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As a prerequisite for the Australian student visas, we are required to undergo a medical check-up at nominated clinics in our area. This is what to expect when you do yours. The referral was to Life Care Diagnostic at MCIS Zurich in State.

Idiot Genius and I got to there at about 3.30pm, after 30 minutes of parking spot hunting and bickering.

The reception was lavish and their receptionists in suits. They took my nastiest photo ever (I didn't see it but I'm convinced) because they asked that we expose our ears and at least 70% of our forehead. Mine was 90%. Apparently, for twins, the embassy's requirements are stricter. But if you make an appointment, you can bring in your own (better looking) photos.

The tests that we had to do were the urine, eye, weight, height, blood pressure, x-ray and body check up and they all cost Rm205 per person.

The criterion was to collect the pee midstream.

I was in the loo and peed a bit then stopped. Inserted cup and continued but nothing more. Little did I know, it was merely a trickle than what I had hoped to be a stream.

I "so desu neh"-ed (a Japanese expression when you understand or realize something). I couldn't deposit because I emptied my account before I left the house... uh, bank.
So I had loads of water and headed for the radiation room.

The room was pretty bare, with the giganto machine in the middle, a secondary torso x-ray machine and a chair by the wall. I had to take off everything up top and put on a gown. Then the technician came in, positioned me and took the picture. Alternately, I think you'd achieve the same results by having someone sit on you. On to trying to pee again!

I took a hundred more cups of water and stoned, waiting for my kidney to do its job. This time, SUCCESS! Yeah, all that and I peed on my hand. Awesome possum!

Now, as I type this (in the car), I have an urge to pee again.

Then I headed to see zee zoctor. He told me my urine test and x-ray shows normality and the check-up (abdomen, breathing, eyes) went well. He'll key in the results on to the embassy's webbie and they would get back to us within 2-3 working days.

Whole thing took a little more than an hour.

I would've took a picture of my pee in a cup but that would've been disgusting. Even for me *giggles*. Although, I am proud to announce that I have healthy coloured pee.

Next challenge: pee in a hotel shampoo bottle!


sean   says 8:23 pm expensive lar.

Yes it is. Apparently the body check-up was supposed to be "long", but I was finished in under 5 minutes and that cost Rm80.

And the urine test... if its unacceptable the first time (foreign bodies inside), you have to pay Rm15 for a second test (includes one more pee cup).

why so expensive? mine was estimated to be RM150, the max. RM120, the min.

oh ya, my dad had his visa for free. he was wondering why your parents need to pay for it too.

lesbo   says 3:45 pm

huhu ... body check up 5 minutes... not much of you to check is there.. don ever shake hands with me.. and ill be celebrating new years in singapore tonite!! hahaha

suddenly decided to go to singapore last night..will be leaving soon!... goin with me gf u knoww..

i dont think my parents applied for one yet.. no amount known.

why la in singapore... orchard road again ah?? a lot of ham sups there leh..

as i remember, chea teing told me they have to pay for it. so i thought they paid for it already.

huh... dont know abt that. but i'll let you know if they paid.

I dont rmb if i said they have to pay. but for student visas, yes.

Immi Aus says no fee is charged but got application fee.

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