Ciao ciao stupid politicians  

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Flight's tomorrow. Almost finish packing. Yay for that.

Was supposed to upload some pictures from Friday but Streamyx failed me again. Anyhoo, it'll be just this for now. I don't know what I'm supposed to say lah. Not enough sleep. Had too much fun laughing last night.


Craps, you're leaving... All the best with the studies, and have an awful lot of fun!

sean   says 7:13 pm

well..i wont say awful lot of fun ...dun get too carried away

Damn. Another batch leaving for Australia. Curse you Australia!!!!

hwey hwey..

got my sms? or edy left??

sayonara my fren..
bring a mat salleh boyfren/husband with u when you're back k..? hehe..
(and sun pin bring another one for me la.. LOL)

take care there ya.. upload more pics on facebook to keep us updated!
miss u..
byebye my conjoined twins! :D

Thank you! You too, with life and work and all that shiz that comes with it!

They mentioned specifically about how illegal smoking pot was in our induction.

Curse the early closing hours! Where am I supposed to buy milk at 11pm?!

I got it. Why you copy paste your msg here ah???

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