We need floor chairs in Malaysia  

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Back in Japan, I had the honour of sitting on a floor chair. Not just any chair, a very special chair *grin*. I'd never seen one until that point.

Now back home, I thought it might be nice to have one in Aussie-land. I looked online for the chair but it was tough since I didn't really know what to call it. "Adjustable recliner", "adjustable lounge chair", "adjustable folding recliner floor chair" and etc. The keyword was "floor chair" and I found it. It doesn't look exactly like the one I sat my ass on but it's similar.


Great for home theater, gaming and general stuff on the floor.

I just wish they had more padding for the cushion and the back. And more curves. Gotta keep looking.


how much is it?
buy one to put at your new room ma. good leh. =)

This particular one is abt $34-39...

can i get this kind of floor chair in malaysia?

:)   says 5:10 pm

i've once bought this kind of floor recliner 10 years ago at Jusco, RM99 only. but now when i wanted to buy it again, it seems jusco not selling it anymore.

btw i've seen this recliner at SACC Mall Shah Alam, but the price is quite expensive. RM350.

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