been thinking about a COD sort of thing where people exchange torrents (when I say "torrents", I really mean completed files downloaded from torrents) rather than goods. Instead of COD (cash on delivery), it's TOD (torrents on delivery) or DOD (data on delivery) lor. I try so hard with these labels, don't I?

This torrent exchange idea is basically bartering. You do it for the torrents you want, which may include games, apps, movies, tv shows, music and etc, and in return, you give someone else the torrents they want.
It's illegal on so many levels, I know.

People would come to a common virtual meeting point; I.E. a website/forum, list their collection of torrents and update them three times a week (ideally with an automated tool), others search for torrents they want and if you have what they want and they have what you want, you can meet up at a Starbucks and do the transfer in person, any way you like; DVDs or on-site transfer and etc.

The whole point of this is to eliminate the step of downloading something you can get from someone else in person, thereby reducing bandwidth usage. Ergo, faster internet speeds for all. Provided Streamyx doesn't slyly cap our speeds further.

One difference about this is the face-to-face factor, seeing as huge files are needed to be transferred instead of tiny ones. If you're nice people, you might just hit if off and become friends. If you feel like you want to bite that person's head off that particular morning, you can just do the transfer and get going.

Of course, safety issues will arise for girls... and little boys. Perhaps some guidelines can be set? "Exchanges should be made in the daytime and in places where it's not just you and me"; how about that? And "you are liable and agree to indemnify the Middle Man (which is the site) of all responsibility, for any monetary and/or materialistic damages, physical and/or mental harm you may suffer during exchanges outside these proposed guidelines".

Of course things have to be hush-hush when you're transferring them torrents. Don't want to get caught, do you? Who am I kidding? It's Malaysia.

Pretty good idea, right?

Now that it's in writing, this idea is COPYRIGHTED ya. I get 70years (or was it 40?) to this right and if you are in any way a little more than decent, you'd come talk to me about a business proposal or licensing rights *chuckle chuckle*.

By the way, does anybody have the full seasons (1 and 2) of The Big Bang Theory?


me the minion got all them big bang episodes...

But you're not in Malaysia aren't you? Booo... you brought my hopes up and threw it off a cliff... *chuckle*

lesbo   says 8:47 pm

postage laah...very hard meh..lol

I'm joning CIA.. gonna bring you to JAIL!..better tattoo yourself with all the blueprints of the world

Woi, you seriously cannot find S3 of Prison Break meh?

How convenient of Mr. Kim to appear at the last minute so Sara can shoot him.

By the time the DVD arrive, I sudah pigi Aussie-land loh...

That's a wicked idea. But didn't some fellas from mmu did something similar and got busted?

Ooo, they did? As in a full scale baby community to trade files??

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