Ciao ciao stupid politicians  

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Flight's tomorrow. Almost finish packing. Yay for that.

Was supposed to upload some pictures from Friday but Streamyx failed me again. Anyhoo, it'll be just this for now. I don't know what I'm supposed to say lah. Not enough sleep. Had too much fun laughing last night.

I've been cursed by the bespectacled lords  

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Oh Man-in-the-sky, please bestow upon me a slap in the face... and a new pair of glasses. I'll even let you drop loaded car lifts on top of me!

Tragedy always seems to strike a few days after my visit to the optician. Happened so many times I'm starting to think it's a cruel joke to play and costly at that too.

It hurts even more when I've accepted the fact that I won't be getting new glasses and there I go crushing mine so now I have to get a new pair. Just in time for CNY break! Awesome possum!

fug you  

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I think I haven't had my sugar fix for today. Sort of explains why I ain't feelin' CNY and why I want to do what I want to do and not what you think I should do. I need my Serotonine. ROAR!

[SOLVED] New laptop battery won't charge  

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UPDATE: Getting a replacement battery from the merchant fixed the problem

The HP original laptop battery (10.8v 4400mAh HSTNN-LB31) that came with my laptop (HP Pavilion DV6205tx) 2 years ago is dying so we got a new one from IT Component in Damansara Perdana.

The problem with the old one was this:

  • Battery was stored, unused for a while because I was always on the AC adapter.
  • Once taken back out to use, battery wouldn't hold a charge. Still usable but only for very short periods.
  • Tried the HP Battery Check software and calibrating the battery. Didn't work.
  • Sometimes the battery icon on the notification tray will indicate that it isn't charging even when it isn't fully charged. The point at which it stops charging, varies. Taking the battery out and inserting it back again made the battery continuing charging.
  • Once indicated as fully charged and I turn off the AC, it took a minute for the battery to go from 100% to 58%. Subsequently, it dropped to 30% within the next minute. The laptop turned off at 25%.

We got a new battery yesterday and I've been trying to charge it for a while now.

The problem with the new one is this:
  • I insert the battery and it indicates 90% charged and still charging. I figured the merchant might've sold partially charged batteries as part of their service. Partially charged because you shouldn't store your battery fully charged or discharged for long periods of time.
  • After an hour, I still see the battery as 90% charged and still charging. I thought, "okay, it might be slow charging". Usually, the battery is rapid charged until 10-15% is left for it to slow charge to be fully charged.
  • A few more hours later, it maintained at 90% (still charging), so I thought that it's as high as it's going to get and decided to fully discharge it and to recharge it to 100% after. The moment I pulled the AC, my laptop turned off. Tried powering on with laptop running on battery and obviously, it didn't work until I turned on the AC.
  • Tried the HP Battery Check software but it said "The battery check has detected a failure" and asked me to buy a new replacement.
  • Went googling for more info and found nothing helpful. Only one that suggested to overwrite the batt.dll in C:\Windows\System32. I tried that, no difference. Some dude had the exact same problem as I but no one replied to his thread on HP's site.
  • Cleaned as much as I can, the plates (battery contacts).

So we know that my AC adapter's fine. Does it also mean that the hardware connecting the battery to some component in the laptop is fine? I think it's likely that it is because my old battery can run on itself (even if it lasts no more than 20 minutes).

Are there any more possibilities before someone concludes that it's the new battery that's acting out?

Obama's Inauguration  

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I watched it for a couple of hours on Live while updating my Facebook status with crap.


Did you guys see the inauguration?
The crowd was crazy huge and it seemed crazy cold!

It was cute that Obama was nervous when he was taking oath. His speech was well written too. I wonder if he writes his own speeches.
And then after the oath there was a luncheon where Senator Kennedy had a seizure. Poor man. He's fine now.
The Inauguration Parade began about an hour or so behind schedule. And because the cameras were just recording the events as they go (most times there were no narration and lots of waiting), we get to hear the conversations of people standing too close to the mic and/or the CNN crew's.

"Don't you stink eye me!"

It was funny.

The Biden's were pretty nice to watch too. Joe was all gungho, Jill was lookin' fine in her red coat and black boots.


His daughter, Ashley, reminded me of Kate Beckinsale. Pretty girl. The whole family walked out in the cold for a pretty long time... it was -2 celcius, I checked.

It took a while but they have the coolest parades; the tumblers and the marching bands were fun to watch. Then at some point, the President and the First Lady came out and walked for a bit during the 1.7 mile long route to the White House, then got back in the tank of a limo. The doors looked 5-6 inches thick! And then after a while, they came back out again. Lots of people were worried about him getting shot at though. Michelle Obama did not show how cold she was walking down that stretch because, heck, she wasn't wearing enough to keep her warm. What a woman... His two girls looked bored watching the parade. Or they were tired.

Satellite images of the inauguration. Capitol Hill is on the right while the Lincoln Memorial the left. Those people sure looked like ants.

Pictures from the day on

The idea of watching the inauguration together with people on Facebook from all over the world on Live was very cool. I saw "Jill looks shaggable today" on the status update page.

I will miss you idiots  

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I need to seriously start packing all my crap.
Now I hate being a pack rat.

"Oh look, I might need this one day *stash*"

Now one day is here and I have too much crap to go through.

Finally, my revelation after having to go through pictures that Vel posted from last week: I've figured out how I can look better in photos.

My problem is that I tend to tilt my head slightly upward; all snobbish like, if you must. To make my face look less chubbier, I should look downward. Ever so slightly. And then turn my head a little to the left or right for that I-have-a-jaw look. Yes, very much a note to self paragraph.

And so, like all things in life, I guess having your picture taken and posing well is really just trial and error.

I still hate having my pictures taken though. Just so damn fucking embarrassing when you look back at it.

I really do suck at taking portraits. Inanimate objects are the best.

The procrastinator acccomplishes something  

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Since the post "Lull", I've accomplished a couple more things before my big move. And apparently, I don't really know what "lull" means because I went on and posted more crap.

So, I got my lens fixed (huzzah!), cleared the dust particles off my filter (double huzzah!), got my laptop battery issue sorted out (Rm492 for a genuine HP battery... ouch... I think I'll source for a third party replacement even though it may destroy my motherboard), got my documents copied, shopped a little today (more crap to bring over)... I am satisfied.

All I have to do now is go to the dentist and optician. Woo!

I get really happy when I accomplish things. I think it's a sort of procrastinator's reaction to accomplishments.

And today, I withdrew a certain amount to get a 50mm f1.8. I'm not entirely certain about this would-be purchase but the amount is there if I do decide to get it.


The white balance lens cap seems like a nifty little gadget to have around. I wonder what the mechanism is.
I get wrong colours most times under incandescent lighting. Hate it.

Oh, and they've cancelled Prison Break. And, I've written about diet pills so many times I'm immune. Is it really the best way to lose weight? I think I'm going through a phase where I'm afraid of pills or some shit. It may be just because I could never swallow them and end up tasting the monster in its true bitter form.

Okay, last one.

In more AWESOME news, I found out how to achieve higher download speeds. A bit useless now that I'm leaving.

*pisses off*

Couldn't have asked for better timing  

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I think Streamyx capped my speeds. Damn.
Takes 3 and a half hours to download 100MB.

No, I will not fix your computer  

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Dear Mom, I know you'll be very much a damsel in distress when it comes to computing since your trustee in-house tech support chick is no longer there. So this here, is a method where (if need be) I will be able to provide tech support all the way from Aussie. All 4162km of it.

This little program is called AMMYY Admin. It's what people would call a remote desktop, widely used in Remote Assistance. That means, Mr. Tech Support Dude somewhere will be able to see your desktop on his desktop and if allowed, be able to control mouse and keyboards input and even access files on your computer, through his computer, from wherever he is. Pretty nifty little bugger, it is.

Here's the download link: AMMYY_Admin.exe
No installation required.

The person asking for help is the Client while Tech Support is the Operator.
Your IDs work as a PIN for you and your Operator to connect to each other.

As a Client, connecting to your Operator:
1. Under the Client tab, click Start to open the connection to your Operator.
2. When connecting for the first time, the program will download a tiny zip file called "target" to facilitate with the connection.


As an Operator, connecting to your Client:
1. Under the Operator tab, type in your Client's ID (which must be provided by the Client).
2. Select a lower speed for less latency.
3. When connecting for the first time, the program will download a tiny zip file called "viewer" to facilitate with the connection.


That simple.

I tried it out with Deng, so it definitely works. It was fun while it lasted.

Cwomenal (Kwi.min.nal)  

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What is with the newspapers ah? Why do they highlight women's involvement in crimes?
"7 suspects including 3 women were arrested..." and sorts in several articles I've read.

I know the common notion is that most criminals are men but does mentioning the women make the story a little more colourful or something? I mean, just cause they have a vagina doesn't make them incapable of crime. So what's the big deal here?

I'm not offended by it. I'm just curious lah.

The sky's so blue!! And I had a great breakfast. What a great day! Weee!!

Get the title? Cwomenal? *chuckle chuckle*

Please. Enlighten me.  

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Situation: you have a sibling that's in a relationship with this guy/girl and you all have the same circle of friends. Sibling and boy/girlfriend argues, or whatever, that triggers him/her to call your phone to get to him/her. Note that this is not the first time. You're annoyed. I was going to say "sort of annoyed" but refrained because there is no such thing as "sort of" annoyed because you either are or you're not.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, should other halves call the other halves' siblings so they can communicate with their other halves? *chuckles at the "other halves"*

Which brings me to another question, should other halves use their friends'/family's phones to call their other halves when they themselves run out of credit/have no phone?
E.g. Lovebird A and B are having an argument (not so lovey-dovey anymore at this point). This phone call stretches to more than an hour. Finally, A runs out of credit and needs to borrow a phone. So happens, A has a friend with him/her. "Can I borrow your phone", A asks.

Let me just say, if I was in this situation, I wouldn't borrow my friends phone and I would most definitely not call my boyfriend's brother or sister to get to said boyfriend. Or at least, I'll refrain from doing that. I mean, if it happens once or twice, that's fine with my principles (I'm sure they hate me when I break them). But not more than thrice. Besides, looking at how my friends stinge (inferred from observations and experience) when it comes to phone credit, it wouldn't be fair to use theirs when they don't have a part in this argument or whatever else it is between said boyfriend and I.

If you need to call me because you're supposed to meet girlfriend now but she hasn't shown up and you can't reach her on her cell, sure, by all means, call me. But if you want to call her to settle an argument, lose my number.

What do you, the masses, think about the questions presented?

SP - Memory cards and USBs  

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Which is better? USB drives or memory cards?

USB drives:
i. highest capacity -64Gb
ii. more accessible because not all computers have card readers
iii. customizable
iv. costs less
v. data encryption available

Memory cards:
i. highest capacity - 100Gb
ii. smaller in size

I can't think of more. It does seem obvious though which one's better. Even though the USB and memory card's storage margin is at 36Gb, it doesn't really matter because bigger and more files are kept in external HDDs while these two are more suited for portability. Heck, you can even get free USBs from roadshows. You don't see anyone getting free memory cards do you?