What's a girl to do  

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... when she can't open that jar of jam?

I had the misfortune of coming up against a very stubborn jam jar because I craved PB&Js.

I tried heating the cap so it'll expand but it didn't work. I also tied rubber bands around the cap but it was too narrow and kept slipping off. Once or twice, I wanted to throw the damn thing at the wall.
Exhausting what limited primitive methods I know on opening stubborn jars, I thought of Wendy's; deliciously instant food which requires no jar opening.

I think I bruised myself trying to pry the effing thing open.

Where's a handy dandy jar opening contraption when you need one?!

And in case you were wondering, I settled for fried rice. I'll try my luck again in a couple more hours while I recuperate from the physical and mental trauma.


lesbo   says 3:37 am

hahaahah poor you.. u know what u should've done?? call me.. i was at blitzone only..could have dropped by and helped you.

I actually love opening stubborn jars XD

What you need, is just me.


er.. u can ask help from yuor father ma.. i always do that haha..

Anonymous   says 7:47 pm

use a leather belt, my dear

Aiyah, didn't know. But it was unlikely that I would call anyone because I'd be too caught up trying to open it.

I would too... when I can actually open them *grin*

"Oi, can you come over and open a jar for me ah?" "Sure, I'll get a train first thing tomorrow." *stares at you*

I think my parents were asleep... I can't remember what time the whole thing happened now. But then I told Minah about it and she said my dad couldn't get it opened too.

But I don't have a leather belt? The only one place which had it was locked..

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