El Good Times  

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I just came home from El Cerdo in Bukit Bintang and it was awesome!
Their birthday songs are cute, since it's pig themed. I.e. Happy birthday to you, OINK OINK! And they give you a ceramic or clay piglet as a souvenir.
Also, they have this dish, I'm not sure what it's called but it's like pork chops, which is delicious. The meat is tender and if I recall correctly, pink. The gravy is divine!
Then just for kicks, I used a plate to cut a suckling pig (so tender you can cut it with a plate) and subsequently broke it for a wish. I wished for an awesome career :)
For the remainder of the night, I had a lot of booze (which my Mum kept stealing from me)! Be sure to try the red Sangria if you ever visit.

Orlando Vacation Packages  

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The last time Rita (from Dexter) decided to go on a vacation to the (Florida) Keys, she forgot her ID and got killed. Just sayin'.
Anyway, there's lots to attract you in Orlando. There's Universal Studios, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Sun and sand. Feels just like Osaka and Tokyo. If you have some money to spare and would like to travel (somewhat) cheaply, take a look at some orlando vacation packages. Online deals are usually cheaper if you're a member of this or that, I've noticed.


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The biggest TV I've seen is probably a 65" Samsung HDTV. The audio and visual is jaw dropping. Try watching National Geographic with that TV. No, I take that back, watch Dark Knight instead. It'll burn the Joker's bad ass face onto your brain. And now that Malaysia is finally(!) being offered HDTV, if you're still using SDTV, it may be time to swap it out for a better viewing experience.

Exam tables  

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Comfortability on an exam table is very important. If you don't know what an exam table is, here's one:

It's a similar type that Brian Moser from Dexter uses to kill his victims, and himself killed on. It's very handy.

I remember getting on one of these when I was a kid.


When you see a doctor and you're all tensed up, wouldn't a comfortable exam table be nice? It'll probably calm you a little. So far, all the tables I've been on have been pretty comfortable. Not that I've been on a lot of them.

On another note, it makes a great two in one, bed and storage drawer.

Job searching  

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I was just asking the sister today if I should be a corporate figure or something else in the future. I forgot what she said. But after I graduate, I fantasize about getting a job elsewhere, like in Australia or the United States. But what the heck would I do? I have a degree in Mass Communication, which doesn't really mean anything. Luckily, I chose to do Marketing as a second stream. At least I can look at marketing job searches. It's so difficult to get hired nowadays. My bro's classmate has to resort to asking friends of friends now. Not to mean that it's shameful or anything, it's just to emphasize the situation. Classifieds and job search portals are your best friend, people.

Roofs are better  

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I suppose rv financing is similar to mortgaging a house. You sort of pawn your house to a legitimate loan shark for, duh, a loan, and every month, you pay an amount for some years until your debt is paid in full. Since an RV is just another asset, of course it makes sense to refinance it. Would you rather lose your house or your RV?

I don't want to hear you pee  

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My room door in the old house use to be so sound proof, I could here some things from outside. Now this door I have in my unit in WA, this one's a student's worst nightmare. I can hear everything. That door doesn't stop anything, despite it weighing a tonne. Perhaps I could get a Ft Myers custom doors for my bachelorette pad in the future. I'd like to think I could afford something like that.

I can haz cheezecake  

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What is this thing about me that refuses to go to bed even when I'm tired? I either surf with my phone, or play Bookworm on it, but just refuse to close my eyes. I'm quite annoyed with myself.

In other news, I made a cake! It's pretty good, if I do say so myself. Odd thing about it? It turned out incredibly soft and creamy. It's not supposed to because there isn't enough cream in there, in terms of cream to cream cheese ratio. Anyhoo, I'm glad it was good. One hour of my life that was worth it.

So much for losing weight. I wouldn't mind if someone slipped some cheesecake flavoured weight loss pills in my diet though.

Losing weight? Here, have some stress  

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At various points in my life, I'll realize something new. At the end of last semester, I realized that the best weight loss product is stress. I think it can be a product because it can be produced. In my case, it was produced by university work which was a part of my education. Thus, education is stressful. In fact, everything about life can be so stressful. Work, money, relationships. OMG, people! Them and their complicated feelings! Interpersonal communication blows. Clearly, I don't socialize well.

Development blows  

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The thing about gps devices is that sometimes, rapid developments around the area screws up your navigation because your map isn't updated. At least it seems that way for Malaysian maps. Right now, there are at least 9 malls being built around Petaling Jaya, and every month, there's at least one new development that is completed. Has that affected you?

Acne treatment  

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The best acne treatment is sleep. It worked really well for me during the last week, but leave it to me to ruin a good thing. Instead of going to bed before 12am, I have been sleeping at 1am for the past three days. Now I have pimples, again. Good things don't last not because they're rare; they don't last because we don't know how to appreciate them.

Too many emails  

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I have 129 unread messages in my inbox and I don't want to read them. Of course it's my fault for not dealing with them sooner. Maybe if I process 5 emails a day, I'd clear my inbox... eventually. I apologize for writing really long posts. In other news, it's so hot today.

Sleep where you can, when you can  

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Evil dark circles, begone! I'm happy to report that my 14 hour sleep has removed signs of unhealthiness previously visible on my face. My pimples are gone, my skin looks better, and no more dark circles around the eyes. But then again, who has 14 hours to sleep nowadays? Practically, no one. And we all know how beneficial sleep (or a nap) is. Most workplaces don't treat you like Google or Facebook do. The "all work and no play" office culture has got to go. If you start treating your employees like how they do in web companies, you're doing something right.

Civil rivalry  

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LOL. You know what the police said when I thought the robber was a Malay? He said in Malay, are you absolutely the person was an Indonesian, and not a Bruneian or a Malay or a Filipino? At that moment, I was suddenly not sure. Then he did not bother to even write down the description that I gave that the skin was quite tanned.

Why do Malaysian Malays hate the Indonesian Malays?
They're from the same forefathers, for goodness sake.

Job? What job?  

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I've come to a point where I have to start thinking about jobs. Not that I know for sure, but the government won't say no to people who want to work for them would they? Anyway, I've thought about getting jobs overseas, especially in the States like city of philadelphia jobs. Cause that's where you'll find philly cheesesteaks. If not, L.A. jobs. Which can only mean one thing for me. Media production. Hollywood. Anyway, I think I'm going to be an entrepreneur. I don't like office culture, the part where you have to dress up to look presentable. Hahaha, clearly that's a problem I have, having to look presentable.

SP - dental implants  

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When you get into a fight or an accident and you come out alive (good for you), especially those that involve facial injuries, you may find yourself missing some teeth. Missing teeth somehow make people look scary. Must be the witch and bum factor. I kid. In circumstances like these, and if you can afford it, dental implants will be the answer to your prayers. If you're from, say... Orange NJ, you can find your own Orange NJ dental implants and fix that creepy smile.

Uni life is killing my body  

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When I think of my life as a student all I can see is an increasingly fat bum, humongous thighs and 10 hour nights (and days) on that quite comfortable mattress I've come to appreciate. Oh, can't forget the worsening eyesight. Honestly, I'm rendered pretty much useless without my glasses. And what does this mean? Thousands in corrective eye surgery. BUT! My optician says there's a possibility that the condition of my eyes may not be suitable for lasik, based on an exam on Deng's eyes (because we're twins, what's wrong with her may be something wrong with me too). I'm going to go lie on that comfortable mattress now.

Motorhome insurance  

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For some odd reason, US senior citizens, especially those that are retired, like to buy motorhomes. Okay, maybe it's not so odd. What I'm thinking is, in their youth, they had to be stable and needed landed properties (a yard!) for their kids to grow up in. Now that they have no responsibilities, they can live a more carefree life, which for them means "motorhome!". And probably because of this, there's such a thing as motorhome insurance, to protect you from hefty bills from burning your motorhome because you can't cook or your built in washing machine flooded the engine (I don't know how it happens, but maybe a little raccoon rerouted the tubes). That's capitalism for you.


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Money is seen as an important part of a functioning society for many reasons, one of it is the economic elements in law.

Copyright law protects the rights of corporations and creators, ensuring that they are the only ones allowed to profit from their investment/creation. But this law limits creativity when people are not allowed to use that content freely. Corporations like Disney have managed to stretch copyright protection on content from 5 years to 70 years (after the death of the creator). Law is supposed to be impartial but it seems to be supporting capitalist agendas.

Now who says money can't buy happiness and power?

Best Fat Burners  

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The best fat burners are actually your own body. You know, exercise? But who am I kidding, machines have made our lives much easier now that we have been "programmed" to think we don't have to break a sweat to get things done. Hallelujah, thank goodness for that! I hate feeling sticky and sweaty, especially with the kind of weather we have in Malaysia. You've gotta hand it to the capitalists, they sure know how to spot a market.

Note to self  

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I think the attachment one has with all things Joss Whedon is that he is able to keep things close knit, a sort of mom-and-pops enterprise, by reusing actors from his previous productions, and keeping things a little grass roots. The correspondence with fans every now and then doesn't suck either.


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I think I need to meet someone new. Someone new to interact with, on things of mutual interest: Joss Whedon, TV, music, films, pirating, some compulsion with frugality, laughing at wannabe celebs like Innit bloggers, etc. I don't think I've found someone like that. It makes me feel like I don't belong. Maybe I need some reassurance that there are people out there like me. Because what's the point of having someone so similar to you, with you?

I have to stop psychoanalysing things. Work habit.

SP - Laptop deals  

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I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I am under the impression that the US has better laptop deals for students than what we have here. Unless you want to count the installation of pirated software part of the deal than, sure, we have it better here. I've read that they throw in printers and stuff for students. And recently, there's a promotion for college student about Windows 7 Home Premium. It's being sold for $30 to college students with an .edu email address. That's super cheap leh. If you're in the US and your computer dies or you don't yet have one, buy it there.

Tiny drama  

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Room 3 in our house moved her TV back into her room, saying she needed it. Why, I have no clue. But we're guessing she ain't too happy about Rooms 5-6 using it every night. Or, the three of them had an argument. Either way, the coffee table that was once a tv stand is now a real coffee table.

The lounge was rearranged yesterday and it feels so much more spacious now. I like it. Perhaps the quietness that comes with the absence of the tv might make it uncomfortable for some, I think it's kind of nice that there's silence and I don't have to try to keep things down in the kitchen when others are watching tv. Because that just makes the noise levels even higher.

SP - Orlando vacations  

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I think I know why I don't think of orlando vacations, even with the end of semester looming. It's the overcrowded beaches I see on TV. Could be that, or the Spanish, Russian or Cuban mafia that we see on CSI. And don't forget the sun. I don't look too good all tanned and stuff. Wait a minute, that's Miami. But is it the same in Orlando? If it's not as hot, I could consider it. Maybe in the next 10 years, when I have money.

A child's stupidity, not innocence  

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If you have a dad like mine, you might actually get to see air conditioner filters for yourself one day.

Those things are really nasty when it's all covered up in dust. It made me realize how dusty the air can be.

When I was younger, after I saw my first used filter, I tried not too breathe in too much and too hard. It lasted until I was short of air. I was kind of stupid back then.

Enlighten me, oh passers-by  

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Sometimes I miss the simplicity of point and shoot digital cameras. At least, I think I do. The problem is, I can't remember the last time I've used one. I don't think it's very long ago but it sure does feel like it.

Anyway, I'm going to a mooncake festival event tomorrow. Should be a cool night with lots of asians. Hahaha. It seemed funny. I hope I'll get good shots of inanimate objects. It's quite difficult to photograph people, although I'd like to try.

First I have to figure out what settings I need at night with lights. I always fire off a couple of shots with flash to get an ideal setting but that's not very efficient.

Comfortable furniture  

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Have you ever wondered how many words you've written in your entire life? I've just recently wondered.

Perhaps some group of researchers could calculate an average of words a person writes in a week, do the maths to generate a number for a year, then code a program to calculate it based on the input date of birth. It's a pretty novel idea, I would think.

But then again, there are many factors that would affect the chances of someone writing. For me, it was the office furniture. It wasn't comfortable. At all. That's why I sit like I'm a contortionist. And my dad would say, "Sit properly. Not good for your back ah". In fact, I have an urge to get a floor chair. Just cause it'll be handy. Or something. Urges be damned!

I've never really thought about it, but geez, comfortable furnitures are so important!

Do your part  

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A community service announcement to all shoppers, particularly grocery shoppers.
At the checkout counter, rotate all products with barcodes facing upwards at the cashier. Why? Because this conveniences the cashier and ultimately, makes the process faster. The minute the cashier spots the barcode, he or she can quickly rotate it towards the barcode scanner. And during checkout, make sure to keep an eye on the register screen for prices. The Tesco branch at Mutiara Damansara has a tendency to overcharge.

Looks like exercising still works. Damn.  

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I just saw a program where they tell you all about losing weight. Did you know you lose very little fat during a workout? But wait, over the next 22 hours, you'll lose even more fat because during the workout, your body burns up all the carbs. Once you stop and go about your daily activities, your body has to burn off fat instead because there's no more carbs left! And did you know, eating low fat dairy really helps in losing weight? It's because the calcium in dairy makes it difficult(?) for fat to be absorbed so it comes out in your poop. Which means you lose fat from eating low fat dairy products. Of course, all these are for people who actually have time to care. If you don't, buy weight loss pills.

Highlight at the VMAs  

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Kanye West steals Taylor Swift's moment:

Beyonce gives Taylor her moment:

This whole thing played out like a movie, with Beyonce as the lead of course. Kanye West reprises his role as the villain/sore loser and Taylor supports, I guess.
You'd think the people running the event would've asked ushers (or security, perhaps?) to look out for Kanye West after his stunt at the MTV EMAs.

I think Taylor Lautner should've whooped Kanye's ass right then and there.

SP - Motorcycle covers  

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Look, motorcycle covers, how capitalist of them.

Capitalism notwithstanding, they're pretty cute, especially this one:

It's a pocket!

I do wonder if this will be a one-man job or would it require two.
How are you to keep the top flap up while you're pushing your bike in?
I don't ride a bike, but if you know, let me know.
If not, I think they could use with some bendable sticks inside the cover like tents, to keep the top flap up and the whole structure sturdy, while you wheel that bike in.

And you know, you could always use them as a child's toy, if you have money to spend.

Workload blues  

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I've been a pretty good girl, finishing readings for two classes ahead of schedule and writing my draft essay in time. I've finished half of the draft (due Monday 14/9), which I plan to submit as the complete one anyway (due Monday 21/9) because I have an essay due Friday 18/9 but our tutor has given us until Monday to submit if we choose to submit it then.

Two weeks later...

There's one more essay and two presentations due. They're worth a lot of marks. It's going to be super tough.

Ummm, I just realized there's more.

Two more weeks later...

Three more essays due, and two final assignments due. FARK.

I'm laughing like I've gone mad, as a response to... going mad. On the verge, at least.

If I can keep up this good behaviour for the following two-ish months, I will pamper myself like a spoilt child. EYES ON THE PRIZE.

I think I've downgraded this blog to a rant blog. My goodness, how clichéd can I get.

SP - Live chat software  

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Some of the most common site support systems include email addresses, forms and community forums. Notwithstanding forums, the other platforms usually require customers to wait for about 2 to 3 business days before you can respond. What most sites don't have, is live chat software. The ability to tell customers that if they have any questions or require any help, there is a person who can help them just a click away. This can not only increase profits, but increase customer satisfaction as well.

I almost made it  

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Yesterday, I came back from class and started studying. In fact, I accomplished quite a lot in one afternoon. I was pretty impressed with myself and decided that I would do it again today.

Today, I was supposed to start with my reading for this unit when I came back home at 2pm. But I checked my email, Facebook, Twitter and blog and that took an hour and more.
I even skipped class just so I could start studying earlier. Then Deng came in and we went photo-crazy and that took I don't know, an hour? So I started my reading at 5pm.

It's 6.30pm now. And I'm tired from yesterday. Save me.

Very rant-post, I know.

SP - GMAT prep  

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Planning on taking an MBA?
I don't know about Australia but at least in the US, you have to sit for something called a GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test. The test results will tell you how likely you are to "succeed academically in graduate business studies" (Wikipedia n.d.). Oh frak, another standardized test. If you're not as brainy, you may consider taking GMAT prep classes. The test is computerized and according to Wikipedia, calculators are not allowed in the test. Good luck with that.

SP - Area rugs  

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I've always loved area rugs but my parents thought rugs trapped a lot of dirt so I suppose they'd rather sacrifice aesthetics than to risk germs. I totally agree since it's a rational decision. Plus, rugs don't come cheap, do they? But if we're talking about dreams and imaginations right, rugs would be nice. Best suited with parquet or hard wood floors. I'm not sure about marble though. This reminds me, I should alcoholize my room carpet. There's a stinky smell, probably from someone else's room but whatever.

SP - Best fat burners  

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You remember that experiment we did in Chemistry (or was it Biology), where we burnt a legume and calculated the amount of energy it generated? What happens when we burn fat? I think it'll be a great experiment, to compare and contrast how much energy each releases. Though I can't remember what we used to burn the nut. Heh, if we used a Bunsen burner to burn the fat, we can call it the best fat burner and sell them to dieters.
Not funny?

A conversation with a child  

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I had this conversation with a 9 year old yesterday and he was saying something about drinking coke to clean your stomachs. Then I felt compelled to correct the 9 year old saying the acids in his stomach will take care of that. What he needs to focus on is his intestines. That he should eat yoghurt, the natural colon cleanser. Or oats. Oats are good. Conversing with a child can be quite a fresh experience.

Bah humbug. Again.  

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Ingrid's Everybody tour

Oct 24 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI, USA
Oct 25 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI, USA
Oct 26 Park West Chicago, IL, USA

My bro's in Iowa which is practically right beside-across Illinois.
My cousins are in Wisconsin, and Madison and Milwaukee are like one to two counties away.

I hate not being able to go to shows and listen to live music. I haven't been to shows like these before... *grumble grumble*

Not dead. Yet.  

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Looks like this blog will stay alive for the next 5-7 weeks.

I have the munchies right now. Snicker cookies. Oh yeah. But they're a bit chewy now that it's been sitting in my drawer for a couple of days. My jaws went rigid because I was struggling to finish my second piece. It was THAT hard to chew.

Why do I participate in stupid things?  

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innit snapshot

Looking at the top ten posts on Innit, I find that Nuffnangers active on Innit are people who don't give a shit about politics probably because:
a. they've given up hope (which really means the end of Malaysian politics as we know it or you know, a better life ahead of us); or
b. they're vapid and fundamentally apathetic; or
c. they actually do read newspapers and get their news from online news sites [Updated]

I don't know, looks like a mixture.
I think Tim Berners-Lee, Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson would be distraught to know that the Web which they had imagined, central to sharing and collaboration, is now a popularity contest. In this case. Innit. Malaysia.
Because the top posts are "hogged" (because it's true) by the more popular bloggers, you don't get a variety of topics to read about. Like, food review, okay lah. But a new haircut? Do people really care? Apparently, they do. And when that post is pushed to the top, you get more people looking at this person's new haircut, perpetuating the cycle. Can die lor.

And what is with the CAPS and !!!s. Haiyo.
Reminds me of this 12 year old on Yahoo! Answers replacing A's with @s and "me" and "we" with "meh" and "weh".


Rant: Law in Malaysia  

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Note: I was writing about the Daphne Iking scandal at first but it slowly became a rant of Malaysian Law and government. The ideas may be disorganized but do read it. You may find something useful leh.

What is this thing about Daphne Iking's husband suing this other dude (Mr. Choy)?

Okay, I've read a couple of articles and they're all pretty much the same, like it was from a press release.

The only reason why this is big news is because it's probably the first time any man has sued another dude for being too friendly with his wife, citing sections of the law that no one knew existed. And because it's Daphne Iking. And it's scandalous.

According to the article (full article from link above):
Choy Khin Ming, dressed smartly in a white shirt and black pants, stood in the dock as his lawyers and the aggrieved husband’s lawyers introduced themselves to magistrate Mohd Faizi Che Abu.

The appearance of two other lawyers, Ravi Nekoo and Pushpa Ratnam, took the court by surprise when the former told magistrate Mohd Faizi Che Abu that they were there to hold a watching brief for Iking and may file to ask questions later.

It seems like Daphne hired her own lawyers, which could indicate where the marriage stands. Or I'm just being tabloid-ish.

Unfortunately, Mr. Choy is not very google-able. Other than news we already know, I couldn't find nothing personal. Even a business (he's supposedly a managing director).

Anyway, there's a reason Daphne's hubby's name wasn't revealed, so I've taken them off of any posts I had. He's a very low profile guy lah.

But then you really have to wonder, if he's going to accuse this fella for seduction of a spouse, he's going to have to prove it with what most likely will be communication details. And we know there are reporters in court hearings so this would just publicize things further, not a very good idea if you care about your privacy. It'll affect Daphne's career (though we know more people may tune in to The Breakfast Show to see if Daphne will be on), the family's privacy, her hubby's job (in some way perhaps)? Is it worth it? Would it have been better if he didn't go to court in the first place?

Now about this law of “enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman”. Criminal? Isn't adultery a civil issue? So what do they mean by criminal?

The Penal Code (Act 574) does not say much other than this:
Enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a
married woman

498. Whoever takes or entices away any woman who is and
whom he knows, or has reason to believe, to be the wife of any
other man, from that man, or from any person having the care of
her on behalf of that man, with intent that she may have illicit
intercourse with any person, or conceals, or detains with that
intent any such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for
a term which may extend to two years or with fine or with both.

So gender equality aside, I think the law interprets that having sexual intercourse, or the intent, with someone other than your spouse is a criminal offence. In Malaysia lah. It makes sense since if you two got on with it, they can't say you're wrong because it's morally subjective. But the law tries to prevent you from causing unrest by stating that if you seduce a married woman with the intent to hump, you must go to jail, you prick! It's kind of saying that if you want to be with the girl, do it by the book.

Anyway, if you're free, you should take a look at some of the laws in Malaysia. It's not too difficult to understand it if you know why they have to write like stuck-ups. What they're trying to do is fit everything into one sentence, that's why legal sentences are so long. All you have to do is break the sentence down and let your synapses go to work.

To laugh or be shocked by laws concerning bloggers, read the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984. It's crazy how much power the Home Minister holds (as demonstrated by d**khead extraordinaire, Syed Hamid Albar, not too long ago). And in case you didn't know, publications have to renew their licenses annually. That's how the law keeps them in line. And and and, we have MCA who owns The Star and a couple of chinese dailies, UMNO has Utusan and whatnot. How is it that it's even legal for political parties to own news publications is beyond me.

Also take a look at the Sedition Act 1948. Hey, they could throw yo' ass in jail for calling... wait, who's the most hated minister now? Ok lah, let's go for coalition parties instead. So, they could throw yo' ass in jail for thinking and blogging that BN is inciting hate amongst the Malays and Chinese and Indians. Then there's these UMNO Youth people going all barbaric with Karpal Singh (there might be a video on youtube somewhere showing UMNO Youth harassing and obstructing Mr. Karpal Singh from entering a building) and going all "PKR is the enemy of Islams and Malays!" on people. So I've heard lah. And most of them are 40-50 year old men pretending to be youths. *hurl*

Of course you don't have to read every Section and Article. What you can do is look through the contents and find anything that interests you or is relevant to you maybe in terms of publication of information (e.g. blogging). Besides, the government hates bloggers that talk or mentions politics. Bloggers suck at reporting "the truth" because we don't check our facts before publishing. Of course lah, traditional media government control wert.

And BTW, there's no such thing as total freedom of speech or expression in Malaysia except for a little provision in our Federal Constitution. BUT... of course there's a "but"... the freedom comes with T&C lah. Parliament can retract these freedoms in the interest of a variety of things. Think: RPK. "For national security reasons", amongst the favourites.

So don't be an idiot and shout "I have Freedom of Speech!".
It's the Americanization of our culture that makes us think we have freedom and total democracy so again, we don't. Aiya, we don't have a First Amendment lah!

I'm not sure if all I said has basis because I didn't edit this article. It's just the rebel in me lah. Ministers discrediting bloggers like that, hurts my feelings leh.

p.s. these ministers talking about unity and Merdeka must be kidding themselves. Do they not realize that patriotism, in most cases, is pretty forced? When I was in class one day during the Olympics or some sporting event, Malaysia won some medal and the people were sort of apathetic. Then the Chinese team won zounds of medals and my Chinese classmates were all cheering and all smiles. She even asked how come we don't feel the joy of the success of our nation team.

On one hand, you're going "we must stay united!" and "1Malaysia!" (WTF is that concept anyway?!). On the other, you're all about segregation and privileges. How to unify the people like that?

So ah, if you idiots want unity from us, you'd better act like it. Pricks.

They're not just treadmills  

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*Orange words are hyperlinks, peach words are defined words (*hover*).

The treadmill is a symbol of health, capitalism and a waste of space, no? BUT! Take away all these symbolisms and take a look at the meaning of the treadmill.

Treadmills aren't just machines for exercising, they're products from the generation that feared death and flabby skin. It's a machine that rides on the consumer's motivation to stay alive and desire to look good. Better yet, indoor exercising machines insinuate that you shouldn't exercise outdoors because you're not pretty enough. Yet.

But wait, they have their redeeming qualities as well. With more healthier people, the government can reduce health care costs. You get happier people as well with endorphins pumping like crazy. And at the fundamental level, birth rates may go up because we have so many pretty people strutting their stuff, all toned and beautiful.

So the question is, do we overlook semiotics and lean toward humanism, or do we go all anthropologic and condemn capitalism?

This is what I learn in school. Now I can interpret your every act and judge you. Muahahahahahaa.

Do you wanna date my avatar?  

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The video is finally here, woo! Listen to the lyrics. Catchy betul..

Those in the not know, it's a music video for the web series, The Guild about a group of hardcore gamers and their lives. It's all about geek humour.

Oh btw, Maurissa Tancharoen from my I'm such a Sci-fi geek post is in the video as well. She did backup vocals and dances in the video (right most dancer in group and concubine on the right).

Woe is me  

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Grocery expenditures have went up a bit since we came back. I thought the economy was improving. How is it that prices go up?
No more cheap pizzas, cheap cab fares, heck, even cheap education. Maybe there's cheap health insurance? Health care here ain't cheap y'know. Pizza used to cost $5.50 every Tuesday, now it's $5.95. Cucumbers cost $1 more!! Cucumbers!! Now I has no cucumbers in my sandwiches! And that damn washer keeps eating our money!

SP - Selling insurance like no other  

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The internet has changed how we do things. If you were to get an insurance policy before the internet, it was lots of face time with the agent. Sometimes, the agents would look for you trying to sell policies. But now, with the internet, you'd apply for wholesale life insurance, for instance, online because a lot of information is now available on the web. You can get insurance quotes online instead of waiting for the agent to get back to you, you can do your own research on policies before talking to an agent, etc. Of course the face to face interaction is vital in this business. You can't sell something as important as a policy without meeting the client. It's all about alleviating the fears.

The road to vanity is complicated  

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In the process of selecting a TLD (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG), maybe it's just me, but I noticed the degree of vanity that comes with each TLD.

According to GoDaddy:
.COM - “Commercial” and the most widely used TLD on the internet.

.NET - Usually used by Network Providers, but used widely by businesses and individuals for other purposes.

.ORG - Commonly used by non profit organizations.

I perceive .NET to be the least vain TLD amongst the three, followed by .COM and .ORG.
I originally thought .COM was on top but after I saw a description in another registrar's site about .ORGs, I changed my mind. We'll come to that later.

My reasoning for this ranking is that .COM is so prevalent, people want to be affiliated with others using .COM TLDs. What does it mean? It kind of insinuates that you want to hang with the majority and not be seen as the odd one out. .COM was originally meant for commercial activities and was subsequently opened to everyone. Commercial signifies mainstream meaning majority meaning acceptance. Consequently, the first TLD that comes to mind is .COM.

In contrast, those who pick .NET TLDs look like they're taking a step back from the crowd aren't they? The vibe's all humble and sorts. .NET was for network providers and these people are usually geeky and (stereotypically) socially challenged, they're behind-the-scenes people, not very popular.

Now why do I think .ORG tops the vanity scale?
Because I saw this description: "Also used by clubs".
How vain can you get, to register a .ORG domain as a club dedicated to yourself?

*Note that I'm writing this just for kicks, not aimed at anyone in particular. Just trying to apply some things I learned in class today. The last point is bullshit because clearly, there's no merit to that.

Convicted Freedom is *kapoot*!  

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I've decided that Convicted Freedom is stupid. Someone should've told me this years ago.

It was age-appropriate at the time of creation but now, I'm 20 and almost 21, and I can't help but think "What the heck is Convicted Freedom? Is it relevant to me now? Heck, I don't even know how to explain it if someone asked me".

Having studied the internet, I can't explain it, but I feel like a new consciousness just washed over me. I'm seeing things in a different light now. Not a very bright light but it's getting there.

In addition to the whole name changing thing, I'm going to get a domain name!
I imagine that's the equivalent of getting your own car, in Blogosphere standards. The coming of age thing that you do after you've decided that taking the bus just isn't for you anymore.

Tongue twister!  

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Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watches switches. Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch witch?

via Yahoo! Answers

It starts to make no sense at the second sentence. If I were to correct it, it'd be like this:

Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watches' switches.
Which Swedish switched witch watched which Swiss Swatch watch switch?

Do I really want to work on movie sets?  

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When I think about how underpaid production crews are, I think about how people like Ryan Seacrest are overpaid.

Wouldn't it be awesome if an actor sets aside a portion of his/her million dollar salary to be paid to crew members? Or you know, a raise would do.

I think therein lies the problem of exploitation of labor. The people on top keep the money to themselves -- drive sports cars, hire drivers, live in mansions -- while the crew works their asses off for dirt and don't even get paid on time (in some cases).

I think my inner-educator is speaking  

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I keep imagining myself teaching a class of primary school kids. Classes are fun and productive and they like me.

Youngsters these days  

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via LKM @ facebook

Censor our ministers before censoring porn  

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I've just read that the government is considering a move to filter the internet off porn and other "bad" elements (Oh God! Is that a man's nipple?! Quick, block that page!). Coincidentally, I was reading an essay about political censorship for my unit tomorrow.
Anyway, I would like to just put this out there, hoping it will stand out amidst the sea of "it's a waste of time and of no use" and "it violates the MSC Bill of Guarantees" comments, this quote by Nart Villeneuve (2006):

Once a national filtering system is in place, governments may be tempted to use it as a tool of political censorship or as a technological “quick fix” to problems that stem from larger social and political issues.

Sounds probable. And I base this on how paedophillic our DPM looks, how overeager our Info, Comm & Culture Minister looks and how shady our PM looks (what with all the implications in criminal activities hor). I may be bullshitting but you can't deny that our ministers tend to take the easy way out for most matters.

What will they block next? The opposition's sites? Anti-corruption sites? God forbid, YouTube, for hosting videos of (keyword:)Malaysian enforcement officers beating up a suspect in custody *hint wink nudge*.
I have to wonder if they've considered how relatively simple it is to circumvent filters though. Because that would already have rendered the filters useless to a percentage of internet users.

** The MSC Bill of Guarantees dictates that the Malaysian government guarantees not to censor the internet as part of a commitment to foreign investors.

I don't know if the title makes sense. In some contexts, yes, it does.

And just to rub it in...

I got this from a government website.

Facebook Purity Update #3  

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Yet another update for Facebook Purity.
At least we know Facebook often makes changes to their codes and whatnot.

Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage user scripts > Select Facebook Purity > Uninstall.
Then install Facebook Purity.

via steev

Search results for "Moong Chee Mun"  

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Let me just redirect searches for "Moong Chee Mun" to Roberta's blog.
I didn't know him personally but it is a great loss because he seemed like a very nice and talented young man.

Why that guy so old school wan  

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ISA Can Be Amended, Not Abolished: Ahmad Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it was impossible for the Internal Security Act (ISA) to be abolished but it could be amended or its name to be changed to be more appropriate with current times.

He said the country needed laws like the ISA, that could allow a person to be questioned before a matter or case could be taken to court, as well as needing other laws.

"Don't just look to our country only. See our neighbours or other countries. They too have laws more or less like ours or more stricter.

"The act is meant to enure economic and political stability so that there are no problems related to religion, race and culture and this is what the government stresses," he told reporters after officiating a political speeches course organised by the Cheras Umno division here Saturday.

Commenting on the gatherings in the city today by the Abolish the ISA movement (GMI) and the Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Perwaris), together with Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), which wanted the ISA to be retained, Ahmad Zahid people should not be afraid of the ISA if they had not done anything wrong.

"I speak from my experience in 1988. Although I was detained under the ISA I accepted the situation. When I was questioned and investigated I was of the opinion that the police did their job profesionally,' said Ahmad Zahid.

At the same function, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Ahmad Maslan, said the Opposition merely wanted an opportunity to have a demonstration even when they knew that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would review the ISA.

"Actually they should give their views wisely, in writing, using facts if they wanted to make any suggestions, not by troubling the people, till the roads are jammed," he said.


or its name to be changed to be more appropriate with current times.

The changing of the ISA name to reflect the present is plain stupid because it will always be related to "national security" which government officials use on a whim.
Spirit Mineral Water and Aquafina Mineral Water is technically, just water. They're just different names. If the government can pull off some sort of marketing ploy to change our opinions of the ISA, I'll give you RM500... money which I do not have ready.

Don't just look to our country only. See our neighbours or other countries. They too have laws more or less like ours or more stricter.

And really, these idiot politicians have to stop comparing Malaysia with other countries. If they wanted to, compare themselves with US or UK.. one without an ISA anyway.. and stop comparing themselves with Singapore. Because that's like comparing the same pair of shoes and saying how different they are. Morons.
If you compare our petrol prices with other nations again, I'll bitch slap you.
Your economy and their economy same ah? Compare what?

I'll not say more because there's something growing under my eyelid and I'm hungry, but I'll end with this:

How are they going to be a developing nation when they won't let go of their security blanket?

Facebook Purity Update #2  

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Install Facebook Purity

Script updated 29th July 2009 - Due to a code change at facebook, the script was hiding the whole newsfeed. To remedy this, first uninstall the old version of the script, by going to the Firefox “Tools” menu, then selecting “Greasemonkey” then “Manage UserScripts” then click the Facebook Purity script then click the uninstall button, then re-install the updated version from the link above. ( N.B) if fb purity still isnt working for you after this, try clearing your browsers cache, then re-installing again, as your browser may have cached a copy of the old script.

via steeev @ http://steeev.freehostia.com/

Wazzup my homies  

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Head Honcho Homie #1 is back in Perth.
I checked my bank balances and suddenly felt like I didn't have enough money.

We're squabbling about adult stuff now  

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I was having this conversation with my Brother and Mum about how the Science stream is perceived to be above others. In other words, I think the Science stream, if it were a person, has a superiority complex.

But of course, schools aren't helping my cause either because they are segregating students based on their PMR results which now when you think about it, is totally baseless. Do you remember how people kept telling you (and how you now tell others) that what you achieve in your PMR does not reflect what you would achieve in your SPM? Uh huh. See what I mean? I'm a walking example (so are my other friends who got only two As). HIGH FIVE!

At that point in life (age 15), there are only a handful of students who know what they want to do in life. Some know they want to be businessmen and make tons of moolah, some want to be dentists, etc. Good for them. But for the rest who are clueless, most of them drift to the Science stream (if their results allow), while the rest go to the Arts because they heard from others that it's easier than the Science (and if their results disallow). Once again, another branch of the result-oriented mentality. I mean, I do have this mentality, but I realized that results don't mean zilch if you have a poor character. Although, this realization came at a really bad time - Form 5, the year of SPM.

Okay, apparently the government is aiming for a 60:40 ratio of Science to Arts students. Maybe that's why schools base it on results. But then you can't change something without changing the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of people. Maybe then did the notion that Science was better than Arts was developed.

DAMN IT! My siblings are bugging me. I can't continue writing.

We poor, stingy people can't afford diet pills  

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Okay, I'm looking at this website that ranks diet pills based on its effectiveness.
But if they're so effective, why are there still fat people in the US? But I kid.

Coincidentally, the top ranking product is Decaslim which I wrote about not too long ago. But ah, just this afternoon, Deng measured my waist, it was 26.5 inches!
I could say lots of things like "I wasn't sitting straight", "I had a full stomach" or "she wasn't doing it right", but nah, I know I've grown fatter over the months.
I can't say "no" to cheese.

But going back to that website's ranking of top diet pills, another product called apidexin is ranked third. According to the site, it's almost (by a miniscule margin) as effective as Decaslim but cheaper!
Suddenly, I have this urge, just an urge, to try these pills to prove, or disprove, all these website reviews. And because I'm severely affected by my measurements.

SP - Pet Supplements  

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You know, some people question the necessity of pet supplements, probably saying that it's capitalism at work or something. But I think if your pet (nowadays, they're practically your child) benefits, why not stop and take the time to do a bit of research on the products available. I remember giving my hamsters vitamin C. He really really liked it. Oh damn, I miss those little buggers.

SP - Diet Pills Review  

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I think the fatnomenon in the US has really made pharmaceuticals grinning now that there's a nationwide call for Americans to trim off some of those "muffin-tops" (I think that's what Deng calls it). Search results for "diet pill reviews" was just shy of a million entries. It's a bit counter-productive because it's so saturated and cluttered, it's difficult for the average consumer to determine which sites provide unbiased reviews.

Don't let the bedbugs bite  

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Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
Have you ever wondered why people say that? I wondered and thought maybe bedbugs were fictional creatures conjured to scare little children. Yes, really. I don't know why I thought that because I saw a documentary about bedbugs years ago.
But I now know that it isn't some superficial well-wishing phrase. You really, really don't want to get bitten by a bedbug.

Bedbugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. They're disgustingly scary in the sense that because they can't jump, they will climb onto the ceiling and free fall on top of you. The annoying thing about them is that you won't be able to feel them on you. As they bite into you, imagine two straws; one used to inject saliva which keeps your blood from coagulating as well as anesthetizes the bite area, and another for drinking.

At one point, I think the phrase lost its luster due to the rapid decline in the bedbug population. Perhaps a majority of those born in the 80s and later have never seen a bedbug in their life. I saw my first, real, bedbug just a couple of days ago.

Anyway, your parents and my parents, when they were younger, bedbugs were abundant I would think. My Dad said, as children, because they were so poor, my Grampa got some cardboard boxes, laid them on the floor and put a straw mat on top of it so they could sleep on them. But little did he know, bedbugs infested the cardboard.
And so you see, the phrase makes more sense now. Though, I still haven't got "sleep tight" figured yet.

Promise me you'll look at me the same  

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I think it's one out of a handful of situations where a normal person would have the ability, as well as excuse, to crap their pants. And I mean that quite literally.

I lie in this bed (while Deng stirs and elbows me in my sides), documenting my first diarrhetic experience since yonks (or never). It would seem that I currently hold no regard for my humility or reputation (I know I'll regret this one day). And if a future prospective employer sees this, know that, IT WAS THE SHRIMP!
I kid, I kid. I'm not sure if it was the shrimp but everyone always thinks it's the shrimp.

T'was like this.
I was watching Top Gear and, how do I put this nicely, felt a fart coming on. I let loose one and a little bit of something warm came out.
Now that I think about it, it wasn't a fart, I practically did the number two right then and there.

That was incident one.
Incident two happened just a while ago. I awoke from my sleep thinking my period had finally came but nope, all I did was crap my pants again, just a little bit.

Thank goodness I was expecting my monthly visit so I was protected. But can you imagine how disgusting it would be if I had diarrhoea AND my period together?! Can I get a collective "EWW" and some vomit from the girls?

I feel kind of empty and hungry now. I've been on and off the throne about 5 times.
The experience was fresh at first (I do love my ironies). I kept farting and the funny noises made me laugh. Then it got dreadful by the 3rd visit.
Though, it'd have been much more satisfying if I was defecating solid waste but all that came out was air, liquid and umm, purée.

Before I leave you with pleasant memories of me, some advice for first time diarrhetics: if you feel like farting, don't because all you're going to do is poop your pants again, it's not a world record; rehydrate; and start wondering if it was the shrimp.

What shit is this?  

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Science and Math back to BM eh?
So ah, I think what the government is trying to tell its people is that, when the going gets tough, quit!

SP - Junk Removal  

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Should you live in a semi-pack rat like environment, a junk removal service would probably do wonders for you. Just don't be there to watch, when they load up all your stuff into the truck, if you're like my dad. The FAQs from an NJ junk removal service says they remove appliances, scrap, household items, etc. That's pretty much anything. They also claim to dispose of the junk "in an environmentally friendly way, recycled or donated to a local charity". Now that's Societal Marketing, people!

Steaks and Burgers  

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So... I'm officially a 'C' student.
I took four units and got only one H.Distinction and that's for Intro. to Marketing, so that's like, a given. My average is 69.75. I thought I expected to get higher but come to think of it, I kept on complaining how I sucked last semester right? So yeah lah.

Anyhoo, cookout on Friday. Woo!

I've figured my online persona  

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Hover for word definitions. Learn them, use them.
I'm contemplating writing a post on how Innit has become a popularity contest; so vapid, superficial and very much a suck-hole magnet.
Except I can't be bothered to do the research since I've never had direct encounters with these vapid narcissists.
So I'll wait and see if GZ writes one.

Similarly, I've figured out what my online identity is: I'm a rebel (in sociological issues), more accurately known as "Person with Stick Up Ass".


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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

SP - Heart Pendant Jewelry  

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I was channel surfing the other day and found "Catch That Kid" playing on HBO (or was it Cinemax? Star Movies?). Kristen Stewart was professing her love for both Corbin Bleu and Max Thieriot with a heart pendant jewelry to get them to help her with the heist. I'm so glad she grew up. I was kind of tormented, watching that scene. It was very weird, (pre?) pubescent children doing the kissies and lovies.

I'm rambling  

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What if someone tried to off themselves with pills and accidentally took diet supplements instead? And let's assume that that diet supplement is Decaslim (I was reading a review of it lah). This particular supplement contains a lot of Superfoods, foods rich in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, doodads and whatnot. I read them Decaslim reviews and whoa, I was kind of convinced. I'd buy it. It's tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, garlic, fibre, blueberries, red wine, all in a compact pill. Come to think of it, whoever created the pill slash tablet, is a damn genius. I'm rambling. My brother is distracting me.

Cocky Basketball by Paramore  

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SP - GPS systems  

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After watching Transformers, if I have too much time to think, I keep thinking my phone's going to transform into a Decepticon.
They featured gps systems so heavily in the movie, that it made me want to get one myself, for no reason at all. It's my pack rat habits, I tell you. But really, it can be a real life saver. And it speaks! Practically every cabbie in Japan has one. I'm not going to say "it's time our cabbies got one too" and suggest that our government even promote them because honestly, as great an invention they are (even if it was designed so the military could blow their enemies up more efficiently and effectively), there are more pressing things to focus on.

Write properly lah!  

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While you mourn the death of a legend, there's a batch of extra moronic terrestrials professing their love for that same legend they never loved.

What I'm saying is, while some of you grew up listening to songs by the man (and probably witnessed his fall from grace), the others are just jumping on the MJ's-dead-gotta-write-about-it bandwagon.

Some of these posts resemble extractions, if not, paraphrased sentences from Wiki and various news articles. It's pathetic. I've come across a couple of postings and it felt like I was reading a mandatory blog post "paying tribute" to a dead celeb. Mundane! Half of them probably didn't even really know who Farrah Fawcett was (except for that Charlie's Angels bit), yet there they were telling the world that "another star died today".

I get that some people feel compelled to talk about current news, especially when it involves A-list celebs, but come on, do it with a bit of dignity! Some of these posts are downright disgraceful as eulogies to a man who entertained us all with his bizarre antics and awesome moon-walk-crotch-grabs. Some of them didn't even have a photo of the man in their posts. Can you say, "shoddy work"?

Even on Facebook, you see this crap.
You have people who probably didn't give two hoots about the man when he was alive, now going all "RIP Michael Jackson. We will always remember you". What kind of hypocrite are you? The narcissistic kind? If you think harder, beneath the status updates, it's really about the attention. But I digress.

Look, no one's going to persecute you for writing about it (except for me), but if you're going to join the gold rush, at least make an effort to write something worthy, so it doesn't seem obvious that all you want is site traffic.
Now get out there and write proper eulogies, you slimy bastards!

I can connect with this..  

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


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Ahahahaha, Neopets froze my new account.

Freeze Warning

The username was spreadthestupid.
Somehow, I forgot that it was a supposed to be a family-friendly website.

Facebook Purity Update  

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Some of you may have been experiencing some problems with your Facebook news feed if you are using Facebook Purity. It has been blocking all items in the news feed because of a code modification on Facebook's part.

To fix the problem, simply reinstall Facebook Purity.

To use Facebook Purity, you need Greasemonkey for Firefox. Read the quick guide here.


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** There will be some disgusting pictures (though it's subjective, no?) later in this post. If you get revolted easily, please, stop reading after the Announcement **

Just two pictures from the plane ride over.

Deng's Kid's Meal aboard Air Asia X
Kid's Meal Aboard Air Asia X

We learnt something new that day.
Kid's shouldn't be given so much sugar on flights, unless Air Asia wants kids to annoy the heck out of other passengers. They had Time-Out wafer chocolates, Kit Kats, a box of Sun-Maid Raisins (I liked these) and a box of jigsaw puzzles with the main meal.

This is Sam, the Australian kid that's so friendly you could die.

17 Again is FREE FOR ALL, go watch it with your other halves instead!

Now about me. Me. ME. ME.
I'm extending my quarantine because I just want to be sure I don't have the flu *cue sfx*. Don't worry, it's probably nothing. My skin doesn't even hurt yet.

** NEXT: OMG, A LIZARD!! LOOK AWAY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! *coughcathycough* **

Do you know why I'm making a big deal out of this lizard?
Because I caught some pretty high-res photos with my telephoto lens. HAHAHAHA.

Yesterday afternoon, sitting beneath the air-conditioner, I wondered why it made such weird mechanical noises. About two minutes later, A LIZARD FELL OUT!
That lizard was grinding in the air-conditioner before it managed to wriggle its way out and almost fall on me that afternoon *shudder*.
I, of course, totally freaked out the moment I realized it was a lizard.
It took me about 30 minutes to off it and I inhaled a good amount of H2O too (it was the only way I knew how).

*EDIT: fixed the photos. Mouse over and hold until pictures load.

Before the hunt began

A little creepy photo for your perusal

I'm not proud of it. I was just scared shitless.

Malaysia boleh!  

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While the authorities are "freaking out" over swine flu transmission at KLIA, they might want to pay some attention to the screening system at the LCCT.

On the plane, passengers are given Health Declaration Forms to fill. They ask if you've been in contact with H1N1 patients, have you had any flu-like symptoms, have you just came from a country with H1N1 contamination as listed by the WHO and so on, pretty simple form. When I get to Customs at the LCCT (I was in line for the autogate), on the counter, sits a stack of papers and hanging down below was an A4 makeshift signage of "Health Declaration Form letak sini". Behind the counter, the Customs officer looks busy. I put the paper on top of the stack and go through the automated process of "checking in". Once I'm out, I turn around to see the officer reading the newspaper. Never once did she glance up.

If our first line of defence is going to be like that, I can't wait to see what we're going to do when local transmission of the flu increases *mock excitement*!


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For some insane reason, I was surrounded by midgets that squeal and cry and look cute, with no where to hide but between them.

First there was the Malaysian kid. Then an Aussie kid (who's so friendly you could die) came and said "hi" to them Malaysian kids. Response was lukewarm at first but by the third visit, the Aussie cutie and the Malaysian kid were fast friends. I look the other way and there's someone reading a magazine with a picture of a child on its cover. Seconds later, a baby stumbles by with his mother. It was one baby after another.

I got to sit beside a sitter with two young boys on the plane. Sure enough, I was showered with constant screams, squeals and crying. Trying to sleep has never been so difficult. Trying to stare into the LCD screen without a baby screaming was pretty much impossible.

You know what, I'll cut my story short. I'm exhausted.
IT WAS A VERY LONG TRIP HOME. It was supposed to be a five and a half hour long trip. Felt like fourteen.

Oh, I got "randomly selected" to be tested for residue from coming in contact with explosive materials. They used "tongs" and a cotton pad and ran them through my limbs then put it in the "sniffer".
I think it was because my jacket was zipped up to the top. Who knows what could be under those things...

The past month has been very taxing on my health, so I'm going to have to rest. I haven't slept in ... I can't count anymore. I need sleep.

Aspartame is carcinogenic  

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What the frak is aspartame and why does it concern you? Well, if you consume diet colas or artificial sweeteners, this is something you might want to read.

Coke Zero LogoPepsi Max Logo

Diet colas use Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium as substitutes for sugar, in their drinks. Both ingredients are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and have a set Acceptable Daily Intake rate. That is to say, you can consume this much everyday and still be fine.

The first study of the effects of aspartame was conducted in the 70s and they found that it was safe to consume in certain amounts. But of course, some scientists thought that the results were questionable because, surprise, surprise, the research was funded by a producer of artificial sweeteners.

Then, a second study in 2005 by the ERF (European Ramazzini Foundation), who are independent from the first study, found evidence that aspartame is carcinogenic. They tested 1800 rats over a period of 8 years and found that "aspartame increases the incidence of malignant tumours".

Sreenshot of ERF study

See see, the EU got a wee bit worried and asked the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to assess the ERF study. The results?
EFSA: "It's alright, folks. You can get on with your lives because we're dismissing the ERF results. We found so and so to be irrelevant and so and so caused by something else and not really aspartame". (note: this is not a quote)

Well obviously the docs at the ERF weren't too happy about that. They then did a second study of their first study, this time, with the rats being fed lower dosages of aspartame. The results, released in 2007, confirmed the carcinogenicity of aspartame. Again.

I wonder why this news never got picked up by Malaysian media, though, I'm not entirely sure if it was. It's not like I read the newspaper everyday.

*I was prompted to write about this while watching an interview of Miranda Kerr when she mentioned this. Damn, that girl is fine. And smart to boot! Orlando Bloom is a lucky bastard.

Miranda Kerr at David Jones 2008 Summer Collections Launch
Photo by Brett Robson (Freelance Media - Fashion - Model Photographer)

We Bum As One  

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New addition to the sidebar.

I'm procrastinating. Building a form is more fun than studying "Distribution".

I'm getting a little too desperate now  

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Things to do when I get home:
1. Go to Friday's and try their new menu!
2. Cheese and garlic naan!
3. Movies!
4. Be a pirate. Unlimited bandwidth, baby!
5. Lester's cheesecakes!
6. Tell Minah the "beruk" joke!
7. Bake the most awesome cheesecake ever!
8. Doughnut hunting!
9. Maybe earn some cash. I need a 1TB hard disk.
10. Dentist appointment!

Yes, I'm very excited about this trip home.

No more a child at 25  

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If you have reached the age of 25, I have a bit of bad news for you, to wit: it is time, if you have not already done so, for you to emerge from your cocoon of post-adolescent dithering and self-absorption and join the rest of us in the world.
Past the quarter-century mark, you see, certain actions, attitudes, and behaviors will simply no longer do, and while it might seem unpleasant to feign a maturity and solicitousness towards others that you may not genuinely feel, it is not only appreciated by others but necessary for your continued survival. Continuing to insist past that point that good manners, thoughtfulness, and grooming oppress you in some way is inappropriate and irritating.

Grow up.


One of the best reads this week, aside from my Marketing text.
I think some of these social rules should be applied before you even turn 25 though.

Now's not the time for excitement  

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I'm so not going to score in my exam, I'm getting distracted by The Veronicas and their YooToob videos.

Two things I'm getting excited about: the aeroporto and my hair.

Images of the airport keep appearing in my head. Then I dream about what I'm going to do when I get there; check out the duty-free shops, contemplate between koala chocolates or kangaroo jerky, get grossed out by kangaroo jerky, try some Red Rooster (finally!), stone in my seat.
I can't wait to get home now. I hear we have some pretty bitchin' weather back in KL. Why isn't the thunderstorm blowing away the haze though? Speaking of thunderstorms, it looks like it's still going to be raining when I get back. What's a plane ride without some turbulence eh? *hurls*
My hair is going to curl like heck when I get off that plane. The humidity tends to fuck up my hair, y'know? Maybe I should use my Sunsilk leave on conditioner.

My currently-not-so-rockin'-but-still-pretty-awesome hair
I want to get my hair done when I get back.
I'm thinking: layer it (not sure if it's long enough though), maybe straighten a couple of the tips or emphasize it by trimming that area, trim the fringe, then do some highlights (what colour?). But my current hairstyle is a little flat for that look, gotta give it some volume. And the front end of my hair is longer than the back because of my bob but I reckon the end result will look pretty smashing. Hope my frizzies won't screw up the whole look.
Mum told me about this salon in Sunway or somewhere that charged my aunt Rm100 something for a perm and a cut and a dye. That, or I'm just making that up. Someone, go with me!

In other news, I've finally learnt to put on eye-liner! Just very simply.
A massive step into the world of womanhood considering I didn't know my eye-liner from my mascara. Next, I will conquer mascaras and coloured lip gloss/balm!

This hermit thing is getting to me  

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I was trying to look for new people to (possibly) talk to on Facebook and Innit but sadly, I couldn't find any with similar interests. I took a stab at She and Him and Marit Larsen as interest points but nada. It's just so sad. So, I'm publicizing my Facebook profile, actually filling my interests, activities and whatnots, putting myself out there.

Did you know you can learn a lot about a person through their activities, interests and opinions?

OMG I'm fat  

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I just had a long hard look at myself in the mirror. My face looks chubbier.

It's the cheese, SO the cheese. Every Friday I get sandwiches from the cafe and I go home and add an extra slice of cheese on it. When I have home-made sandwiches, I have a slice, sometimes two slices of cheese. Then there's the Macaroni and Cheese with extra cheese! It's also the meat, oh the meat! I have more meat here than I have back in Malaysia.

I'm going to change my eating habits when I get back. I have to! I don't want a big face.

I can't get enough of Transformers  

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24th June 2009 in Malaysian cinemas

*I watched the trailer, and of all the WHOAs, WAHs and HOLY SHITs I was supposed to express, I thought "did that bad bad robot spit a tiny robotic limb to slap Shia LaBeouf (1.55min)???"

The 24th was a very important day (cue: fireworks and party hats) until I had to change it to the 22nd of June instead.

"Apasal", you ask.

"United International Pictures Malaysia are premiering Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, 2 days before the Malaysian premiere and a full 24 hours before the world premiere and Nuffnang is giving out tickets to the premiere," I exclaim. Yes, I said "premiere" four times in a sentence.

To be honest, the only two robots I can recognize on Transformers are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Mega-who?
The rest are just really cool robots that can do really cool stuff. Sorry lah, but I grew up in the Power Rangers era mah.

So I'm sitting at home in an itchy turtleneck trying to study for my exam and all I can think about is the Transformers. It's torture I tell you, waiting for the premiere of a movie is torture.

Transformers 2 poster Mosaice-d

You've got the hot chick for the dudes, the heroic male lead for the girls, and of course, the robots for every fanboy in the theatre.
I mean, how can you NOT want to watch an awesome blockbuster like this?!

My I-hope-I-win slogan:
I can't get enough of Transformers because I want to save Optimus Prime from the evil bots. Keep your robotic missiles away from him!

It's not weird to think a bot is hot, right?

I live for others  

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I'm going to take a nap and then study when I wake up.
It's a promise I'm making to You, not myself, because I tend to break promises to myself.
Cross my butt, hope to fly, stick a twinkle in my eye.

Threadless Sale! -closed-  

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Threadless Summer Sale $5 tees! Ships to PJ, M'sia. Send me your orders by June 7th, 12am (GMT+8)[order's closed], to share delivery costs! http://www.threadless.com

Generally begins at $9 and goes down from there (with more people sharing) but the heavier the parcel is, the higher the rate, so take note of that.
Everyone will pay for their bulk of the parcel. That is to say, you pay for the delivery charges of each shirt you buy. Don't worry, you still save if we buy together.
Eg. 8 tees by yourself = $21 for shipping compared to 8 tees out of 13 tees = $16.74 for shipping. You save $5! Just enough for another tee!

Postage calculations:
i. number of tees ordered / total number of tees ordered * 100% = your bulk of the order
ii. your bulk of the order * total shipping costs = your share of shipping costs

Your total bill will amount to:
i. your share of shipping costs + (number of tees ordered * $5 [or $10 or $15, whichever applicable]) = your grand total in USD
ii. your grand total in USD * bank's rate at time of transaction = your grand total in RM

Just so you know, I got a D for Additional Math.

It will be based on the bank's rate at the time of transaction (when the bank receives my transaction).
Note that the tees are advertised in US Dollars and that you will pay me in Ringgits.

Payment method: Bank deposit (Maybank) or COD

Short blob  

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I just figured out one of the reasons Avril's songs are popular in Japan.
Her songs are singable by the average Japanese (think: karaoke plays = popularity). The Japanese sure love their karaoke machines. Plus, they can reach really high notes. Besides, they love all things Pop and American (well, technically Avril's Canadian but she was produced in USA).

I built a lightbox  

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I've been busying myself these past two days building a lightbox. The design's by David from Strobist.




I used my desk lamp and the camera's flash as light sources but it wasn't very good. It'd have been much easier if I had more lights and maybe thinner tracing paper.

Nokia N73 Music Edition

Everybody loves Scotch tape.

This apple is making its way down my digestive tract as we speak.

Yeah, I don't have that many trinkets in my room.

How to remove Facebook quizzes  

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[Read the update on June 25, 2009.]

Since Facebook decided to go all Live Feed on us, we've been smothered with quiz results that we don't give two hoots about. A few of our brethren have gone berserk on their status updates, cursing this inundation of useless information.
Ah, but we are saved!
One very awesome guy wrote Facebook Purity, a script to remove stupid quiz results and application messages from external developers. It also works on Chrome and Opera and runs on Greasemonkey, a Firefox add-on.

Facebook Purity Snapshot

To use Facebook Purity with Firefox:
1. Install Greasemonkey Firefox add-on. You'll have to restart Firefox.
2. Install Facebook Purity.
3. Done!

Word of caution: don't install scripts that you don't trust. They can be really nasty.

Eh I think I'm going to be a millionaire lah  

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How to Spend Like a Frugal Millionaire
by Kimberly Palmer

Today's guest post comes from Jeff Lehman, author of The Frugal Millionaires

Spending Philosophy

Frugal millionaires are unique thinkers when it comes to spending money:
1) they can easily delay their need for gratification when purchasing;
2) they are resourceful in getting what they want by carefully timing their consumer purchases;
3) they make living below their means painless;
4) they don't like wasting anything (especially money);
5) their sense of "self-entitlement" is highly minimized: and
6) spending is OK with them...depending on what they are buying (think: appreciating vs. depreciating assets).

Buying Tips

Cars: Buy used (or off lease) fuel-efficient cars, often with "certified pre-owned" warranties. This warranty can be better than a new car, plus the initial depreciation hit is avoided. Drive the car for a long time and never lease it.

Eating Out: Bring half of a meal home to eat later (this also saves the waistline). Eat at happy hours. Bring wine from home and skip dessert. Value food quality over expensive ambience.

Eating In: Eat better and less expensively by cooking at home. Make it a friends and family event. Get your kids involved. Bonus: You can have that extra drink without worrying about getting busted for driving under the influence. Also: buy day-old bread at the best bakery in town and freeze it. Eat oatmeal, because it's the most cost-effective breakfast food. Get a supermarket "club card" and buy food on special. Play the game of trying to see how much of a discount can be saved off the total food bill.

Clothes: When you buy something new donate something used to charity. Buy traditional clothes, but wait for the off-season to acquire them. Go for high quality — not high price. Buy vintage clothing and avoid logo clothing and keep people guessing who the designer might be. Hint: There shouldn't be one!

Consumer Electronics: Buy low-end gear that has the basic functionality of the more expensive stuff. Don't be the first to buy new technology. Wait at least one lifecycle so the bugs are worked out. Buy refurbished electronics whenever possible.

Computers: Buy more mainstream computers with proven technology. Select higher capacity hard drives, a decent amount of RAM (the memory that the program runs in) and a cost effective processor. Super fast doesn't always equal super good...unless you are building airplanes or bridges. Laptops are a good compromise between desktops and netbooks. Don't go through the pain of upgrading operating systems on existing computers, it's not time efficient and you will probably go insane trying.

Going green: Being green and frugal go hand-in-hand. Yet frugal millionaires don't readily fall for the trendy green hype machine. They typically buy green if it helps the environment and lowers their costs. They look at the timeframe when a product can pay for itself. They do use compact fluorescent lighting, turn off lights and equipment that isn't being used, monitor AC and heat usage (with programmable thermostats), drive efficiently, live in "right-sized" homes and turn off the water when they aren't brushing their teeth or washing dishes. Because they have trained themselves to not waste money they won't waste anything else either. They get into good habits and keep them going. You can, too.

We were ntv7 but they made us RTM  

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First, I want to address the changing of "Campfire" to "Cultural Night" in Scouting events in Malaysia. Ever wondered why they had to fix something that wasn't broken? Here's a few keywords to get you going: racial integration, bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian culture. Oh yes, part of the government's plan to supposedly bring us together as one when there they are separating themselves with their UMNOs, MCAs and MICs. And the Lain-lains.

Then there are the bunch of stupid rules they have about Cultural Night events, no drums, no rock, no boy girl contact, possibly no jumping too. I'm convinced the Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry had a hand in this (read: Avril Lavigne's KL concert drama). It's like we have to keep things outdated and kampung, only that we're in a city. Hello?

Another thing with campfires are themes. Why is there even a theme involved? Sure, it's for decor and provides direction but combine themes and the "cultural" aspect, it doesn't gel. The campfire this year is Supernova ~* An Explosion of brilliance*~. (Holy shit, they even used stars and symbols.) So, put that and the cultural aspect together... Baju Melayu's with stars on them? Noooo. Traditional dances? Sure that's what's going to happen but I eww to that too. Maybe dances that start traditionally and then breaks out into the 21st century. Hell yeah!

Campfires aren't what they used to be. We used to be able to do fun things; play awkward Night Walk, play Family Game where there's actual boys and girls in the family (hey, I'm all for same sex marriages but the rule is ridiculous), dance (I may not dance but I do enjoy choo-choo training around)! They're so boring now and you can't even charge for entrance anymore. Like hello, we have to fund this shit somehow right?
Scouting is doomed.

Amy Poehler is a God  

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A continuation of my fascination and love for Amy Poehler.

"Time to stuff a body bag, bitch!"

"Sexy Tennis"

Oh, my dental woes  

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I've been feeling anxiety all weekend, I keep clenching my teeth. Now my gums hurt.
Worst still, I can't tell if I need a tooth filling.


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Patrick Teoh is one funny "fler" lah.
More importantly, he makes politics fun!

That loser  

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My brother's finally home in Malaysia and he's playing DoTA.


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Yesterday, I withdrew $110 from the ATM only to get $70.
Today, I double checked my account balance and it just confirmed I lost $40 and no proof to say I got only $70.


Weight loss pills reviews  

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As a consumer in the post-modern globalist and capitalist society, you're bombarded adverts that never seem to die, each telling you how awesome their products are. One aspect that's especially popular is the weight loss industry. There are so many brands of weight loss pills saturating the market that one simply cannot distinguish them without proper research which mind you, is pretty time consuming. Well, there are weight loss pill reviews out there to help you if you're looking for pills, as well as other review sites. While you can read about products there, you shouldn't assume it's accurate since your body may react differently to certain products.

Working out at home  

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Y'know, home gyms are a better fit for me than a Wii. Seriously, we look like idiots trying to K.O. our friends on Wii Boxing. That's not a workout, it's a unique selling point. Although, I should try and get us Wii boxing on video one day. It's pretty damn funny. Anyway, when you talk about workouts, it's about strength training, toning and the jazz right? And to get that, you need a machine, or a contraption. Unfortunately, it then requires space in the house for it.

So let's talk Marketing here. What needs does a home gym fulfil?
You're a busy working class yuppie with moderate income and you're too lazy to haul your ass to the gym. What's the solution? A home gym.
You're a scrawny guy that wants to be buff or at least look good and be healthy but you're just too darn shy to go to the gym where there's lots of big... hot... men around. What's the solution? A home gym.

Yep. There you go. Recognize what that need is, look for information, evaluate your alternatives, purchase then feel some sort of buyer's remorse. But just keep working on that and it may turn out fine.

Acne Vulgaris  

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Ha! I just wiki-ed "acne" and now I know why it has such negative connotations.
Other than the commercialised notions of acne as a social embarrassment, acne is also known as acne vulgaris. How literal. It's like, you're constantly carrying a middle-finger on your face.
That's why kids make fun of you.
Catch my drift?

I don't know if I need to get rid of acne or not since I'm still fuzzy on what acne is even after Nicole explained to me. Guess I'll just come home at the end of the year at let her eyeball my face and give me the verdict.