Motomachi & Harbor View Park, Japan  

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That day began with us walking an almost gruesome UPHILL path, pass the Foreigner's Cemetery to Motomachi Park where you can find artists and really nice looking architectures.

Yamatecho, Japan

Motomachi Park, Japan

Then it was Harbor View Park, like it's name says, you can see the Harbor. Duh.

Harbor View Park, Japan
Our welcoming committee.
Those cats are enjoying life. Unlike their Malaysian counterparts. I saw 2 dead cats and 4 dead rats today.

Harbor View Park, Japan

Harbor View Park, Japan
This cat was fat. And angry.
I saw feathers on the ground so I think the cat might've ate them birds.

Harbor View Park, Japan

It was all the way downhill after that, pass the residential area, popular amongst foreigners.

Yamatecho, Japan

And we come to a guesthouse where the Japanese hire a fake priest and do a fake Western wedding just for the heck of it.

Yamashitacho, Japan

Then we go home...

Ishikawacho, Japan

and burn scented candles on very expensive plates.

Burning Candles On Expensive Plates


Pictures, as usual very sarb n nice..
Can see a.kerry and deng walking downhill. Wow how come your a.kerry allows you to burn candle on her so very expensive plates wan?

她自己烧的。Relaxes 嘛。很香一下呐。

I love the Ishikawacho pic. Artistic. Me like.

Sank kew all.

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